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Coach Daniels brings on a new star QB to get the team up to speed, but his wild ways soon have Alex on a crazy adventure. Meanwhile, Sammy's sister comes to Blue Mountain State and endures hazing so she can join the cheerleading squad.

The Fingering
Thad is sodomized during a fumble at practice, and his quest to find the culprit yields nothing but conflicting stories.

Born Again
In an attempt to improve their performance, everyone on the team takes a vow of celibacy. But the experiment doesn't yield the expected results.

Pay for Play
Radon and Thad hire Alex and Sammy to be their go-betweens with talent agents. But the power goes to Sammy's head, and things get out of hand.

An anonymous call to the goathouse incites a campus-wide search for a girl who has become pregnant by one of the players on the team.

After Sammy injures a nerd, the dean bars jocks and nerds from intermingling, leaving the football team with no one to do their homework.

When Alex hooks up with Coach Daniel's ex-wife, Debra, he finds himself in an awkward position with the coach.

Vision Quest
Unsure of his next move, Thad goes on a drug binge in an attempt to decide whether he should leave the school and go pro a year early, or stay at BMS to earn his degree.

The Badger
Thad kidnaps the Overland badger, but it escapes and starts attacking innocent tail-gaters.

In an effort to get out of conditioning for football, Alex becomes the backup goalie for the BMS hockey team. Eager to do the same, Radon joins him.

Drunk Tank
That gets the team arrested to teach them about a lesson about motivation, while Mary Jo seizes an opportunity to finally hook up with Alex.

Trap Game
With the final game approaching and their perfect record at stake, Radon is injured during practice. Alex wants to be the starting quarterback to score chicks, and Sammy has a run-in with Chuck Lidell.

BMS pulls out a win in the final game, cementing their 12-0 record. But after their victory, a riot breaks out and the fans try to hang the team mascot.

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