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What's Coming Up On 'The Bold And The Beautiful' During The Week Of May 23?

5/21/2016 12:30am EDT
'Bold and Beautiful' star Rena Sofer
“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for the week of May 23 tease that there is a lot of drama on the way. Sasha has declared that she is pregnant, but she will be facing some questions about this big news. Quinn is facing severe consequences for what happened with Liam and there is action related to Ridge and Caroline ahead as well.

As SheKnows Soaps shares, Sasha will make a proposal to Julius. He has already questioned the legitimacy of her supposed pregnancy, so it will be interesting to see what kind of offer she makes to her father.

Zende broke the news about the pregnancy to Nicol...

'B&B' Spoilers: Thomas Kidnaps Douglas?

5/9/2016 7:18am EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers for this week leak that Thomas will take Douglas from Ridge and Caroline. While the previews unfold heart-stopping scenes in a 30-second sneak peek, it's apparent that Thomas will go to extremes after learning that he's Douglas' father.

Ridge doesn't want Thomas interfering even though he knows the truth about Douglas' paternity. He expects Thomas to carry on as though nothing has changed. Good luck with that, Ridge!

According to "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers video, Caroline is frantic when she doesn't know where Douglas is. As she's freaking ...

'B&B' Spoilers: Vivienne Is Finally Told About Sasha

5/5/2016 3:13am EDT
'The Bold & The Beautiful' Spoilers: Vivienne Learns The Truth A
"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers for Thursday's episode reveal that Vivienne is finally told the truth about Sasha.

She's been in the dark as much as Nicole and Maya about Julius' infidelity and secret daughter, but that comes to an end in the next episode.

As a spoilers preview shows, Vivienne is told that her own husband is the father of Sasha. In the video, she tells Sasha that she could have told her, but Nicole explains that she was too afraid to say anything. Julius made it clear that she was to keep the fact he was her father between them and never say anything. Sasha took his...

'B&B' Spoilers: Julius Reads Sasha The Riot Act

5/4/2016 2:00am EDT
Next on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Sasha gets her heart trampled again by Julius, but she fights through it.

As a spoilers preview shows, Sasha is read the riot act by her father -- he tells her to pack her things and go back to Illiniois. He's put out with her for telling Nicole that he's her biological father. On Tuesday's episode, Julius told Sasha that all he asked in return for taking care of her financial needs all these years was for her to keep their father-daughter connection a secret.

On Wednesday's episode, Julius demands Sasha leave L.A. pronto, but she's not going anywhere...

'B&B' Spoilers: Julius Continues His Charade

5/2/2016 4:58pm EDT
the bold and the beautiful
On Tuesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," a sneak peek video shows Julius continuing with his charade as Sasha's "secret" father. He implies to Nicole that Sasha is making things up. He tells Nicole not to allow Sasha to "rob" her again by trying to take her dad.

For a moment, Nicole looks shocked and wonders if Sasha is lying.

Another "B&B" spoilers scene shows Sasha talking to Zende about her bombshell. On Monday's episode, Zende was confused over Sasha's apparent "fear" of Mr. Avant when he noticed Sasha was upset about Nicole confronting their father.

Sasha tells Zende th...

'B&B' Spoilers: Sasha Exposes Julius

4/30/2016 6:18am EDT
For Monday's episode of "The Bold & The Beautiful," spoilers reveal that Sasha will fill Nicole in on "their" father's secret.

On Friday's episode, Nicole chastised Sasha for moving in on her man, Zende. Sick and tired of people giving her orders, Sasha blurted out to Nicole that they are "sisters."

Viewers have seen Sasha keep her mouth shut for quite sometime over the secret, but when Nicole demand that she leave L.A. and just hand Zende back to her, it was enough to expose their dad, Julius.

According to a sneak peek for "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers, Nicole wants to learn mor...

'B&B's' Felisha Cooper Opens Up About Role As Sasha

4/30/2016 12:36am EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
"The Bold and the Beautiful's" Sasha has ignited a bitter feud with her best friend, Nicole, since coming to L.A. She moved in on her boyfriend, Zende, and is alienating everyone in the Avant family.

Sasha is portrayed by Felisha Cooper, who talks with CBS Soaps In Depth about her character. She also shares that people take her alter ego a bit too seriously in real life when they meet her in person!

.@Feli7sha responds to her haters: @BandB_CBS

— cbs soapsindepth (@soapsindepthcbs) April 30, 2016

"I think she thinks it’s the only we...

'B&B' Spoilers: What's Nicole's Plan For Sasha?

4/29/2016 1:47am EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Friday's episode reveal that Nicole will get her feisty side back and want sister, Sasha, out of town!

