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Questionable Characters
Lori argues that her former informant should not have to remove a bullet from his body, as it could incriminate him.

Death Be Not Proud
When an old friend of Shirley and Denny is accused of paying for sex, they agree to help defend her. Shore helps Chelina with a case in Texas involving the murder of a gas station attendant and a possible forced convention.

Change of Course
Edwin Poole escapes his mental hospital and goes to work as a pro-bono laywer. Chase seeks Colson's aid because of her work as a District Attorney. Shore is told to get a CEO off from shoplifting charges by any means necessary.

Schmidt Happens
When Shirley Schmidt returns to the firm she helped found chaos ensues, especially with Crane and Shore. Lori helps a Sudanese man sue the United States government for not helping his country during a time of genocide. Shore defends a man whose skillet wielding resulted in the death of his mother.

Til We Meat Again
Fears about mad cow disease prompt a mayor to ban read meat, so a steakhouse owner comes to Schmidt and Crane for help to stay in business. Shore's evening with Tara turns into a brawl that gets him arrested for assault and battery. Brad and Lori try to get used to a new attorney who refers to himself as "Sexy Man."

An Eye for an Eye
Lori and Sally defend an accused murderer who killed a man at a bar with a martial-arts punch. Shoe and Tara take on a case of a hypochondriac who is accusing his doctor of malpractice.

Head Cases (Pilot)
Alan Shore decides to represent an ex-lover who was institutionalized after attempting to murder him; he also takes the case of a black girl denied the lead role in a touring production of "Annie"; Denny Crane is caught sleeping with the wife of the firm's biggest client.

Let Sales Ring
Crane and Schmidt are called on to assist an old rival who wants to be frozen and stored by a cryonics institute.

Loose Lips
Shore is fired from his Santa job for being a transvestite; Lori faces an ethical dilemma when her therapist asks her for legal advice for another patient.

It Girls and Beyond
Brad gets involved in a case defending a high-profile publicist who is supposedly hinding the fact she's heterosexual so that she can profit from a lesbian relationship. Catherine Piper offends the entire office staff after Shore hires her as his new assistant. Denny tries a case involving the use of a drug not approved of by the FDA.

From Whence We Came
Shirley Schmidt starts to clean house and fires Heep on the spot. Lori is aided by Crane and Schmidt in defending a school superintendent who had fired two teachers for not including creationism in their courses. Shore's assistant is offended by his inappropriate advances, which leaves him stunned.

Catch and Release
Denny Crane's son reappears in his life as the opposing counsel for a environmental group litigating against one of the firm's biggest clients.

A Greater Good
Crane and Shore defend a major pharmaceutical company and are conflicted over what course of action to take when startling events come to light. Lori faces a moral dilemma when she discovers that Tara has taken a page out of Shore's book of questionable ethics.

Tortured Souls
Donny Crane returns in an attempt to embarrass Denny in court, as a way of getting back at him for lying about being his father for twenty-five years.

Truth Be Told
Alan takes on several wealthy constituents in an effort to help mayoral candidate Jack Fleming deal with a situation that threatens his election.

Still Crazy After All These Years
Alan Shore represents an ex-lover who was institutionalized after attempting to murder him, and the partners are concerned by Denny Crane's increasingly erratic behavior.

Hired Guns
Brad and Lori defend a woman accused of killing her husband and his mistress when she caught them in the act of cheating. Shore helps a woman whose ex-husband kidnapped their children and took them to Peru.

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