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The Blonde in the Woods
Jonathan releases a new book but during the celebration he learns that his dad is not his biological father and that he is the product of a sperm donor. George reunites with his own daughter, while Jonathan's new case leaves him hanging form a clock tower.

Jonathan and Ray seek out the person who framed Jonathan, while George tries to cover up for them.

The Black Clock of Time
Jonathan lands a guest spot on Dick Cavett's new show, but there he runs into his arch nemesis Louis Green, while Ray accidentally launches an AMBER alert.

We Could Sing a Duet
Jonathan finds that someone is impersonating him and taking on cases, so he sets out to shut him down, with George's daughter Emily in tow. Leah kicks Ray out of the house, but soon he falls into bed with a lonely older woman.

I Keep Taking Baths like Lady Macbeth
Jonathan and George go to see a counselor to help their friendship, while George starts to take singing lessons from Josephine, soon falling into bed with her.

Two Large Pearls and a Gold Bar
Jonathan is hired to protect the wedding jewels of his ex-girlfriend, while Leah catches Ray in a compromising position with Belinda, throwing him out and forcing him to move in with George.

Forget The Herring
Jonathan meets another investigator who was born from the same sperm bank, and they join forces to find their fathers. George starts to get tired of Ray living in his apartment.

Nothing I Can't Handle By Running Away
Jonathan and his biological father are captured by thugs, and Ray in the guise of his comic book character Super Ray sets out to rescue him with a gang of his fans.

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