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Erik Von Detten

Christina Vidal

Sam Horrigan

Robin Riker

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Working class Andy Brinker is the best in-line skater in town; he and his friends skate for the sheer love of the sport, not for the money or fame. They've got a fierce rivalry with corporate-sponsored X-Bladz, whose cocky captain resents Brink's talent. When a spot on X-Bladz opens up, Brink feels compelled to take it, hoping to help his family out with the money he'll earn. His friends resent his betrayal. When X-Bladz's captain resorts to vicious sabotage, Brink realizes his friends were right. They reunite for a tournament that pits them against X-Bladz. Contemporary adaptation of the classic fable, "Hans Brinker, Or the Silver Skates."