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Rush To Release 'Retrospective III' March 3

1/20/2009 6:00pm EST
Anthem/Atlantic recording group Rush has announced details of the upcoming third volume in its continuing compilation series. "Retrospective III (1989-2008)" arrives in stores on March 3rd.

The collection - available as both individual CD and two-disc CD/DVD set - features tracks culled from the legendary trio's two decades with Atlantic Records, spanning such acclaimed studio works as 1989's Presto, 1991's Roll The Bones, 1993's Counterparts, 1996's Test For Echo, 2002's Vapor Trails, and 2007's Snakes & Arrows. In addition, Retrospective III features a previously unreleased live ve...

Kick Off The New Year With A Laugh From These Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Clips

1/1/2009 4:00pm EST
Jon Stewart
With 2009 finally here, Comedy Central has put together some great videos from everyone’s favorite ‘fake’ news anchors. Below you’ll find a Hanukkah mash-up from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the entire WristStrong saga from Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert light up the Jewish holiday over the years with their own special tributes.

"The Daily Show" Hanukkah Mash-Up:

Relive the entire WristStrong saga from fracture to phenomenon.

Stephen Colbert’s WristStrong Saga:

About “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”: ...

Writer's Viewpoint: A Visit To 'Inside The Actor's Studio' With Josh Brolin

12/2/2008 1:53pm EST
Josh Brolin
There is always a peculiar aura in the air when James Lipton shows up on my television screen; I am quite transfixed with pure unadulterated fascination. Having said that, it should come to no one's surprise that I did not think twice when given the chance to attend a taping of "Inside the Actor's Studio" and be in the presence of Mr. Lipton once again (I had once seen him walk by me at a New York Mets game. Although I do hold out hope, I doubt he remembers me.)

Recorded on a blistering cold (well, not quite but it sounds good for effect) evening at Pace University, the guest of honor ...

'Saturday Night Live': Post-Election

12/2/2008 10:04am EST
Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live is not funny. Some of the skits are funny, some, but the show as a whole is not. The former meter of comedic excellence has not so much stepped away from the glory days of John Belushi and Chevy Chase as much as it has dove. Even Cheri Oteri, whose career is on the wane since her days cheerleading alongside Will Ferrell, chose to cameo on the soon-to-be-cancelled Boston Legal as opposed to her alma mater.

Yes, the election has returned SNL to brief heights of hilarity. But, what does it mean when the most memorable skits of the new season featured two former cast m...

Lucid Absinthe: Hollywood's Hot New Drink

12/1/2008 12:04pm EST
Sarah Jessica Parker
Whenever a new trend in Hollywood emerges all the celebrities need to have a piece of it! They will throw their assistants out in the streets if they aren't the first to be pictured with the hot new trend! UGG boots, Toyota Hybrids, Hermes Birken bags, skinny jeans and now Absinthe. It's the drink of choice for lots of celebrities since its recent comeback after being banned for almost a century. Lucid is one of the hottest labels to bring Absinthe back onto the market. Drinking it makes you feel a little rebellious and bad ass. Hollywood loves edgy!

Absinthe is a distilled, highly al...

'The Daily Show' And 'The Colbert Report' Live Election Night Special

11/4/2008 12:07pm EST
The Daily Show
For the first time ever, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will co-anchor from the same desk when "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" present "Indecision 2008: America's Choice," a LIVE Election Night primetime special, airing from 10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. ET (7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. PT). "Indecision 2008: America's Choice" will originate from "The Daily Show's" New York-based studio which will be transformed for the momentous night into COMEDY CENTRAL's Election Center with a specially designed set for the primetime special.

"Indecision 2008: America's Choice" will ...

Video: Stephen Colbert Endorses Barack Obama

10/30/2008 10:41am EDT
The Colbert Report
On The Colbert Report last night during "The Word" segment, Stephen Colbert endorsed Barack Obama. From comedy central, "Stephen has the courage to cross party lines and go to the one that's got a pretty good shot of winning."

Complete List Of Emmy Winners

9/22/2008 9:33am EDT
30 Rock
Complete list of winners at Sunday's 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards presented by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences:

— Drama Series: "Mad Men," AMC.

— Comedy Series: "30 Rock," NBC.

— Actor, Drama Series: Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad," AMC.

— Actress, Drama Series: Glenn Close, "Damages," FX.

— Actor, Comedy Series: Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock," NBC.

