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Best Of 2013 TV: 'Suits,' 'The Good Wife' And More

12/30/2013 12:30pm EST
The Good Wife
High-fives for everyone! As 2013 comes to a close, it's time to recognize the TV shows and people behind them that have made our jobs worthwhile. We've looked back on all the programs we've covered this year and picked out the few that we think deserve some special recognition. Check them out below, and feel free to leave your own 'best of the best' in the comments.

TV Series Of The Year: USA's Suits

Television doesn't get any better than this. Suits has been nearly flawless over three seasons, with a completely fantastic cast including two of the best actors we can think of (Gabriel ...

'Body Of Proof' Star Mary Mouser Talks Season 3

5/3/2013 2:10pm EDT
Body of Proof
ABC's Body of Proof has been on a roll with its reinvigorated third season - so BFTV checked in with Mary Mouser, who plays Dr. Megan Hunt's daughter Lacey Fleming, to see how different the show really seems and if the cast has any idea whether or not ABC is going to bring the show back for another season.

Season three has been a time of change for fans, with the exit of some cast members, the addition of others and some rather unique plots, but Mary said it doesn't feel like a different series. "To me I guess it really doesn't," she told us. "It does when I'm watching it, but even with th...

'Body Of Proof' Recap: 'Committed' Is A Mental Hospital Thriller Without Thrills

4/24/2013 9:45am EDT
Body of Proof
After a faked death last week, Body of Proof visits a mental hospital this time around, perpetuating the idea that there's no such thing as a garden-variety murder in TV's Philadelphia. There's normally nothing wrong with that, but this particular demise is more like a movie of the week.

A young woman named Renee is found dead in the shower of a psychiatric institution for girls, bringing Megan, Tommy and Tommy's would-be girlfriend Riley Dunn (guest star Marisa Ramirez) to the scene. Megan can tell Riley has a thing for Tommy, who must be over his all-of one-episode-interest in Riley, bec...

'Body of Proof' Recap: Proving A Faked Death In 'Disappearing Act'

4/17/2013 9:45am EDT
Body of Proof
Watch Body of Proof long enough, and you'll start to think that there's never a slow day in Philadelphia. The show's covered things that look like demonic possession, rabies, and now a possible death that isn't one.

You have to feel for Tommy Sullivan. He's had a terrible couple of weeks. Following his being accused of murder last week, he loses a conniving hedge fund manager, Gerry Roberts (that's Mark Valley's former Harry's Law costar Christopher McDonald) that he's supposed to be protecting. A bystander is killed by the getaway car, too. Then there's the video where it looks like Rober...

'Body of Proof' Recap: Is Tommy Sullivan A Murderer?

4/10/2013 9:40am EDT
Body of Proof
It's about time that Body of Proof got around to a Mark Valley centric episode. After all, he's certainly deserving of one. While "Doubting Tommy" stretches plausibility a bit, it's proof that when you put a script into the hands of a good actor, good things almost always happen.

The episode begins with an unlucky guy meeting his demise via baseball bat, and then cuts to Megan testifying in the subsequent murder trial. After her evidence is given, Tommy is called to the stand, and is cross-examined by the defense attorney, and asked about his "gut feeling" regarding the case. He admits tha...

Mark Valley Brings His Toughness and Talent to 'Body of Proof'

4/2/2013 9:40am EDT
Body of Proof
There's no greater badass on television than Mark Valley. As previously mentioned, the man has made a career of not only kicking down the door - but also playing characters who are as smart as they are tough, who have depth and nuance to go with their guts, and are never short of something to say. Oh, and he also happens to be one of the truly best guys in the business. Last week, BFTV had the pleasure of reconnecting with Mark to ask him about his new co-starring role on Body of Proof.

Mark is a living example of the saying "you can't keep a good man down" - he's never off our screens for...