According to a sneak peek released, Nicole is hatching a plan to get Zende back and remove Sasha from the picture. Her love for Zende is strong and she's not allowing her best friend to swoop on in and take her place.

Nicole says in the “B&B” video that in order to get back what she prizes most, Sasha must be leave L.A. How will Nicole manage that? That remains to be seen, but she's showing clear determination.

In another spoilers scene, Sasha a...

'B&B' Spoilers: Quinn Aches For Liam

4/28/2016 1:00am EDT
On Thursday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," spoilers reveal that Quinn aches for Liam and begs for his forgiveness.

In a spoiler clip posted for the April 28 episode, Quinn tells a bitter Liam that she still loves him deeply and that she can't stand to see him in pain.

At the close of Wednesday's episode, Quinn surprised Liam by knocking on his door. She began her speech with apologizing for her actions and that she's now a changed woman. He's changed her so much, in fact, that she's willing to deal with the consequences -- so she says.

Liam is in so much shock that he's unabl...

'B&B' Spoilers: Quinn Sees Liam

4/27/2016 2:00am EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
Things get risky for Quinn on the next episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful." According to spoilers for Wednesday's show, the crazy lady comes back to see Liam.

As the clip below shows, Quinn is discouraged by Deacon to see Liam. He warns her that no matter what she tells him, Liam won't fall for one thing she says.

In another preview, Liam tells Steffy that he's not going to let her go and that he can tell her "eyes are screaming" to be with him, too. She's not ready to call it quits with Wyatt and give their romance another go, but it's plain to see that Steffy is having a hard time i...

'B&B' Spoilers: Bill Is On The Hunt For Quinn

4/25/2016 4:57pm EDT
The Bold & The Beautiful Spoilers
On Tuesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," spoilers indicate that Bill is on the hunt for Quinn.

On Monday's episode, Deacon showed his face again when he walked into Bill's office. It was apparent that Bill called on Deacon when the troublemaker was asked by Bill where Quinn was.

According to the spoilers preview seen below, Bill also puts Justin on the case. It's unknown what plan he has up his sleeve, but Quinn better be in a good spot if she doesn't want Bill coming for her.

Will Deacon help Quinn? Her ex-husband has debts. Will he snitch if Bill offers him enough money or...

'B&B' Spoilers: Liam Wants Quinn To Pay

4/24/2016 8:00am EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
Quinn returns on “The Bold and the Beautiful” during the week of April 29, according to spoilers released.

She Knows reports that Quinn will be back. Liam tells Bill that he wants Quinn “to pay” for what she's done after kidnapping Liam. At some point in the week ahead, Liam will “face off” against Quinn as well.

Is Quinn coming back because she's missed her “Adam” and just has to see how he's doing? The crazy woman convinced herself that Liam was better off as her paramour, “Adam,” after falling in love with him. She's obviously willing to risk what little is left to go back to just to s...

'B&B' Spoilers: Rick Presses On To Nail Ridge

4/21/2016 5:18pm EDT
The Bold & The Beautiful Spoilers
“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Friday's episode show that there's more drama to come in storylines for Ridge, Steffy, and Liam.

Spoilers scenes for the April 22 episode released leak some of the more intense moments viewers will watch.

Steffy tells her father that she can't pretend she doesn't love Wyatt and that her vows to him aren't real. Liam cites the marriage as a total sham thanks to Quinn manipulating everyone. Her main goal was to solidify Wyatt's bond with Steffy and she did so by kidnapping Liam. Steffy isn't giving into pressure from Liam to end the marriage, but cl...

'B&B' Spoilers: Brooke Reassures Katie

4/20/2016 5:51pm EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Thursday's episode reveal that Liam is going back to Forrester, Brooke makes Katie a promise, and Wyatt urges Steffy to stay married to him.

In a preview video on what's to come, Liam makes his Forrester comeback and is determined to also get Steffy back. Wyatt tells Steffy that they need to remain married despite Liam's return. On Wednesday's episode, Liam pressured Steffy to end her marriage with Wyatt since it played out under false pretenses. Steffy balked at the suggestion, telling Liam that the feelings are still real.

In other spoilers for ...

'B&B' Spoilers: Liam Is Devastated

4/19/2016 5:36pm EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
Some of the characters will be blindsided on Wednesday, according to “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for the April 20 episode.

She Knows reports that Liam will learn the truth about Steffy being married to Wyatt when she's forced to tell him. Tuesday episode ended with Steffy on the verge of coming clean with him, but the look on his face implied he knew it was someone close to him.

Zende confronts Sasha after she told Nicole that they're in love. She'll be caught off-guard when Zende reveals how he truly feels about her.

According to a sneak peek of “The Bold and the Beautiful” fo...

