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'The Cho Show: The Cho-Universe Pageant': Episode 2 Recap

August 29th, 2008 10:40am EDT
Cho Show
If the number of comments on my last "Cho Show" recap are any indication (one at last count) then nobody on planet Starpulse is watching...I can safely say after tonight's episode: That's a shame.

Don't get me wrong: though improved, the show has a way to go in the biting humor department, and it remains too stagey for my taste (but what else to expect from what Margaret is calling "semi-scripted reality"). Still, the latest episode showcased a trifle more heart and the Cho bravura that fans have come to know and love.

The show opened with Margaret and feisty four-foot-somethin...

'The Cho Show': Korean of the Year: Episode 1 Recap

August 22nd, 2008 11:21am EDT
Margaret Cho
The late 11pm start time for the first episode of "The Cho Show" on VH1 seemed to me to be an exciting harbinger of edgy, wickedly profane comedy to come. It all started promisingly enough: Comedienne extraordinaire Margaret Cho opened her new reality series with hard rock, a funny bit about Jack Black and his only towel (you had to be there) and a flash of her va-jay-jay - suitable and desired for a late-night crowd. Then something truly unexpected happened: Margaret became mundane.

The usually outrageous Cho is not only restrained in this series opener, she's downright neutered. Her ...

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