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Gary Dourdan Gets Off Drug Charges

8/21/2011 1:36pm EDT
Gary Dourdan
Former CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Gary Dourdan has avoided punishment for drug possession after police dismissed the charge against him.

Los Angeles cops took the actor into custody in June after they found pills in his possession while investigating a car crash involving Dourdan.

The drugs were identified as Oxycontin and Dourdan faced prosecution over the possession of drug paraphernalia and the prescription painkiller.

However, officials dropped the drug possession charge earlier this week, according to TMZ.com.

Dourdan is still charged with possessing drug paraphernalia and...

Justin Bieber Baffled By 'Brat' Reports

8/11/2011 8:49am EDT
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has denied reports he acted like a "brat" on a recent flight after a fellow passenger accused the pop star of giving staff a hard time before take-off.

The teen sensation allegedly behaved badly on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Asia earlier this week, reportedly refusing to take his seat before the plane took off and then being rude to airline employees throughout the journey.

A source told Fox411.com, "He gave the staff a really hard time the whole flight, nobody could believe it. And then at the end, the captain introduced himself to Justin and kindly a...

Ted Danson Recalls Finding A Skull In The Woods

8/7/2011 8:30am EDT
Ted Danson
Actor Ted Danson had a childhood brush with forensics when he found a skull in the woods near his home.

The star, who recently signed up to join the cast of hit TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, is the son of an anthropologist but even he didn't know what to do when he found decapitated remains while playing with pals.

He tells WENN, "I grew up around skulls and went on digs with my dad and once, when I was 11 years old, I was out playing with my buddies in the woods and we were playing army, and we came across a skull that had a patch of hair here and a little round hole here an...

'CSI' Star George Eads Marries Longtime Girlfriend

8/5/2011 9:02am EDT
George Eads
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" star George Eads has secretly wed his girlfriend of seven years.

The actor, who plays Nick Stokes in the hit forensics drama, recently exchanged vows with Monika Casey, according to Us Weekly magazine.

Eads revealed he was planning to wed his girlfriend in 2009, during an appearance on "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson."

He told the TV host Monika was "a really nice girl", who helped him get through painful back surgery earlier that year.

Last year, Eads cooed about his partner in an Us Weekly interview, revealing, "We're best buds. She just lets m...

Marg Helgenberger To Quit 'CSI'

8/3/2011 6:30pm EDT
Marg Helgenberger
CSI regular Marg Helgenberger has announced she'll be leaving the forensics drama at the end of the hit show's 12th season.

The actress, who has portrayed Catherine Willows on the show for over a decade, has revealed she had planned to exit the cast earlier this year, but was persuaded to stay on.

Laurence Fishburne, who replaced CSI producer and star William Petersen, quit the show in May. Beloved TV star Ted Danson will take over from him when the popular drama returns later this year.

'Entourage' Mansion Sells For $4.2 Million

7/28/2011 11:29am EDT
A Hollywood mansion which housed the boys from Entourage has been sold for an impressive $4.2 million.

The Tuscan-style villa, which was home to Adrian Grenier's movie star character Vincent Chase and his pals in the show's seventh season, boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and seven fireplaces.

Fans will likely remember the driveway the most, in addition to its impressive forecourt, which features a huge stone fountain. The buyer is believed to be a top producer on the CSI crime drama shows.

Entourage's eighth and final series is currently airing in the U.S.

Ted Danson To Replace Laurence Fishburne On 'CSI'

7/13/2011 3:33pm EDT
Ted Danson
Former Cheers star Ted Danson is stepping in to replace Laurence Fishburne on hit TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The Matrix actor's contract on the series expired at the end of season 11 earlier this year, two years after he was cast to replace series regular William Petersen.

TV bosses have now appointed Danson as the show's chief investigator in a bid to boost ratings, and executive producer Don McGill knew the former Cheers star was perfect for the show as soon as his name was brought up.

He says, "From the moment we all started talking about the role, it was clear he cou...

Police Arrest Former 'CSI' Star Gary Dourdan For Drug Possession

6/14/2011 8:34am EDT
Gary Dourdan
Former "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" star Gary Dourdan has been arrested and charged with drug possession.

Police found ecstasy pills in his possession while investigating a car crash involving Dourdan on Monday morning. The former TV star reportedly crashed his vehicle into two parked cars.

Dourdan was taken into custody and booked, according to TMZ.com. He was released later on Monday after posting $10,000 bail.