— Actress, Comedy Series: Tina Fey, "30 Rock," NBC.

— Reality-Competition Program: "The Amazing Race."

— Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program: Jeff Probst - "Survivor."

— Supporting Actor, Drama Series: Z...

Comedy Central's 'Fake' News Shows Entertain & Inform

9/15/2008 12:08pm EDT
The Daily Show
They have had Bill Clinton. They have had Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards (all in a single episode). They have had John McCain. They have had Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf. Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" and Stephen Colbert's "The Colbert Report" are on four days a week on Comedy Central. What they do has been categorized as "Fake News", a kind of comedy that has been made popular by "Saturday Night Live".

Stewart's show is a spoof of your nightly news complete with anchorman, "on location correspondents" (who are actually in front of a green screen right next to ...

Rush Play 'Rock Band' After 'Colbert Report' Appearance; Check It Out

7/23/2008 4:09pm EDT
After Canadian rock legends Rush made their first national televsion appearance in 30 years on The Colbert Report last Wednesday, the band plugged in and belted out "Tom Sawyer" once again. This time it was backstage-- and they did it on the smash hit video game Rock Band.

Check it out:

More Rush:




Rush To Perform On National Television For The First Time In Over 30 Years

7/15/2008 7:00pm EDT
Anthem/Atlantic recording group Rush will make a very rare national television appearance on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" on Wednesday, July 16th at 11:30pm ET/PT.

The band will be performing their timeless hit, "Tom Sawyer." Eschewing these types of opportunities for most of their career, the band made an exception for the Peabody Award-winning and Emmy-nominated show. It is the renowned rock trio's first television appearance since 1975.

In other news, Rush – Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart – are featured in the current issue of Rolling Stone. The multi-p...

Talent-Packed 'The Love Guru' a Script of Destiny From Funnyman Mike Myers

6/20/2008 9:16am EDT
( – Commendably co-written by Mike Myers (who also wrote characters for 2002’s “Austin Powers in Goldmember” and 1999’s “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”), you know lines like “sheket bevakasha” came directly from his bowels.

Granted, I was one of the few at my screening to understand this Hebrew line as “quiet, please” and laugh at its precision placement, but that’s OK.

Though always known as a hippie funnyman, the novel script for “The Love Guru” actually holds personal and grave emotional value for Myers. He has said the film is a “reflection of the ...

Breasts And Jokes Battle It Out For Your Votes

4/28/2008 10:50am EDT
Barack Obama
Millions may see political ads bashing or supporting McCain, Clinton, or Obama, but that's only because they're in between regularly scheduled programming. It takes a special breed of political footage to get people to choose to watch it, and it doesn't even need to be forceful, immediate, or full of relevant information. As the Obama Girl proved, it might be enough just to have scantily clad women. And just when it seemed as though bikinis and flesh had the political viral video market cornered, came into the fray with its stable of comedy writers from Conan, Comedy Central, and A...

Michelle Obama To Appear On 'The Colbert Report' Tonight

4/15/2008 6:00am EDT
The Colbert Report
Barack Obama's wife Michelle will appear as a guest on "The Colbert Report" on Tuesday, April 15 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT as part of the show's week-long, special coverage of the all-important Pennsylvania Democratic Primary.

Obama's appearance on "The Colbert Report" will be her first on late-night television.

'Colbert Report,' 'Dexter,' '30 Rock' & More Receive Peabody Awards

4/2/2008 1:42pm EDT
30 Rock
Thirty-five recipients of the 67th Annual Peabody Awards were announced today by the University of Georgia`s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. The winners, chosen by the Peabody board as the best in electronic media for 2007, were named in a ceremony in the Peabody Gallery on the UGA campus.

The latest Peabody recipients reflect great diversity in content, genre and source of origination. Recipients included The Colbert Report, Comedy Central`s cable-news satire, and "A Journey Across Afghanistan: Opium and Roses," a documentary from Bulgaria`s Balkan News Corporation...

Low Times Mean Good Times With Andy Kindler, Part 1

4/1/2008 10:39am EDT
Andy Kindler
There seems to be a relationship between the state of comedian Andy Kindler's career and the state of American culture. The worse the economy, the less informative the news, and the poorer the satire, the more opportunities Andy gets. This past month alone Andy has been on Letterman, Comedy Central's The Root of all Evil, and was even profiled by the LA Times. "To a man like me," says Andy, "Who brings joy to the non-masses, I'm going to be able to profit during down times." What's down, what's coming, and what's funny about it is the subject of this Starpulse Q and A with comedian Andy Kin...

