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Chapter Seventy-Four
Harper turns to the FBI when he discovers that a terrorist recruitment website has been contacted by a student from the school's library. A student of Ronnie's is diagnosed with HIV.

Chapter Sixty-Eight
A peer tutor uses unusual motivational methods. Marylin stands in the middle of a confrontation between Harper and Guber. Ronnie challenges Danny on his treatment of a female student who wants to charge him with harassment.

Chapter Sixty-Nine
A mother comes under the microscope of Guber's investigation when a cheerleader is attacked. After an accident in class, a student in the school confesses to being son of God. Marilyn asks Harper to be more demonstrative in his appreciation of his staff. Carmen asks one of her students, Jake, to back down from his pursuit of a female student, Jenn only to find out that Jake is an undercover narcotics officer.

Chapter Seventy-Two
Harper and Marilyn's relationship is threatened by a student. Guber arranges a date with Violet, the person who hit his car. Bixby teaches "gangster" math with inappropriate verbage.

Chapter Sixty-Seven
Ronnie tries to help an attempted rape victim who doesn't want her attacker prosecuted. Guber's crusade against a politically incorrectly named band leads to a court case involving a student's use of a non-prescribed drug even while Guber himself has to defend his support of the morning after pill. Guber asks Marilyn out only to eventually realize that she is seeing Harper. Harper tries to help the new Physics teacher fit in.

Chapter Seventy-Three
Bixby's participation in a teen hotline to woo Ronnie takes a turn when he fields a suicidal caller. Marla seeks Harper's help in conceiving a child.

Chapter Seventy-Seven
A female student is not content to share the presidency of the honor society with a wheelchair-bound African American student and goes about taking legal action against the school. Marla takes a big step in becoming a mother. Violet returns to the school to help with after-school activities.

Chapter Seventy-Nine
Danny battles his feelings and his sister when Claire returns and asks him to relinquish custody of his niece. Marla tries to help a less-fortunate student.

Chapter Seventy
Marla gets physical with a student and is suspended by the school board. Carmen takes issue with undercover Jake hitting on her and seeks Harper's help in removing him.

Chapter Seventy-Six
The student who believes himself to be Jesus takes school money to tend to the homeless. When Hanson's sister returns, he wonders about his ability to maintain custody of his niece. Marla arranges an REM performance.

Chapter Seventy-Five
Guber learns of the drumline's hazing of freshmen and decides to put a stop to it. The student television station does a feature on Ronnie. One of Marla's students shows up for class with their father handcuffed to him.

Chapter Seventy-One
A convicted investment banker performs his community service by taking up a math teacher post at Winslow. A car accident leads to potential love for Guber. Jenn spies Carmen and Jake kissing which leads to her inadvertant reveal of his identity in a drug bust with lethal consequences.

Chapter Seventy-Eight
The Young Conservatives protest affirmative action through a bake sale sending the students into a race-related fervor. The new art teacher finds the public school environment stifling. A woman returns to Lipschultz's history class after ten years in order to get her diploma.

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