Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures Episode Guides

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Epic Crashers
Skinner falls for a rich heiress after the boys sneak into an elite yacht club and Bucket helps him act wealthy and cultured so she doesn't learn the truth about him. Aloe is determined to expose Skinner at the club's formal ball. A grounded Kelly and Piper sneak out of the house and end up winning a contest at the taco shop, but must enlist the help of "Nana" Three Pieces when a parent's signature is required to claim the prize.

Epic Election
Bucket makes an attempt to run for school president hoping it will win over Kelly, but when Big-Man-On-Campus Aloe decides to run as well, he realizes he's going to need all the help he can get.

Epic Girls
When Bucket and Skinner aren't invited to the biggest event at school - "Alloe-Palooza", they decide to dress as girls to get in. But Skinner has to fend off Sven's advances.

Epic Jobs
When Skinner and Bucket break the surf house's motor boat, Kelly finds another job until it's fixed. Much to the boys chagrin, her new job is working with Aloe as a lifeguard. Worried she and Aloe will grow close, they take a job at a local taco shop to earn money to fix the boat . When Bucket is offered a promotion, he learns that he can only get it if he fires Skinner first.

Epic Brains
Bucket and Skinner are placed in the school's gifted program due to a paperwork mix up, but the boys become unraveled when they are assigned a difficult science project.

Epic Dancer
Bucket is jealous when Kelly goes on a date with a senior she met on the beach.

Epic Musical
Kelly is cast as the lead in the school musical. When Bucket hears this, he decides to audition for the play with the hope of getting a kissing scene with her.

Epic Rockstar
A famous musician returns to Pacific Bluffs to host a song writing contest. Bucket and Skinner decide to enter the contest.

Epic Escape
When Skinner gets detention, Bucket tries to get in trouble as well so they can break out of detention together.

Epic Wingman
Aloe gets an opportunity to date a senior, and asks Bucket to be his wingman so they can double date.

Epic Haunting
Bucket and Skinner spend the night in a haunted house.

Epic Babysitters
Bucket and Skinner must babysit Piper in order to go to a concert with Kelly.

Epic Bobo
Aloe offers Bucket a spot on the varsity surf team in exchange for borrowing the Three Piece's prized surfboard - Bobo.

Epic Takeover
When Bucket causes the surf shop's lease to lapse, Aloe takes over the space for his own store.

Epic Dates
Skinner has an ear infection that prevents him from surfing; Bucket is annoyed that Blake and Kelly's relationship is going well.

Epic Cuffs

Epic Seal

Epic Break-Up, Parts 1 & 2

Epic Christmas

Epic Crush

Epic Copy Cat

Epic Chicken

Epic Cheer

Epic Cupid

Epic Showdown
Piper teaches Bucket and Skinner martial arts, and makes them think they are better than they actually are. But after the now-confident guys accept a challenge to fight the school bully, Piper and Kelly must set them straight.

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