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Double Blind
Brenda and Fritz's wedding is only a day away, but both of them have their minds on their jobs more than their impending nuptials. Fritz is called to a stakeout in the hopes of finally arresting a drug lord known as El Jefe. And Brenda gets tied up in an investigation into a robbery and murder at an escort service. With Brenda's parents and Fritz's sister dealing with the wedding details, the question remains whether the bride and groom will actually make it to the altar.

Speed Bump
Brenda must tread carefully while investigating the hit and run death of a paroled murderer. Fritz throws his back out.

Live Wire
A man wearing a wire is shot to death at point blank range in downtown LA. Brenda tangles again with an LA news reporter when he reports the story. Adding another twist to the case, the victim was investigating a drug ring which blurs the line of jurisdiction between Brenda's PHD and Fritz's FBI.

Fate Line
With her parents in town, Brenda is busy preparing for her upcoming wedding. Duty calls, however, when a cell phone is found containing text messages that point to a possible homicide. The case becomes a race against time when the police realize there may be more than one killing involved. Tagging along for the investigation is Fritz's vegan sister, Claire, who fancies herself a psychic.

Good Faith
Brenda and the team work on a seemingly simple case where the Medical Examiner believes that a suicide is actually homicide. Meanwhile, Brenda's homelife is complicated once again when her parents visit, and push for a wedding date.

Split Ends
Brenda investigates the murder of a hairstylist. Brenda's parents come for a visit.

Problem Child
When a rebellious, adopted 12-year-old boy disappears, Brenda must decide whether he should be treated as a runaway or a critical missing. The further into the case she goes, the more toxic the child seems to be, and Brenda begins to question if the missing boy is a victim or a potential killer.

Controlled Burn
Originally called in to assist with crowd control in a burned out Griffith Park, Brenda and the PHD switch gears and take control of a murder investigation when a woman's body is discovered amid the chaos. Meanwhile, the temperature rises in Brenda's personal life as she and Fritz get under each other's skin while living temporarily in the close quarters of an apartment.

Time Bomb
Brenda's newly renamed Major Crimes Division investigates the death of a teenager that might be related to a highly organized plan to massacre hundreds of innocent people. As the squad races against the clock to track down a bomb before it can explode, they are given a stark and sudden reminder that the LAPD can be a very dangerous place to work.

Sudden Death
After Det. Julio Sanchez's brother is shot, the entire squad will not rest until they find the culprit. The investigation is jeopardized by an overzealous detective and a leak within the department.

Tijuana Brass
The bodies of two Tijuana police officers are found in the back of a stolen pickup truck, and all the evidence points towards an FBI informant as the prime suspect. Complicating matters, a newspaper story by Ricardo Ramos paints an extremely unflattering picture of Priority Homicide, a public relations nightmare that's going to require some fancy footwork by Pope, Taylor and Brenda to set right.

Cherry Bomb
When a girl is found dead of a suspicious suicide, the well-connected classmate previously accused of raping her immediately catches Brenda's attention. As the team digs for the truth, they uncover some disturbing skeletons in the school's closet.

Junk in the Trunk
An extremely overweight body turns up in the trunk of a car, a body that happens to be that of a man who stole $3 million in diamonds from his own jewelry store. But the body is in such bad shape, it's impossible to determine the cause of death. When the team finally tracks down a possible witness, they get quite a shock.

Dial M for Provenza
Provenza goes undercover and plays the role of a hitman to get to the bottom of a murder for hire. Things quickly spiral out of control when the contract victim turns up dead and the evidence is stolen with Provenza's car. The team must act quickly to figure out what happened to save Provenza and his job.

Power of Attorney
When a woman is found brutally raped and murdered in her home, all eyes turn towards the prime suspect, a known sex offender who lawyers up before he's even arrested. The attorney turns out to be a match for Brenda who winds up stringing Brenda and her squad along with a variety of manipulative tactics.

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