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Phil Varone Gets Naked For Playgirl; Defends His Swinging Lifestyle

12/20/2010 9:24am EST
Phil Varone
Playgirl Magazine chooses Skid Row rocker Phil Varone to spice things up this holiday season. Varone, who claims to have slept with over 3,000 women, is ecstatic about his Playgirl debut.

Tattooed, raw and real, this 21st century man is an actor, standup comedian, author, swinger, rock drummer and can now add Playgirl’s first rocker centerfold to his many credits. Varone adds his irreverent edge and fierce sex appeal to the legendary magazine’s image, taking the publication to the next level and baring himself completely, down to his swinging lifestyle.

He’s breaking ground not only as th...

Dr. Drew Pinsky To Miley Cyrus: 'Get Professional Help'

12/14/2010 7:56am EST
Drew Pinsky
Celebrity drug counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky has urged Miley Cyrus to seek professional help following her bong-smoking scandal - insisting she's "acting out" following the breakdown of her parents' marriage.

The 18-year-old Hannah Montana star sparked outrage on Friday after film footage of her smoking a huge pipe, allegedly containing the legal high Salvia, was posted on TMZ.com.

She was subsequently slammed by anti-drugs groups for being a bad role model to her impressionable fans and now Celebrity Rehab host Pinsky has branded Cyrus a "child in trouble" and urges her to seek medical help...

Leif Garrett: 'No One Said No'

10/20/2010 6:16pm EDT
Leif Garrett
Fallen pop star Leif Garrett blames his early fame on his decades-long battle with drug and alcohol addiction - because he had easy access to illegal substances as a teen celebrity.

The 48 year old began his career at the age of five and eventually became a teen addict - at 17, he crashed his car while high on alcohol and Quaaludes, leaving a friend paralyzed. However, the singer is adamant he could have avoided the pitfalls of fame if he had been properly supervised as a young star on the road.

He tells Good Morning America, "My mom didn't understand, you know. It was partially her fau...

Eric Roberts' Insomnia Ended When He Kicked His Weed Addiction

9/24/2010 3:30pm EDT
Eric Roberts
Recovering pot addict Eric Roberts is enjoying the most peaceful nights' sleep he has had in years after discovering his marijuana habit had done nothing to cure his long-running problems with insomnia.

The Expendables star, who is Julia Roberts' brother and the father of actress Emma Roberts, entered a drug rehabilitation facility over the summer in a bid to kick his 16-year weed addiction once and for all. His treatment was documented for the new season of celebrity counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky's reality show Celebrity Rehab and Roberts has now been sober for over two months.

He says, "I...

Chyna Hospitalized For Medication Overdose?

9/20/2010 2:30pm EDT
Former wrestler-turned-actress Chyna has been admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles after allegedly over-medicating herself with a sleeping aid, according to a report.

TMZ.com initially claimed the 39 year old, real name Joan Laurer, was suffering from alcohol poisoning when she was taken to UCLA Medical Center on Monday morning.

However, a source now tells the website the star took as much as five times the suggested dosage of Benadryl to help her sleep - but found herself throwing up and struggling to walk properly when she woke up. The insider adds Chyna is being treated with fluids ...

Eric Roberts In 'Celebrity Rehab' For Marijuana Addiction

8/4/2010 2:35pm EDT
Eric Roberts
Actor Eric Roberts has conquered his longtime addiction to marijuana with the help of TV's Dr. Drew Pinsky after checking into rehab for the medic's reality show.

The Hollywood star, who is Julia Roberts' brother and the father of teen actress Emma Roberts, recently joined the cast of the new season of Celebrity Rehab, where Pinsky attempts to help his high-profile patients battle their drug and alcohol demons once and for all. Details of Roberts' addiction problem were never fully disclosed, although his publicist Chuck Jones told WENN, "It's not for anything serious. He's not hooked on...

Tila Tequila's New Hairstyle Is Better Than Her New Single

7/21/2010 10:00pm EDT
Tila Tequila
Tila Tequila posed for photographs outside of Vendon night club in London on Monday after performing her new single "I Love My DJ" aka "I $#@%ed The DJ." What do you think of her new bob hairstyle? We can't exactly say we're fans of it, but it's gotta be better than her music! (You can find the song on YouTube - it's NSFW).

The reality TV star will not be appearing on the upcoming season of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" despite rumors she was the first one to sign up. However, Tiger Woods' former mistress Rachel Uchitel, Jeremy London and Leif Garrett are among those checking in.

Producers of t...

'Celebrity Rehab' To Feature Rachel Uchitel, Jeremy London & Other Headline Makers

7/20/2010 8:14am EDT
Jeremy London
Tiger Woods' former mistress Rachel Uchitel will be in good company when she checks into TV show "Celebrity Rehab" later this week - the facility will be full of recent headline makers.