Windell Middlebrooks: Get to Know the Underrated 'Body of Proof' Star

3/26/2013 12:30pm EDT
Body of Proof
ABC's Body of Proof has been re-energized in its third season, and of all its interesting characters, there's none more entertaining than the blustery Curtis Brumfield, played perfectly by Windell Middlebrooks. BFTV had the pleasure of chatting with Windell recently about the revamped show, working with his leading ladies, and what he gets recognized more for - playing Curtis or those Miller High Life commercials.

"We're not just a procedural," he said, ruminating on what's made Body of Proof develop a passionate fanbase. "You get the cases and we're solving them, but from the beginning th...

'White Collar' Star Tim DeKay Guests On Tonight's 'Body Of Proof'

3/5/2013 10:40am EST
Tim DeKay
Tim DeKay will be on two different shows at the same time tonight. As the White Collar season finale airs on USA, the veteran actor is also guest-starring on an all-new Body of Proof on ABC.

The White Collar season finale is called "In The Wind," and DeKay's FBI agent Peter Burke is still dealing with a suspicious new boss (guest star Emily Procter, CSI: Miami) when he gets a call from his old supervisor, Reese Hughes (James Rebhorn), who isn't going quietly into retirement. As the hunt for the elusive evidence box comes to an end, Peter has a chance to nab corrupt Senator Pratt (guest sta...

'Body Of Proof': The Welcome Return Of Mark Valley

2/27/2013 9:40am EST
Body of Proof
Body of Proof viewers met a new star in the third-season, two-part premiere - but Mark Valley is a familiar face to anyone who knows television over the last decade. He can't seem to stay off the small screen, and that's more than okay, because we can't get enough of him.

On the ABC drama, Valley plays recently transplanted Detective Tommy Sullivan, who conveniently arrives still carrying a torch for Dr. Megan Hunt (played by series lead Dana Delany) from their affair two decades ago in New York. From Tommy's very first scene, he and Megan are already snapping at one another, but unlike so...

Dana Delany Previews Revamped 'Body Of Proof' Season 3

2/19/2013 11:30am EST
Dana Delany
ABC's Body of Proof has returned for season three a revamped show. The drama series shook up its cast, saying goodbye to regulars Nicholas Bishop, Sonja Sohn and John Carroll Lynch, and welcoming two new faces in former Human Target star Mark Valley and Elyes Gabel.

The result of the creative overhaul is a new season with a different tone. It also spotlights the romantic history between surgeon turned medical examiner Dr. Megan Hunt and newly arrived Detective Tommy Sullivan (Valley), with sparks set to fly in the present tense. BFTV recently sat down with series star Dana Delany to get th...

Dana Delaney Back For 'Desperate' Finale

4/10/2012 10:38am EDT
Dana Delany
Actress Dana Delany is heading back to Wisteria Lane for the Desperate Housewives finale.

The star's lesbian character Katherine Mayfair will appear in the series' last episode on May 13th.

Delany left the show to front new forensics drama Body of Proof and TV fans watched as the character left the neighborhood and headed for Paris with her girlfriend, played by Julie Benz.

Check Out ABC's 'Body Of Proof' New 'Going Viral' Web Series

3/30/2012 7:15am EDT
ABC Body of Proof
ABC Entertainment recently launched their all-new Body of Proof "Going Viral" web series.

The web series feature three minute-long webisodes that bridge a two-part event of "Body of Proof." Each webisode will run sequentially the week between the first and second parts. The event is focused on a terrorist's release of a deadly virus (thus the name with double meaning "Going Viral") and the pursuit from a news reporter as she tries to track down the terrorist.

Check it out HERE!

Q&A: 'Body Of Proof' Star Mary Mouser

2/21/2012 1:30pm EST
Mary Mouser
On ABC's Body of Proof, she plays Lacey Fleming, daughter of Dana Delany's Dr. Megan Hunt. Mary Mouser recently stopped by to chat about what it's really like to play someone's TV kid - and what it takes to play opposite yourself.

What's been your favorite aspect of this season of Body of Proof? What makes you excited about the show?

I think my favorite thing about this season is Lacey opening up. She's starting to trust more and recover some of that relationship with her mother. I've forgotten her as a character. She's become part of myself, I guess.