Pop Culture Presidents: Campaigning in the Entertainment Spotlight

3/26/2008 4:23pm EDT
Barack Obama
The general election isn't until November, but already the competitive campaign season has tested the candidates. They need to be well-versed on foreign affairs, the economy, the war in Iraq and... pop culture? That's right, ladies and gentlemen. America's love fest with entertainment and celebrity just segued into a politics-meets-pop-culture frenzy.

Like any modern celeb, the candidates have to show a strong presence on the Internet. Especially prominent on the web is Senator Barack Obama. His public speaking savvy and themes of hope and change translate easily onto the pop culture s...

Three Of The Coolest Characters On TV

3/25/2008 2:00pm EDT
Jim from The Office
It appears that television has hit its stride. With a multitude of channels and various formats for presentation, including watching programs on demand or online, shows now have a range and quality that is unmatched in previous times.

In recent years, there have been hour-long dramas such as Lost, 24, The Shield, Nip/Tuck, The Wire, and The Sopranos that captivated audiences and left them wanting more. Furthermore, there are several half-hour sitcoms that are undeniably hilarious. Shows like The Office, 30 Rock, South Park and Scrubs provide many laughs for an eager audience. Even pro...

Lewis Black Gets Down to 'The Root Of All Evil' In This Exclusive Q & A

3/17/2008 11:19am EDT
Lewis Black
Everyday we're bombarded with tons of information and it's getting harder and harder to figure out what's relevant, what matters, or even what's true. Luckily we've got Lewis Black to help weed out some of the fluff. On 'The Root of all Evil', Black takes some of that fluff, like Donald Trump and Viagra, and puts it on trial, exposing their foibles and giving us something to laugh and think about. Starpulse spoke with Lewis to find out what one piece of fluff he best thinks captures the spirit of the times and just where he thinks the fluff is heading.

With your new show, you're putti...

TV Stars We'd Like To See On The Big Screen

3/6/2008 2:34pm EST
Stephen Colbert
Television. It's a compelling medium in itself - but also frequently acts as a launching pad for actors chasing big screen dreams. To think that full-fledged movie stars like Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, and Katherine Heigl all got their big breaks on television shows. So, who should the next TV-turned-movie star be? Here's our Top 10 List to get you thinking.

10. Morena Baccarin. Beauty meshed with an all-around intriguing persona should make Morena Baccarin a natural pick for big film projects. Yet, somehow she's flown largely under the radar, instead developing a str...

Top 10 Entertainers Of The Year

12/31/2007 12:00pm EST
George Clooney
We put a lot of thought into who should make it into the "Top 10 Entertainers Of The Year" list of 2007, and it caused quite the debate among our friends and colleagues, particularly over who should occupy the top spot. Take a look:

10. The Cast of High School Musical

The group that made "High School Musical" a phenomenon went through a lot in 2007. They rocketed from nobodys to tabloid fixations (hello, Zac Efron), from adorable, dimple-cheeked Hilary Duff's in-the-making to sex symbols (naked photos of Vannessa Hudgens, anyone?). The point is, these singing and dancing young actors...

'Pushing Daisies,' 'Damages,' Other Shows Nominated For Writers Guild Awards

12/13/2007 9:51am EST
Pusing Daisies
The Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) and the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) just announced nominations for outstanding achievement in television, radio, news, and promotional writing during the 2007 season to be honored at the upcoming 2008 Writers Guild Awards - the WGA's 60th Anniversary award show - held on February 9, 2008, in Los Angeles and New York.



Dexter, Showtime

Friday Night Lights, NBC

Mad Men, AMC

The Sopranos, HBO

The Wire, HBO


Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO

Entourage, HB...

Writer's Strike To Wreak Havoc On More Than Just TV Plots

11/5/2007 9:20am EST
Saturday Night Live
The Writers Guild of America has announced it will strike beginning today. The strike will be the first since a 1988 walk-off that lasted five months and cost the industry $500 million.

The 12,000 members of the WGA voted to strike after negotiations broke down with studios and networks over DVD residuals and work for the internet. Picket lines are expected to appear at several major studios, as the prospect of a long-lasting face-off sends Hollywood into a panic.