Dourdan was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and ecstasy in 2008 following an arrest in Palm Springs, California. He pleaded guilty to the crime and avoided a...

Laurence Fishburne To Leave 'CSI'

6/8/2011 8:23am EDT
Laurence Fishburne
Actor Laurence Fishburne is leaving the cast of hit TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, more than two years after he stepped in to replace series regular William Petersen.

The Matrix star was handed a lead role in the Las Vegas crime show in late 2008 following the departure of Petersen, but the series has been plagued by plunging ratings over the last two seasons.

Fishburne's contract expired at the end of series 11 and will not be renewed for the upcoming season 12, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

TV bosses are reportedly hunting for a replacement for Fishburne to star in t...

CBS Announces New & Returning Shows For 2011-12

5/18/2011 11:57am EDT
Blue Bloods
CBS announced today its new 2011-2012 primetime schedule, ordering five new series and making key time-period moves for CSI and The Good Wife to strengthen its already top-rated primetime lineup.

The new series include three new dramas and two new comedies: "Person Of Interest," a crime thriller from renowned executive producer J.J. Abrams starring Jim Caviezel, Emmy Award winner Michael Emerson and Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson; "Unforgettable," starring Dylan Walsh and Poppy Montgomery as a former detective with a rare condition that enables her to remember virtually every det...

Justin Bieber Defends Himself Against 'Brat' Allegations

5/9/2011 2:27pm EDT
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has spoken out to defend himself against reports he was a "brat" while filming a guest appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Marg Helgenberger, who stars in the TV drama, revealed on Friday the pop star was not on his best behavior while guest starring on the show - locking a producer in a closet and putting his fist through a cake in the cafeteria.

However, in a series of posts on his Twitter.com account on Monday, the Baby hit-maker denied the allegations and insisted Helgenberger's remarks were uncalled for.

He writes, "It's kinda lame when someone you met bri...

Marg Helgenberger Says Justin Bieber Was 'A Brat' While Filming 'CSI'

5/9/2011 9:00am EDT
Marg Helgenberger
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" star Marg Helgenberger was not impressed by Justin Bieber's childish behavior when he made a guest appearance on the TV drama, admitting he was "kind of a brat."

The hitmaker signed on to star as troubled teen Jason McCann last year, and producers were so impressed with his acting, they brought his character back for a second episode earlier this year.

But renowned prankster Bieber's cheeky antics off camera did not win him a fan in Helgenberger.

Speaking on a French radio show on Friday, she says, "He never acted before. I mean, I shouldn't be saying thi...

'CSI' Boss To Divorce

4/30/2011 8:30am EDT
Anthony Zuiker
The wife of TV mogul Anthony Zuiker has filed for divorce.

Zuiker, who is the brains behind the "CSI" dramas, wed his wife Jennifer in 1999. The couple has three sons.

Jennifer has filed papers in Los Angeles, citing "irreconcilable differences" for the marriage breakdown, according to TMZ.com.

Hollywood Unwrapped: Must Not See TV

4/15/2011 8:43am EDT
I have a question to ask all of the readers of this column. Do we really have Hollywood stars or real actors that we had in the past? Gone are the days when studios had an iron claw on the stars and being a celebrity actually meant something.

Yes, today we still have a handful of Academy Award winning movie stars such as Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, and Clint Eastwood. We don’t have stars like Steve McQueen, James Dean or an Audrey Hepburn. But that's on the big screen.

Today, television is packed with reality shows that makes us lose brain cells and it seems like we be...

Watching Me On TV: Reflections About Blacks in Prime Time Past

2/23/2011 10:40am EST
The Cosby Show
I’m not old, but I am mature. I’m not in the let’s-go-clubbin’-this-Saturday-night set, but I’m still in the coveted demographic that advertisers like. I’m old enough to remember when vampires were scary—not hot. And I do have those wonderful memories of big, boxy television consoles with three major networks and some local stations with really bad programming. Color television shows were a major big deal, so much so that announcers would actually let you know—“The F.B.I.— in color!” That was probably because not a lot of folks had a color TV set. It’s also cool to see how the physical tele...

Justin Bieber's Life Comes To A Tragic End On 'CSI' (Video)

2/18/2011 3:00pm EST
Justin Bieber's Life Comes To A Tragic End On CSI
Justin Bieber's short-lived career as a character on TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation came to a tragic end on Thursday night as U.S. viewers watched the teen get shot in the chest.