'B&B' Spoilers: Liam Wants To Propose To Steffy

4/18/2016 5:08pm EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers reveal for Tuesday's episode that Wyatt and Steffy ponder how they're going to tell Liam that they're married.

According to a preview clip released, Wyatt tells Steffy that he wants for them to inform Liam that they're now married. Steffy agrees, but says she wants it to come from her.

In another scene, Liam is talking with his dad, Bill, and asks him if he should approach Wyatt about being his best man for his planned wedding to Steffy.

In other “Bold and Beautiful” spoilers, Zende tells Maya that he'll always love her sister, Nicole. Maya calls him...

'B&B' Spoilers: Caroline Struggles To Keep Truth From Thomas

4/15/2016 7:07pm EDT
The Bold & The Beautiful Spoilers
“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers tease that Monday's episode will bring a moment in which Caroline is tempted to spill the beans to Thomas that he's the father of her baby.

Dr. Wolin's unfounded accusations have put Caroline on edge and she's worried that keeping the secret will have dire consequences over time. Caroline told Ridge that the repercussions of keeping Douglas' father a secret will blow up if they don't come clean with Thomas now. Ridge, on the other hand, told Caroline that it will amount to another family scandal and that Rick would use the information to tear the famil...

'B&B' Spoilers: Caroline Wants To Leak Secret

4/14/2016 4:56pm EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
Friday's spoilers for “The Bold and the Beautiful” leak that Caroline thinks she and Ridge should tell Thomas that he's Douglas' father.

In a sneak peek video released, Caroline tells Ridge that she thinks since his former doctor knows their secret, they should be the ones to tell Thomas that he's their baby's father. Ridge most likely will balk at the mere thought of leaking this big secret to Thomas. Will he convince Caroline to change her mind?

Katie will continue her talk with Dr. Wolin on Friday's episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” She's now aware of the fact that Ridge was inf...

'B&B' Spoilers: Whose Secret Is About To Be Exposed?

4/13/2016 6:46pm EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Thursday reveal that Ridge's secret is about to be exposed about the paternity of his son, Douglas.

According to a new sneak peek, Ridge grows uneasy as Dr. Wolin surfaces once again and questions him about his newborn son. The doctor knows that there was a zero percent chance that Ridge could have fathered the child he has with Caroline and is clearly out to get something in order to keep quiet.

Katie witnesses an argument Ridge is having with Dr. Wolin and gets suspicious. Ridge informs the nefarious doctor that if he's not careful, he'll see a ...

'B&B' Spoilers: Steffy Calls Wyatt Out Over Secret

4/12/2016 5:37pm EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Wednesday's episode tease that Steffy will confront Wyatt about keeping a big secret from her, and Nicole will have a heart-wrenching conversation with Zende.

According to a newly released sneak peek of the April 13 episode, Steffy chastises Wyatt for sharing information he had about his mother and Liam.

Soap Opera Spy also reveals in its “Bold and Beautiful” spoilers for Wednesday's episode that Steffy will be enraged at Wyatt for keeping the surveillance video at Forrester Creations a secret from her. The footage shows Quinn in the parking lot w...

'B&B' Spoilers: Sasha Still Vying For Dad's Approval

4/11/2016 4:52pm EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
A newly released preview on “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers show that the storyline of Sasha and Julius is being revisited on Tuesday's episode.

Now that Sasha is with Zende, she couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, Julius isn't as thrilled about the relationship. He's worried about his other daughter – Nicole. Sasha is tired of being Julius dirty little secret and longs for his approval and acceptance. He's still hellbent on making sure now one knows anything about Sasha being his illegitimate daughter.

In other spoilers for “The Bold and the Beautiful” on Tuesday, Liam thanks Wyatt...

'B&B' Spoilers: Deacon Is Back

4/10/2016 1:00am EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
Deacon Sharpe will make his way back to Quinn on “The Bold and the Beautiful” this week, spoilers reveal.

When Quinn pushed Deacon over the cliff, his body was unseen by the viewer and Quinn assumed her evil mission had been accomplished. Who would survive falling off a steep, rocky cliff in the canyon, after all?

According to Soap Shows, Deacon makes his return and heads back to the cabin. On Friday's episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Wyatt and Liam locked Quinn in the closet while they drove back to L.A. Once in town, Liam reunited with Steffy. Now Wyatt and Bill are about to cal...

'B&B' Spoilers: Liam & Steffy Reunite, Bill Blows A Gasket

4/8/2016 7:01pm EDT
'The Bold & The Beautiful' Spoilers: Liam & Steffy Catch Up, Bil
Friday's episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful” had reunion of Liam and Steffy, and spoilers for Monday reveal that the two have a lot to catch up on.