Viewers will feel the impact of the strike almost immediately. While most scripted dramas and sitcoms have at least ...

NBC Leads Television Critics Association Nominations

6/6/2007 10:36am EDT
The Television Critics Association today unveiled its 2007 TCA Award nominations. Once again, NBC leads the list with 13 nominations on the strength of its strong freshmen series, including, "30 Rock," "Friday Night Lights" and "Heroes," which garnered 12 nominations total. Third-year comedy "The Office" received the other nod.

Other newcomers also received recognition. ABC's "Ugly Betty" received three nominations while Showtime's "Dexter" netted a pair. ABC Family saw success in children's programming with their series "Lincoln Heights" and "Kyle XY."

HBO programs received nine ...

Gay Website Names Stephen Colbert 'Person of the Year'

1/10/2007 10:32am EST
Stephen Colbert, the world's leading media and entertainment company focused exclusively on the gay and lesbian market, just announced Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert as "Person of the Year," at the close of the Gay Vote.

Every year the Gay Vote takes the pulse of's millions of unique monthly visitors to gauge the hippest and hottest trends and people throughout the year.

This year Colbert barely edged out Angelina Jolie as "Person of the Year."

Other winners include:

-- Male celebrity we most wish were gay: Jake Gyllenhaal

-- Best song of the year:...

AFI Names 2006 'Moments of Significance'

12/27/2006 2:46pm EST
Flags of our Fathers
The American Film Institute (AFI) today announced the second portion of the AFI AWARDS 2006 deliberation process -- the year's AFI Moments of Significance. These eight noteworthy events were determined to have had an impact on the world of the moving image during the calendar year 2006.

Each year, AFI AWARDS adds another volume to the history of American film and television by documenting the collective opinion of the moving image communities, archiving the year's significant moments and honoring the talent and collaborative teams who have created the year's outstanding accomplishments...

Stephen Colbert Battles The Decemberists In A "Guitar Shred-Off"

12/19/2006 1:05pm EST
Stephen Colbert
The Nation will cheer for Stephen Colbert when he squares off against rock band The Decemberists in a "guitar shred-off" on "The Colbert Report" this Wednesday, December 20 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT.

The smack talk began on November 29 when Colbert chastised The Decemberists for their mtvU-sponsored "Re-Animate The Decemberists" contest which is only open to college students. The task is for them to create animation to insert into the video's green screen backdrop. Colbert accused the band of "flagrantly copying" his green screen challenge and issued a counterchallenge asking viewers to inse...

Stephen Colbert's 'Truthiness' Wins 'Word of the Year'

12/11/2006 12:03pm EST
The Colbert Report
Merriam-Webster OnLine has revealed the results of its first “Word of the Year” online survey. For the past few years, the site has tallied the millions of anonymous hits to its free online dictionary and thesaurus to come up with the most frequently looked up words of the year.

This year, however, Merriam-Webster decided to ask its visitors to send in their own nominations for the one word they think best sums up the past eleven months. By an overwhelming 5-to-1 majority vote, the company's online community has chosen the word "truthiness" to take top honors as Merriam-Webster's Word...

Stephen Colbert Opens 'Stephen Colbert Museum and Gift Shop' In Alabama's Colbert County

11/27/2006 2:47pm EST
The Colbert Report
Stephen Colbert is giving back to The Nation. He's decided to help revitalize one of America's depressed communities by offering them the opportunity to house the "Stephen Colbert Museum and Gift Shop." This multi-part celebration will air on Comedy Central's Emmy-nominated "The Colbert Report" during the week of November 27 at 11:30 p.m.

Stephen has chosen rural Tuscumbia (pop: 9,000) in Alabama's Colbert County as the location for the "Stephen Colbert Museum and Gift Shop." He is convinced that it will provide a "can't-miss" economic jolt for the community. The "Stephen Colbert Museu...

Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Team Up for 'Indecision 2006: The Midterm Midtacular'

10/31/2006 1:21pm EST
Jon Stewart
Looking for critically-acclaimed and award-winning political coverage? This election night, the place to be is Comedy Central. Unburdened by objectivity or even accuracy, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will combine forces with Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report for a one-hour, live election night special featuring up-to-the-minute results of the day's races from across the country.

"'Indecision 2006': The Midterm Midtacular" premieres Tuesday, November 7 at 11:00 p.m. ET (tape delayed on West Coast).

With the balance of power in both the Senate and the House up for grabs and...