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James Whitmore

Tess Harper

Ned Beatty

Dinah Manoff

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Three inseparable Fort Worth buddies from the high school class of 1950 find their destinies intertwined by a youthful crime relived 25 years later -- one (Marley) an ambitious writer who becomes a celebrated journalist (a semi-autobiographical character patterned after Thomas Thompson, the best-selling author of "Celebrity" who died shortly after its filming), one (Beck) a smooth-talking hustler who gains celebrity as a charismatic faith healer, one (Bottoms) a football All-American who goes on to Hollywood stardom -- in this six-and-one-half hour marathon dramatization of Thompson's novel. Claude Akins replaced Mickey Rooney as Beck's Uncle Bun, in whose cabin the crime occurs, and Ned Bea... Full Summary >>