According to a new preview, Liam begins his explanation to Steffy about where he's been the last four months. The scene takes place on the beach where they rediscovered one another. Liam reveals to his former love that he's been held captive by Quinn.

Meanwhile, Wyatt tells Bill how he found Liam – at Quinn's cabin and has kept him literally under lock and key for months. An irate Bill doesn't want anyone calling the cops on Quinn until he...

'B&B' Spoilers: Quinn Holds Onto False Hope

4/7/2016 5:52pm EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
A turning point in Liam's storyline has taken shape and now Quinn is painfully desperate. “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers tease that Friday's episode will be packed with more fireworks as she and her son continue fighting about Liam and the life Quinn "gave" Wyatt.

After Wyatt unleashed fury on his mother for kidnapping Liam and stealing his memory, she tries defending her actions and shows how twisted she really is by suggesting he just turn his back and forget about the whole thing.

According to a preview video of Friday's episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Quinn pleads her ...

'B&B' Spoilers: Is Liam Rescued?

4/6/2016 6:06pm EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
Now that Wyatt has uncovered the truth about where Liam really is, “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Thursday's episode reveal that their father, Bill, is depending on Justin to locate him.

In a video preview for Thursday's episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Bill goes over a plan with Justin to track down Liam – completely unaware that Wyatt encountered an unexpected surprise when he went to his mom's cabin and found her kissing him.

Bill knows that it's not like Liam to break away from everyone and not reach out. Something feels wrong about the whole thing and he's determi...

'B&B' Spoilers: Liam Is Found

4/5/2016 5:10pm EDT
'The Bold & The Beautiful' Spoilers: The Wait Is Over, Liam Is F
The wait is over. “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Wednesday's episode reveal that Liam will finally be discovered after the Spencer posse is out to learn of his whereabouts.

She Knows writes in its spoilers for the show that “Wyatt stumbles upon Liam at the cabin” where his mother has been keeping him. Quinn has made her son believe that she has a boyfriend whom she's keeping secret, but when Wyatt realizes she's been hiding Liam, all hell will break loose.

In the meantime, Bill will bring in Justin to help locate Liam.

A sneak peek video just released shows events that lead up...

'B&B' Spoilers: Brooke Tries Convincing Katie To Come Clean

4/4/2016 5:02pm EDT
The Bold & The Beautiful Spoilers
“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Tuesday, April 5 tease that Brooke will try talking sense into Katie about her drinking, and Quinn will continue her attempt at keeping Liam in the dark about his past.

According to a sneak peek clip for Tuesday's “Bold and the Beautiful” episode, Brooke is desperately trying to reason with Katie that she shouldn't hide her drinking problem from Bill. Katie wants her big sister to keep mum about the vodka she found last week, but Brooke doesn't agree that it's a good idea. She thinks Katie should come clean to Bill and be upfront about her problem....

'B&B' Spoilers: Liam Demands Answers

4/2/2016 1:44am EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
As “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers indicate, things are about to break in the Liam/Quinn storyline. On Friday, Liam came to the realization that “Eve” isn't being straight-up with him about anything. He's struggling to remember who the real woman is he first married. Although he doesn't know who the bride is, he's certain it's not "Eve."

According to spoilers seen in a preview clip of “The Bold and the Beautiful” for Monday's episode, Quinn is beaming that Wyatt finally married Steffy. Brooke says it's really strange that Liam hasn't been in touch with anyone at all. Little does any...

'B&B' Spoilers On Plot Twist For Liam's Storyline

3/31/2016 4:00pm EDT
'The Bold & The Beautiful' Spoilers: Liam & Wyatt Hatch A Plan T
The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers leak that Wyatt will soon learn where Liam has been all this time.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Friday's episode reveal that Liam completes his sketch of the woman he keeps thinking about.

In a preview of the show for Friday, Liam is relentlessly trying to jog his memory of who his wife is. He's seen looking on a computer looking for clues while Quinn is at her son and Steffy's wedding being praised for her "non-meddling" support. Little do they know how she's been angling to make this wedding a virtual reality.

According to Soap Opera...

'B&B' Spoilers: Steffy & Wyatt Prepare For Their Wedding

3/30/2016 4:42pm EDT
The Bold and the Beautiful
New video of Thursday's “Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers reveal that Wyatt and Steffy are preparing for their wedding ceremony. It's down to the wire with Liam and his memory of Steffy. As she gets ready to walk down the aisle, her image is becoming more clear to him.

Join us tomorrow as Steffy & Wyatt walk down the aisle. Will they make it to their "I Do's"? #BoldandBeautiful

— BoldInsider (@boldinsider) March 30, 2016

In the preview video below of the “B&B” spoilers, Caroline has a special moment with Steffy … telling her that she thinks Wyatt is perfect...