The singer returned to the set of the drama earlier this year to take his return as troubled Jason McCann after wowing critics and castmembers alike with his acting skills last year.

In 2010, CSI fans watched as Bieber's onscreen brother was killed by the CSI detectives and on Thursday night's episode it was Bieber's turn to die.

See Justin Bieber get shot

Click for more great Justin Bieber picture...

Justin Bieber Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction

1/13/2011 7:28pm EST
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber was hospitalized in Burbank, California on Wednesday night after suffering an allergic reaction on the set of TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The pop star was wrapping up a day on the set, where he was reprising his role as troubled teen Jason McCann, when he experienced breathing problems and was taken to Providence St. Joseph's Hospital.

Sources tell Life & Style magazine Bieber met his doctor at the hospital, where he was treated and discharged 30 minutes later.

A representative for the "Baby" singer has confirmed the hospital visit, telling the publication, "He...

Dita Von Teese Forced To Cover Up For 'CSI' Role

1/13/2011 9:48am EST
Dita Von Teese
Busty beauty Dita Von Teese was forced to cover up for her guest appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - because TV executives feared viewers would find her cleavage "offensive".

The star plays a shy teacher with a secret life as a stripper, called Rita Von Squeeze, in a new episode, due to air next week.

Von Teese has now revealed show bosses asked her to tone down her usual raunchy look to avoid upsetting viewers.

She tells TV Guide, "There was a lot of network talk about my 'offensive cleavage', which I found interesting considering how much blood and gore there is."
"We had to...

Justin Bieber Returns To 'CSI'

1/12/2011 10:17am EST
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is heading back to hit TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation after wowing critics with his acting skills last year.

The pop sensation made such an impact in his acting debut, producers have invited him back to reprise his role as troubled teen Jason McCann.

CSI fans watched as Bieber's onscreen brother was killed by the CSI detectives.

The Baby singer's return is scheduled to air on February 17th.

Interview: Michael Cudlitz Returns To 'Southland'

12/15/2010 3:10pm EST
Michael Cudlitz may be television's most recognized law enforcement official. He's played cops, sheriffs, FBI agents, and even done voice work for the popular Call of Duty video game series. Currently, he's polishing up his LAPD badge for another tour of duty as Officer John Cooper on Southland, the gritty cop drama rescued from NBC and moving to TNT for its third season. Before Southland returns on January 4, Michael sat down with me to talk about coming back to the series and his long history behind a badge.

These last few months must have been a real roller-coaster ride for you, to b...

Dita Von Teese To Guest Star On 'CSI'

9/29/2010 8:28am EDT
Dita Von Teese
Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese is the latest star to sign up for a guest appearance in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The raven-haired beauty is set to follow teen sensation Justin Bieber by filming a cameo role for the program - she will star as a Hollywood femme fatale in an upcoming episode.

Executive producer Carol Mendelsohn tells Entertainment Weekly the special storyline will be a throwback to "the glory days of L.A. film noir," adding, "Her character is absolutely unlike what she seems. Prepare to be tantalized and tormented."

Click Here For More Dita Von Teese Pictur...

Lindsay Lohan May Lose Film Role To Taylor Swift

9/27/2010 8:19am EDT
Taylor Swift
Lindsay Lohan's legal woes appear to have given Taylor Swift her big movie break - the country sweetheart is the new favorite to replace the "Mean Girls" actress in a new film about a former child star finding success on a reality TV dating show.

Writer/producer Richard O'Sullivan initially offered Lohan the lead in his new film "One Night With You" after writing it with her in mind.

He told WENN, "It is ready-made for Lindsay... but we're proceeding with extreme caution while the Lohan family sorts through their issues during a very trying time."

Lohan has since served two stints in jai...

CBS Fall 2010 Line-Up: What And When To Watch

9/23/2010 11:00am EDT
Presenting Starpulse's quick-and-dirty guide to this fall's new CBS programming.

First, the new:

Mike & Molly, Mon. Sept. 20, 9:30/8:30 CST -- America's obesity epidemic has left a lot us a bit fluffier, and "Mike & Molly" might be CBS's attempt to deliver a show we can relate to. Unfortunately, that seems to be the extent of the humor -- being fluffy. The main characters, played by Billy Gardell ("Yes, Dear") and Melissa McCarthy ("Gilmore Girls"), meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, fall for each other, and deal with the modern-day problems overweight couples face. Time will tel...

