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Escape From the Dungeon
Jonathan continues teaching a writing course and takes a case that requires him to steal a hard drive from a dominatrix dungeon. Ray and Leah try to do activities together. George deals with new management at the magazine.

Make It Quick, Fitzgerald!
George's rival Richard hires Jonathan to investigate his allegedly cheating wife. Ray writes a comic book in an attempt to get Leah back.

The Gowanus Canal Has Gonorrhea!
George learns that he has cancer. Jonathan is kidnapped by two henchmen related to an earlier case but the henchmen's attempt to extract ransom (and George and Ray's attempt to rescue Jonathan) does not go smoothly.

I've Been Living like a Demented God!
A functional junkie professor hires Jonathan to steal back his copy of "On the Road." Ray tries to make up with Leah and learns that his comic is a success. George tries to get around a mandatory drug test.

Forty-Two Down!
Ray meets with Kevin Bacon about turning his comic into a film. Jonathan is hired to repair a marriage that could be torn apart by the wife's suspicion that the husband is cheating with a woman who cooks bacon after sex.

The Case of the Grievous Clerical Error!
Leah hires Jonathan to find her dog and Ray tags along for the investigation.

Escape From the Castle!
Jonathan takes a new case from a dermatologist. Ray, George and Jonathan hit the spa.

Super Ray Is Mortal!
Ray and Jonathan turn the tables on Ray's stalker. Louis Greene reappears to bedevil Jonathan when he interviews for a university position. George quits the magazine to pursue his main loves: drinking and pot.

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