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The Closer
The CSIs probe the death of a Boston Red Sox fan found dead in a baseball stadium parking lot.

The Fall
When the owner of an upscale Bronx wine store is murdered, the CSIs work to find evidence tying them to the crime.

Grand Master

While investigating a Chinatown bank robbery, Bonasera discovers a kidnapping plot involving the manager of the bank.

Three Generations Are Enough
Mac investigates the disappearance of a stock broker; Bonasera investigates the murder of a woman thrown off the roof of a church.

Officer Blue
When a sniper kills a mounted police officer in the middle of Central Park, the CSI team's only clue is a bullet still lodged in the officer's horse, which, if removed, would likely kill the animal.

'Til Death Do We Part
Danny and Mac investigate the motives behind the sudden collapse of a bride and the doves about to be released at a wedding ceremony. They find out that residue from clothes off of dead people seeped into the bride's screen and killed her.

Crimes & Misdemeanors
The body of a young woman found wrapped in sheets at a laundry facility leads the CSIs to an upscale hotel that houses foreign diplomats.

What You See Is What You See
Mac is caught in the middle of a shooting at his local diner and finds himself in the position of being the key witness.

On the Job
Mac tries to prove Danny's innocence after Danny appears to have shot an undercover cop while chasing a suspect.

Creatures of the Night
Bonasera tries to help a rape victim regain her memory of the attack while the team searches for clues in Central Park; Hawkes discovers that the bullet of a gunshot victim has been eaten by a rat.

Night, Mother
Mac and Bonasera investigate whe a sleepwalking woman is found next to a woman's dead body, covered in blood; Danny and Aiden investigate the murder of a professional pickpocket.

A bike messenger is stabbed on one of his runs; A dog trainer is murdered at a dog show.

A Man A Mile
The CSI team investigates the death of one of the 'Sandhogs', a union of construction workers who build tunnels beneath the city.

Mac and Stella's investigation of the death of a man who was violently beaten with a baseball bat leads them to investigating a gang known as the Tanglewood Boys.

Outside Man
Danny and Aidens's limits are pushed when they investigate a the brutal murders of employees in a Brooklyn restaurant.

Blink (Pilot)
Taylor and Bonasera track a serial killer preying on young women by first drugging them and then paralyzing them from the eyes down. When one of the women is found in a coma, Taylor tries to communicate with her in order to track the killer.

Mac and Bonasera investigate the murders of victims found in three different boroughs.

Supply and Demand
The team investigates what appears to be a drug-related hit when a college student is found beaten and shot to death in his ransacked apartment.

The Dove Commission
The police are suspects as the team searches for the party responsible for gunning down a corruption report investigator.

American Dreamers
A skeleton is found dressed in tourist's clothing on a double-decker tour bus in the middle of Times Square.

Blood, Sweat and Tears
The dead body of a teenage contortionist leads to a rivalry between two circus families. Danny and Flack investigate a dead woman discovered after going through a trash chute.

The team halts operations on a busy Staten Island Dock in order to find the top half of a body that was crushed beneath a container.

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