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Summer TV 2014's Top Villains!

8/17/2014 6:00pm EDT
Summer TV 2014's Top Villains!
You can’t have a good TV show without a villain. Even if it’s a reality show about making widgets, there’s got to be an evil widget in the mix making trouble for the rest of em’. With Summer 2014’s television season just about to set, we thought it would be fun to talk a look back and see which television evil-doers positively sizzled!

In no particular order (here there be spoilers!) …

Thomas Eichorst - The Strain (FX)

If you've been watching FX’s schlocky end-of-the-world vampire drama The Strain you've probably enjoyed Richard Sammel's chilly portrayal of the head vamp’s slithery ass...

'The Bridge' Season 1 Finale: Marco Joins Mackey And Agnew

10/4/2013 3:40pm EDT
The Bridge
Hey, The Bridge has been renewed for another season and I'm glad - not only because I like the series but because the last few minutes of the season 1 finale opened up a whole new can of dark possibilities.

That can would be Marco asking Mexican mob boss Fausto - well played by both Demian Bichir and Ramon Franco - if Fausto would take care of a little something for Marco: killing Hastings/Tate in prison. Marco is of course entirely justified in doing this, seeing as how the sociopath Tate killed Marco's boy Gus - but the request and Fausto's agreement still make Marco an entirely differen...

Eric Lange Talks Playing A Key Role On 'The Bridge'

10/2/2013 2:16pm EDT
The Bridge
[SPOILER ALERT: This interview contains major spoilers from season one of The Bridge. Don't read this unless you are caught up on the season.]

FX scored this summer with The Bridge, another successful adaptation of a Danish/Swedish crime drama, which draws to its suspenseful conclusion tonight. One of the key recurring cast members is Eric Lange, a TV veteran who has appeared on shows like Lost, Castle and Victorious. On Monday, Eric sat down with us to discuss his role on The Bridge as Kenneth Hastings, friend and confidante to the wife of lead detective Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir).


'The Bridge' 1.11: Put to the Test

9/21/2013 6:35am EDT
The Bridge
Another best episode of the season of The Bridge this week - 1.11 - which means The Bridge keeps getting better and better, and is now impressive indeed.

Marco is put in a horrible situation: to save Gus's life, has to take the life of the sleazy reporter.  Frye is sleazy, but he certainly does not deserve to die.  And Marco, decent to the core, just can't bring himself to do it.

It's not 100% certain that Tate would have revealed Gus's location even had Marco complied - but Marco knows that Tate won't reveal anything except scathing taunting unless Marco does as Tate has requested.  Marc...

'The Bridge' Season 1 Episode 10: Charlotte's Evolution

9/13/2013 9:17am EDT
The Bridge
Marco's search for Gus dominates The Bridge 1.10, with a strong assist from Sonya, wounded in the car smash, but still thinking clearly and even able to move pretty good.

With Tate/Hastings being unveiled as the killer, a lot of the mystery is gone, but it's been replaced by the suspense of what will happen to Gus, and by Marco in a fine performance of a cop who's trying to find and save his own son.

Exactly what Tate wants actually still is a mystery.  Sonya correctly says he won't kill Gus because he wants to prolong the agony Tate is putting Marco through, but Tate is sure playing it c...

'The Bridge' Review: 1.9: Trade-Off

9/6/2013 2:28pm EDT
The Bridge
The Bridge has really moved into high gear with its game-changing episode last week, and delivered the best episode of of the season so far with 1.9 last night.

Tate is a top-notch bad guy - meaning, he's smart, manipulative, brutal, and supremely unpredictable. Most of the episode is devoted to the harrowing ordeal he draws Alma into.   Why she would go off with the kids with someone she doesn't know that well - even though she's romantically attracted to him - still seems like a bit of a stretch, but it was necessary to set up what follows: she's left in a shack in the middle of the dess...

The Bridge 1.8: Some Dark Poetic Justice

8/30/2013 11:04am EDT
The Bridge
Well, I've saying for a while that I thought the killer in The Bridge might be Hank, though an extremely outside long shot. In episode 1.8, we learn that the killer was not Hank but is indeed law enforcement - a Federal agent by the name of David Tate.

But that's just a part of it, in the unfolding of a plot that now makes The Bridge the most tightly wound plot on television, with interconnections like synapses in an evil genius's brain.  I said last week that I thought Alma's new love interest Kenneth Hastings was a bit of schmuck - by which I meant, something was not right about him.  Tu...

'The Bridge' Review 1.7: A Killer And A Reluctant Professor

8/23/2013 9:47am EDT
The Bridge
Well, our team nailed a killer in the pounding Bridge 1.7, but is he the killer they and we have been seeking?  He blew a deputy's head off, no doubt.  But Sonya suspects that he's not the main killer - and certainly not the brains of the evil operation - and she knows what she's talking about.

Clearly Hank didn't shoot the deputy - wasn't that line in the Eric Clapton song? - but he could still technically could be the evil uber-killer.  I don't really think so ... but I'm just saying for the record.

But here's something I do think:  Is it only me, or is Marco's wife Alma being much too ...

'The Bridge' 1.6: Revelations

8/16/2013 2:25pm EDT
The Bridge
A pivotal Bridge 1.6 on FX last night, in which we learn a crucial piece of the puzzle that is Sonya.

Why, given Sonya's condition, has Hank taken her under his wing?  The kindly performance given by Ted Levine as Hank explained only so much - he's a good cop in an administrative position, after all, and although Sonya is also a good cop, an excellent cop in many ways, she's also always on the verge of saying something that could throw a case off course, or shut down an otherwise talkative suspect. So why does Hank not only put up with her, but allow her to be a leading investigator on a c...

Diane Kruger Shows Off Her Legs In A Sexy, Sheer Green Dress At 'The Bridge' Premiere

7/9/2013 12:00pm EDT
Diane Kruger
German actress Diane Kruger looked beautiful at the Los Angeles premiere of FX Network's "The Bridge" in Los Angeles on Monday.

When she stood in the sunlight outside the theater, the actress had a Princess Diana moment where fans could see the sheerness of her dress and her lean legs underneath.

Kruger's upcoming show centers on an El Paso police detective (Kruger) who must work with her Mexican counterpart from Chihuahua State Police, Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir), to catch a serial killer operating on both sides of the border. The show premieres on Wednesday, July 10.

Kruger attended...