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Magic Wears A Mask
A demon takes advantage of a boy with special powers -- the ability to make his superhero drawings come to life -- and uses him to steal the Elder's powers away. To prevent this from happening, the boy draws the Charmed sisters into superheroes to protect him.

Cat House
When Leo and Piper start having marital problems, Piper casts a spell to show Leo their past together, which ends up sending Paige and Phoebe back in time to relive their memories instead.

Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun
The Charmed Ones try to help two wood nymphs who have fled to San Francisco after a demon killed the third nymph in their trio. After the demon is vanquished, the nymphs become insistent that Paige take their fallen nymph's place.

Siren Song
Cole falls under the spell of a beautiful siren and Phoebe's life hangs in the balance. Piper and Leo's unborn baby magically switches their personalities.

Sense and Sense Ability
In an effort to take Piper's baby Wyatt, The Crone steals one sense each, sight, sound, and hearing, from each of the sisters.

Necromancing the Stone
Grams, the matriarch of the Halliwell family, arrives for the Wiccan birth ceremony to bless baby Wyatt, inadvertantly followed by a former love who wishes to rekindle the romance and kill off the Charmed Ones. Meanwhile, Paige uses a truth spell to see whether or not Nate can deal with her secret life as a witch.

Daddy Dearest
Piper meets a strange man who turns out to be her real father. Cole attacks the Charmed Ones in hopes of being destroyed.

A Witch in Time
A dangerous warlock is accidentally released through a time tunnel by Phoebe.

Happily Ever After
An evil witch transports each of the sisters into a nightmare version of classic fairy tales.

Oh My Goddess (1)
Leo is forced to step up when the Titans, after being released, kill the elders, and in order to defeat them, bequeaths to the Charmed Ones the identities and powers of Greek goddesses.

Oh My Goddess (2)
The Charmed Ones, now Greek goddesses, attempt to resist the seductive lure of their powers while staying focused on the task of destroying the Titans before the Titans destroy the Whitelighters.

Centennial Charmed
Cole sets out to destroy the Power of Three by altering reality, leading Phoebe to try and put a stop to him once and for all.

The Eyes Have It
Phoebe is concerned when her power of premonition mysteriously vanishes. She consults a fortuneteller who reveals that a demon is stealing the eyes of gypsies. Meanwhile, Piper wants to see a doctor about her baby but Leo fears exposure.

A Witch's Tail (1)
The sisters try to help a mermaid be with her true love, but when they botch a spell, Phoebe ends up as a mermaid.

The Day the Magic Died
Phoebe and Paige learn that all magic has disappeared, giving the leaders of evil the power to steal Piper's arriving baby and bring the child into their kingdom.

The sisters call upon a witch doctor to rid the house of any remaining evil.

Baby's First Demon
The Charmed Ones must protect Piper's baby from being abducted by two demons, after which Paige goes undercover to track down the kidnappers. Meanwhile, Phoebe's status at the newspaper is in jeopardy with the arrival of a new boss.

The Mummy's Tomb
A demon picks Phoebe as the ideal body in which to mumify and house the spirit of his dead lover.

Lucky Charmed
The Charmed Ones team up with a leprechaun to stop a demon who is killing leprechauns. The leprechaun endows the sisters with good luck, only Paige is kidnapped when she runs out of luck.

A Witch's Tail (2)
Paige, Piper, and Leo try to sway Phoebe to come back to her old life as a Charmed One following the spell that changed her into a mermaid.

Sympathy For The Demon
The fear demon returns and torments the girls with their worst nightmares.

The Importance of Being Phoebe
Cole kidnaps Phoebe and has a shapeshifter, who has assumed her identity, trick Paige and Piper into giving him complete ownership of the house and allowing him access to the Nexus beneath it.

The sisters' nightmares come to life after being affected by dream dust, but they can only leave the dreams by discovering the hidden meaning within them.

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