Lady Gaga Wants Cameo On 'CSI: Miami'

9/16/2010 10:00am EDT
CSI Miami
"CSI: Miami" star Eva La Rue hopes rumors linking the pop superstar to the TV drama are true.

She explained, "Lady Gaga wants to do the show really bad. I don't know if we're going to get her or not, but it would be awesome. She doesn't want to play herself from what I understand, she wants to be a character."

France's First Lady Carla Bruni has been offered a role on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" after confessing her love for the crime drama in a letter to show producers.

Television's highest paid drama stars include "CSI's" Marg Helgenberger and "CSI: Miami's" David Caruso who make ...

Justin Bieber Has Secret Movie Deal With Will Smith?

9/15/2010 8:17am EDT
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is in talks to star in Will Smith's new movie.

The hitmaker met Smith while recording "Never Say Never" - the theme song for "The Karate Kid" - with the film's star Jaden Smith, and he took the opportunity to express his interest in acting.

And, after shooting an appearance on TV drama "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," he has a "top secret" development deal with producer and star Smith.

Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, confirms the 16 year old is working on a feature film produced by Smith and his company, Overbrook.

Braun tells U.S. magazine Teen Vogue, the film is "a fic...

Katee Sackhoff Heads To 'CSI'

9/8/2010 7:00pm EDT
Katee Sackhoff
Scoop master Michael Ausiello, writer for Entertainment Weekly, is reporting that Battlestar Gallactica hottie and recent 24 cast member Katee Sackhoff has been picked up to star as a possible recurring role in CSI where she will play Detective Reed, a smart, tough, and feisty investigator with an acknowledged lack of sensitivity. Sounds like the part was written for her reading that description and it sounds a lot like the character Starbuck that she played on BSG.

Sackhoff was the producers choice to succeed Jorja Fox when she left the series but when Sackhoff read for the part, they we...

'CSI' Producers Want 'Phenomenon' Justin Bieber To Film Second Episode

8/13/2010 8:26am EDT
Justin Bieber
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" producers have asked teen pop sensation Justin Bieber to film another episode of the hit TV show.

It was announced last month the 16 year old would make a cameo on the crime drama playing a "troubled teen who is faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother" in the first episode of the upcoming 11th season in September.

But bosses are so excited about Bieber's appearance, they're bringing him back for more.

A statement from creator Don McGill, writer Carol Mendelsohn and producer Anthony Zuiker says, "Every 20 years, a phenomenon like Justin B...

Yup, Snooki Earns $30,000 Per Episode; See What Other TV Favorites Make

8/11/2010 2:22pm EDT
TVGuide.com just released a list of television's top earners, and there were a few surprises among the bunch. Self-proclaimed Rich Bitch (see photo above) "Jersey Shore" guidette Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi takes home $30,000 per episode while Kate Gosselin claims $250,000 per episode for "Kate Plus 8." Maybe making an ass out of yourself on TV and in the public is the way to get rich these days.

Television's highest paid drama stars include "House" actor Hugh Laurie ($400,000 an ep); Christopher Meloni & Mariska Hargitay from "Law & Order: SVU" ($395,000 each); and "CSI's" Marg Helgenberger,...

France's First Lady Carla Bruni Offered Role On 'CSI'

8/8/2010 11:10am EDT
Carla Bruni
France's First Lady Carla Bruni has been offered a role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - after confessing her love for the crime drama in a letter to show producers.

The former model wrote to bosses behind the hit series praising them for their work on the programme - and now they've asked her to star in an upcoming special.

Producer Carol Mendelsohn tells France's Pure People, "Carla Bruni wrote to us to say she absolutely adored our show. So we would be delighted to offer her a part in our 'CSI' film set in France."

The two-hour CSI special will be set in Paris.

Bruni recently comp...

Inspired By Kim Kardashian, Laurence Fishburne's Daughter Makes Sex Tape

7/30/2010 10:06am EDT
Laurence Fishburne
Laurence Fishburne's teenage daughter has reportedly filmed a part in an explicit adult film in a bid to break into Hollywood.

"The Matrix" star's 19-year-old daughter Montana Fishburne is said to be hoping to make a name for herself with her sex tape, citing socialite Kim Kardashian as her inspiration.

Kardashian is widely known for an intimate home movie she and her ex-boyfriend, singer Ray J, filmed together.

Celebrity website TMZ.com quotes Fishburne as saying, "I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape."