The Brak Show Summary

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Animated series that parodies classic family sitcoms and features demented space alien Brak. Set somewhere in outer space, it looks very much like any American suburb, circa 1965. The show follows the formative years of Brak and his best pal Zorak, both of whom attend Learnmore High. Zorak leads Brak into all kinds of trouble -- like stealing the mascot of Learnmore High's rival just before the big game, overfeeding a neighbor's fish, or stealing a magic candy bar. But no matter what kind of mischief Brak and Zorak stir up, things always manage to be resolved by the end of each episode. And there are invariably a few opportunities for Brak to sing a couple of his catchy ditties.

Brak's home life is pretty stable. Dad, a small human man with a vaguely Latin accent, loves reading the paper and giving nonsensical advice. Brak's mother is supportive and quite good looking, in a June Cleaver as a space monster kind of way, with perfectly coifed hair and a neatly ironed apron. Their next-door neighbor, Thundercleese, is a powerful robot warrior who maintains a meticulous lawn.