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Be Careful What You Witch For
A warlock sends a genie to grant the sisters one wish each and to rob them of their powers.

Chick Flick
A demon seeks to end the Charmed Ones through use of horror movie monsters. Phoebe falls for an innocent that the Illusion Demon brings out into the real world.

Pardon My Past
Phoebe sees life for herself and her sisters in one of their previous incarnations after she's apparently attacked by her former self in a kind of warning. Phoebe learns that her other self had turned to the dark side after falling for a warlock.

How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans
Three old witches who were friends with the sisters's grandmother try to recapture their youth through a deal with a demon who seeks to crush the Charmed Ones.

P3 H2O
The Halliwell sisters take on the demon that killed their mother in order to save people from certain death at a summer camp and learn about their mother's whitelighter Sam.

Ms. Hellfire
Prue tries to out those responsible for hiring a killer to kill the witches by going undercover.

Give Me A Sign
Piper seeks magical assistance in the choice between her two beaus. Bane seeks charmed protection against his adversaries.

Astral Monkey
A doctor is granted the powers of the Charmed Ones and uses them in a misguided attempt to secure organs from criminals.

She's A Man, Baby, A Man!
In an effort to stop a succubus from it's continued man-killing spree, as witness through Phoebe's visions, Prue uses magic to become a man.

That Old Black Magic
A male teenager is all that stands between the Halliwells and certain doom at the hands of an evil witch accidentally freed from her imprisonment after two centuries.

Prue and Phoebe's spell to cure Piper of a disease backfires because the spell was cast for personal gain. The sisters find themselves unable to sleep and the virus becomes an epidemic.

They're Everywhere
When a young man interprets an age-old text, the Halliwells have to fend off numerous warlocks in search of a very powerful magic source.

Reckless Abandon
A baby is tormented by a ghost hellbent on destroying the family line and the Charmed Ones must find a way to prevent his death.

Morality Bites
Piper and Prue hope to ensure that Phoebe's premonition of her own death doesn't become reality by travelling to the future and learning the greater truth to the story.

The Painted World
Prue accidentally casts a spell that puts her into a painting and at odds with a trapped warlock.

Apocalypse Not
The Halliwell sisters take on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but, when Prue and a Horseman are trapped in a closing vortex, the remaining players team up to save their respective comrades.

Murphy's Luck
A Darklighter takes an interest in a woman's death and it's up to the Charmed sisters to keep her from suicide. When Prue turns around the woman's luck, the Darklighter decides to curse her instead.

Witch Trial
As Piper starts up her new nightclub P3, the Halliwells battle a demon who undoes some of the good work they've done and brings back formerly thwarted villains. A handsome man and his young niece move in next door to the Halliwells.

Ex Libris
The sisters seek out the demon that killed a classmate of Phoebe's. Dan learns a bit about Leo's past. Prue tries to help a man track down his daughter's killer.

Animal Pragmatism
A spell to change animals into dates backfires on a group of college women. Prue tries to handle life as an unemployed person.

Heartbreak City
A demon seeks to undo the work of Cupid and, in doing so, kill him.

Devil's Music
The manager of the band Dishwalla, who are playing P3, has made a demonic agreement for success that requires innocent souls and the Halliwell sisters mean to put an end to that. Piper tries to sort things out with Leo in light of her future self's broken relationship with him.

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