Joining her on the reality TV show, hosted by celebrity counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky, will be Jeremy London, Jason Wahler and former teen idol Leif Garrett.

Actor London recently hit the news when he reported he'd been kidnapped and forced to buy drugs and alcohol for a gang of youths in Palm Desert, California; reality TV bad boy Wahler was arrested and booked for misdemeanor battery in June after allegedly ...

One Of Tila Tequila's Personalities Showed Up To An L.A. Party

6/25/2010 2:14pm EDT
Tila Tequila
We're not sure what Tila Tequila is doing with a snakeskin boot at a party at Fred Segal's in Los Angeles on Thursday, but she's obviously having a good time.

Tila recently went on a rant on her Twitter about her "multiple personalities" and how one of them, "Jane," is trying to kill her. We don't know if that's Tila or Jane in these pictures though.

The reality star, born Tila Nguyen, spent most of her childhood in Houston, Texas, and allegedly got her nickname after an adverse reaction to the alcohol. Tila's fame, came in the form of her MySpace personality. By early 2007 she had over ...

Shauna Sand Is Still Wearing Lucite Stripper Heels

6/9/2010 6:16pm EDT
Shauna Sand
Shauna Sand's feet must really stink because she always wears the same Lucite shoes. The stripper look just ain't working for you, honey. Of course, the puffy lips don't help either.

The former Playboy model and her pal attempted to party at Trousdale nightclub in LA last night, but they were refused entry. (LOL!)

Shauna, who used to be married to Lorenzo Lamas, is reportedly joining the upcoming season of "Celebrity Rehab." Pointer Sisters star Bonnie Pointer will join Tila Tequila, Shauna and rapper Bizzy Bone on the reality TV drama, according to reports.

Shauna recently wore a mesh ...

Bonnie Pointer To Join 'Celebrity Rehab'

6/4/2010 2:30pm EDT
Bonnie Pointer
Pointer Sisters star Bonnie Pointer will join Tila Tequila, former Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand and rapper Bizzy Bone on reality TV drama Celebrity Rehab, according to reports.

The 59-year-old Slow Hand singer, who has a history of drug abuse, has signed up for televised lockdown sessions with celebrity counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Filming on the latest series of the program was halted earlier this week after producers failed to draw enough big names to tackle their demons in front of the cameras. TV bosses failed to persuade Liza Minnelli and Lindsay Lohan to check in.

However, the sho...

Shauna Sand To Join 'Celebrity Rehab?'

6/4/2010 8:38am EDT
Shauna Sand
TV executives have reportedly signed former Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand to appear on "Celebrity Rehab" in a desperate bid to save the shelved reality show.

The latest series of the program, fronted by celebrity drug and alcohol counsellor Dr. Drew Pinsky, was halted earlier this week after producers failed to draw enough big names to tackle their demons in front of the cameras.

TV bosses failed to persuade Liza Minnelli with a reported $500,000 fee to appear as the series' big name, after Lindsay Lohan also rebuffed a $1 million offer.

A rep for Minnelli says, "Liza Minnelli, who is beg...

Liza Minnelli Wanted For 'Celebrity Rehab'

6/2/2010 5:30pm EDT
Liza Minnelli
Liza Minnelli has rejected a six-figure deal to appear on reality show Celebrity Rehab.

The TV program, fronted by celebrity drug and alcohol counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky, was shelved earlier this week after producers failed to sign up enough big names for the upcoming season of the show.

Now, a day after Lindsay Lohan reportedly turned down $1 million to appear on the show, TMZ.com reports Minnelli has been approached to lead the line-up after allegedly seeking help for alcohol addiction in 2004.

The Cabaret singer/actress has "no interest" in doing the show but Celebrity Rehab producer...

'Celebrity Rehab' Postponed Over Lack Of Star Power

6/1/2010 10:06pm EDT
Drew Pinsky
The reality series fronted by celebrity drug and alcohol counselor Dr.Drew Pinsky has been shelved - because too many troubled stars refused to be a part of the show.

A week after Tila Tequila, Jason Wahler and rapper Bizzy Bone signed up for the new season of "Celebrity Rehab", the show has been postponed.

TMZ.com reports producers failed to land enough big name stars to front the hard-hitting show.

The program was scheduled to start shooting on Tuesday.

Reports also suggest Lindsay Lohan turned down $1 million to appear on the show.

Past stars who have checked in for "Celebrity Rehab...

Tila Tequila: 'I Must Not Be Another Lindsay Lohan'

5/25/2010 8:03am EDT
Tila Tequila
Reality TV star Tila Tequila has revealed the reason she's signed up to star in the next season of Celebrity Rehab - she has become reliant on "prescription pills".

The internet pin-up was announced as one of the stars who will appear on Dr. Drew Pinsky's reality show, and now she has admitted she'll be seeking counseling for a drug habit.

In a post on her official website, she writes, "I was in denial for a long time but it takes a brave and strong woman to not only admit to herself that she has a problem, but also let the whole world know about it. With that said, I know I am an extre...

Tila Tequila To Star In Upcoming Season Of 'Celebrity Rehab'

5/24/2010 8:18am EDT
Tila Tequila
Internet pin-up, reality TV star and singer Tila Tequila has signed up to star on the new season of "Celebrity Rehab" in a bid to clean up her act following the death of her partner Casey Johnson in December.

The bisexual star has been involved in a series of bizarre meltdowns this year and now she has agreed to seek celebrity counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky's help on his VH1 reality show, according to TMZ.com.

She is expected to clear up the confusion surrounding pregnancy announcements she made in January - the colorful star looked nothing like a four-month-pregnant mom-to-be when she launche...

Anna David On 'Reality Matters'

4/5/2010 1:58pm EDT
Anna David Reality Matters
What do you get when you give a dozen writers who are hooked on reality television a pen and paper? Reality Matters. The book, edited by Anna David, is a brilliant compilation of essays by various writers coming clean about the reality shows they can’t stop watching. Why do we love this genre? Why are we glued to the TV every week as if our lives would end if we didn’t see who The Bachelor picked as his bride-to-be, or which wannabe star got the boot on American Idol? The book explores such shows like The Real Housewives of New York City, The Hills, Married by America, Project Runway, The O...

Mindy McCready Sex Tape Reveals Roger Clemens' Impotence (Video)

3/30/2010 8:28am EDT
Mindy McCready
Troubled country star Mindy McCready has become the latest celebrity to feature in a sex tape.

In "Mindy McCready: Baseball Mistress," the fallen singer appears in alleged X-rated scenes with a mystery boyfriend and tells graphic tales of her bedroom encounters with celebrity ex-lovers. The title is a reference to McCready's alleged affair with former sportsman Roger Clemens.

Bosses at distributor Vivid Entertainment promise the tape includes "almost an hour of action interspersed with a narrative about her former lovers, who included Red Sox and Yankees pitching great Roger Clemens, acto...

DMX Gets Six Months In Jail For Probation Violation

3/16/2010 7:47pm EDT
DMX has been sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to charges of probation violation - but the embattled rapper has been offered a way out of jail thanks to reality TV's Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The hip-hop star, real name Earl Simmons, appeared in court on Tuesday when he confessed to five separate claims of probation violation by using illegal drugs following his arrest in Phoenix, Arizona last week.

The judge ordered DMX to spend time behind bars - but the rapper could escape the jail term and serve his sentence in rehab instead, after an appeal from a representative from the...

Corey Haim Approached By 'Celebrity Rehab' Days Before Death

3/11/2010 12:01am EST
Corey Haim
Actor Corey Haim rejected offers for a televised intervention on program "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" in the final days before he died of an apparent drug overdose.

The 38-year-old star collapsed at his home in Oakwood, California in the early hours of Wednesday morning and was taken to St. Joseph's hospital in Burbank, where he was pronounced dead.

The troubled actor had long battled prescription drug abuse and he made a reported 15 trips to rehab in a bid to kick his demons.

Ironically, "Celebrity Rehab" casting directors pitched the show to Haim's mother last October, and followed ...

Dr. Drew's Alleged Stalker Loses Lawsuit

3/9/2010 1:31pm EST
Drew Pinsky
A judge in California has dismissed a lawsuit against reality TV medic Dr. Drew Pinsky which was filed by the man accused of stalking him.

Charles Pearson was arrested by police at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California last week after Pinsky reported him to authorities, claiming he had been sending threatening messages over the internet. Pearson later pleaded not guilty to one count of stalking and five counts of making criminal threats.

It was revealed Pearson had filed a small claims suit against the Celebrity Rehab host in Los Angeles County Superior Court on February 8th, jus...

Man Arrested For Allegedly Stalking Dr. Drew

3/4/2010 8:39am EST
Drew Pinsky
A man has been arrested for allegedly threatening reality TV medic Dr. Drew and his family. Charles Pearson was detained by police at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California on Wednesday on a charge of making criminal threats, according to TMZ.com.

Dr. Drew - full name Dr. David Drew Pinsky - claims Pearson has been sending him threatening messages over the internet, including one which allegedly said he would kill the star's children and make his wife eat them.

Pearson is being held on a $150,000 bail bond.

The TV medic - who fronts reality show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew - t...