I love the show because for me, it's...

Sean Kingston Lands 'Body Of Proof' Role

11/18/2011 4:20pm EST
Sean Kingston
Hip-hop star Sean Kingston is set to make his acting debut on TV medical drama Body Of Proof.

The Beautiful Girls hit-maker has landed a small role as a cab driver named Marley in a forthcoming episode of the series, which stars Dana Delany as a top medical examiner.

Kingston filmed his cameo on Friday and admitted he was excited for the shoot.

In a message to fans on, he wrote, "Back in acting mode!.. Just got to set feels great to be around all these amazing actors and actresses! Body of proof Coming soon!!

The Body of Proof part is Kingston's first official acting job...

'Justified's' Joelle Carter To Guest On 'Prime Suspect'

9/30/2011 3:21pm EDT
Justified fans can get their Ava Crowder fix when Joelle Carter appears on NBC's Prime Suspect.

Carter plays Louise Iannacone, the wife of a stockbroker who becomes Detective Jane Timoney (Maria Bello)'s first suspect when he's murdered, in the episode entitled "Great Guy, Yet: Dead." It will air Thursday, October 13 at 10 PM ET/PT on NBC, with a re-air that Saturday, October 15 at 9 PM ET/PT.

She's best known for her role on Justified, where she's spent two seasons as Ava, the former love interest of U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Emmy nominee Timothy Olyphant). In season two, with Raylan...

TV on DVD Roundup: 'Big Bang,' 'Castle,' 'H5O' and More Recent Releases

9/22/2011 7:55pm EDT
Desperate Housewives
With the new fall season starting in September, a lot of TV on DVD titles have turned out over the last few months to help fans catch up with favorite shows. I do mean a lot. So many that it'd be a deluge of reviews if we were to write them all up individually. To keep from drowning you in print, but still keep you up to date, here's a quick look at many of the new titles that have arrived recently.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fourth Season (Warner Home Video)

The Show: CBS's hit sitcom reveals in its geekdom, with a fourth season peppered with more pop culture references and...

Backstage At The Nokia For The Emmy's HP TouchSmart Gift Lounge

9/19/2011 9:17pm EDT
Christina Hendricks
Awards shows always have some of the best perks in the biz and swag was definitely not lacking for the Emmy's this year at The HP TouchSmart Gift Lounge backstage at the Nokia Theatre!

Moments before winning the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor, "Modern Family’s" Ty Burrell was backstage enjoying the HP TouchSmart Gift Lounge where he was overheard telling a friend that his wife is the one who should be honored for her supporting role, saying “I’ve been unemployed most of my life, so its great to be working.”

Ty wasn’t the only star feeling the support of his loved ones at this year’s Emmy...

Check Out 'Body Of Proof: The Complete First Season' On DVD Sept. 20

9/17/2011 7:11am EDT
Body of Proof
Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delaney) was second to none - a brilliant neurosurgeon ina class all her own - but when her lifesaving gift is destroyed in a career-ending car accident, she reinvents herself as a medical examiner in "Body of Proof."

Armed with keen instincts and vast medical knowledge, Hunt uses the victim's bodies to tell the story of their lives and untimely death.

The first season of this hit new series allows fans to relive the twists and turns of each case as Hunt seeks justice for every victim while also embarking on a journey of personal redemption.

The second season of the...

Fall 2011 TV Premiere Dates

9/6/2011 1:00pm EDT
Two and a Half Men
Labor Day is over, signaling the unofficial end of summer and the start of the new TV season. While television is somewhat entertaining during June, July, and August, it's the fall debuts that many TV addicts anticipate.

Next week the networks start rolling out new and returning series, kicking off with "90210" and "Ringer" on the CW on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

Check out the list below to see when your favorites air:

Tuesday, September 13
8 pm 90210 CW
9 pm Ringer (NEW!) CW
10 pm Parenthood NBC

Wednesday, September 14
8 pm H8R CW
8 pm Survivor: South Pacific CBS
9 pm America’s Next Top Mode...

Who Aced The 2010-11 TV Season? (Hint: It's Not NBC)

6/4/2011 3:30pm EDT
The Voice
The 2010-2011 TV season is officially over. The ratings are in. If there is one surprise, it’s that last year’s top five shows were all up in viewers this year. With hefty viewer erosion in recent years, that’s nothing short of a miracle.

Most other veteran shows, however, saw a drop-off in viewers. There are some exceptions, however, such as ‘Modern Family,’ which saw very healthy ratings in its second year, particularly in the 18-49 demo.

The stats didn’t change much from last year. CBS won the season in total viewers with 11.6 million. It’s the eighth time in nine years the netwo...

ABC Announces New & Returning Shows For 2011-12

5/17/2011 1:54pm EDT
Body Of Proof
New series for ABC's 2011-12 season are "Apartment 23," "Charlie's Angels," "Good Christian Belles," "Last Man Standing," "Man Up," "Missing," "Once Upon a Time," "Pan Am," "Revenge," "The River," "Scandal," "Suburgatory" and "Work It."

"America's Funniest Home Videos," "The Bachelor," "Body of Proof," "Dancing with the Stars," "Desperate Housewives," "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," "Happy Endings," "Secret Millionaire," "Shark Tank" and "20/20" join previously announced returning series "Castle," "Cougar Town," "Grey's Anatomy," "The Middle," "Modern Family" and "Private Practice." "Sat...

Anatomy Of A TV Season: The Hits & Misses

4/15/2011 12:00pm EDT
Kathy Bates
It’s almost May Sweeps, and season finales will be upon us faster than the networks can cancel soaps. Let’s break it down, network by network, of what succeeded – and what flopped – this TV season.


Let’s start with the weakest network. After the ‘Jay Leno Show’ debacle last season, NBC is still scrambling to find original programming that will net decent ratings.

‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ has proved a disappointment, as evidenced by its massive overhaul and return to floundering ratings. The comedy ‘Outsourced’ is on the bubble, and shows such as ‘Chase’ and ‘Undercovers’ bombed ...

Dana Delany Likes Being Alone Without A Husband Or Children

4/6/2011 8:42am EDT
Dana Delany
Dana Delany is unfazed by the thought of growing old alone because she revels in her independence and is happiest when she has some "alone time."

The "Body of Proof" star, 55, admits she's never considered herself to be the marrying kind and has no intention of changing her ways to suit a lover.

Appearing on show "The Talk" on Tuesday, she says, "People think I'm so weird. I just never really thought about marriage. I come from a divorce household, I didn't see marriage as this positive thing and it just wasn't something that I thought was going to make me happy so I didn't really look fo...

Dana Delany Talks About Her New Show 'Body Of Proof'

3/28/2011 7:51pm EDT
Dana Delany returns to TV as the star of the new ABC series Body of Proof. She plays a surgeon who can’t operate anymore after an automobile accident. So she becomes a medical examiner.

“I went and saw an autopsy,” Delany said. “I encourage everyone to see an autopsy. It's fantastic. It will make you really want to take care of your body and have even more awe for what we've all been given. It's a miracle and we got the title right. The body is the proof, because once you cut that body open, you will see exactly how that person died. It is all there. All you have do is look and it's the...

2011 Midseason TV: Christian Slater Tries Again & A Few 'Friends' Clones

12/29/2010 1:04pm EST
Christian Slater
It’s almost the new year – and you know what that means. No, it’s not time to wonder when Dick Clark is going to retire from his New Year’s Eve show. Midseason is almost upon us – and several new shows are set to premiere shortly, while other favorites are slated to return. Here’s a rundown:

'Breaking In’ – FOX – April 6

This is Christian Slater’s third attempt at a series in as many years. This go round, he’s part of a team of tech experts who are tapped to be consultants on cyber security for large corporations. Here’s hoping third time’s a charm.

'Body Of Proof’ – ABC – premie...