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The Only Thing Sure
Tommy and Jimmy have a role-reversal when it's Jimmy who's painting the bar and protecting Sean from the business. Meanwhile, Tommy is collecting on payments with Kevin. A flashback to Kevin's childhood shows why he believes he's truly lucky as a gambler. Jenny struggles to maintain the family's diner and watch over her father.

The World Will Break Your Heart
Tommy is shocked when Kate, Huey's widow, asks him to host the murdered ringleader's wake at the Firecracker. When the brothers realize the taps are dry, Kevin and Joey Ice-Cream go on a mission to find alcohol and end up supplying the Irish wake with kosher wine. When Jimmy appears to pay his respects, it raises Dokey's suspicions that his brother Huey was killed by the troubled Donnelly boy, ultimately leading to a standoff.

When Nicky Cottero threatens the boy's mother, Helen, Tommy realizes the Italian's new mob boss means business. Tommy takes Dokey's bribe after exhausting all other options, and during a visit to Huey's widow, steals a box that Dokey wants. Jimmy and Joey Ice Cream find Louie Downtown's cell phone. After realizing Louie was running a gambling circuit, Jimmy and Joey begin collecting on his payments. Meanwhile, Sean is coming home from the hospital while Jenny, after sleeping with Samson, gets blown off by Tommy when she tries to explain.

The Donnellys are four young working-class Irish-American brothers who live by this motto, "family above all", despite their involvement with organized crime in New York City. Police investigators question Joey Ice Cream, a childhood friend and the unreliable narrator who introduces the Donnelly brothers and sets the scene. Kevin Donnelly is convinced he's lucky, but when his gambling bets add up, his oldest brother Jimmy Donnelly kidnaps the mob-connected bookie Kevin owes money to. When word around the neighborhood connects the Donnellys to the disappearance, Sean Donnelly, the youngest, pays a severe price for sharing his last name. Tommy Donnelly, the reliable one, is forced to make difficult sacrifices for his family when Jimmy's plans fall apart and Sean ends up in the hospital.

Run Like Hell
Tommy realizes the guy about to get busted for not paying is his friend Maxwell, pulling himself into Jimmy and Kevin's bookmaking action. When Tommy decides to track the money down himself, he gets played by his friend and ultimately ends up doing the busting. As Jimmy has Kevin toss Louie Downtown's phone, we meet Whitey who helps him transfer the numbers, but a flash into the future shows this relationship is headed for trouble. Jenny discovers her father Ian's medical condition when the diner deposits never make it to the bank.

A Stone of the Heart
While Jimmy is sitting in a holding cell, Tommy and Kevin visit him without any remorse for what they did to avenge their brother and protect their family. After everything, Tommy decides that it's the time to confide his feelings for Jenny Reilly, which ultimately leads to more than friendship. To cover their back, the brothers dispose of the body. Meanwhile, Nicky Cottero seizes control of the Italian mob while the murder investigation begins.

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