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Dates For 'Big Brother,' 'Zoo,' 'BrainDead,' 'American Gothic'

3/19/2016 11:05am EDT
CBS Announces Premiere Dates For 'Big Brother,' 'Zoo,' 'BrainDea
CBS has announced its plans for the summer, including that the latest edition of reality series Big Brother will premiere on Wednesday, Jun. 22 as part of its regular three night a week schedule. Drama series Zoo and newcomers BrainDead and American Gothic also got premiere dates this week - so when do they all start?

Big Brother kicks off with a two-hour debut episode to start its 18th season from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., then will air again Thursday, Jun. 23 from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. and on Sunday, Jun. 26 from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Based on the novel by James Patterson, Zoo returns for its second se...

Scott Disick & Jonathan Cheban Heading To 'Celebrity Big Brother' Next Month?

12/17/2015 6:20am EST
Celebrity Big Brother Scott Disick
Celebrity Big Brother returns next month with a very interesting lineup of celebs rumored to be joining the UK reality series, including two Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars. Channel 5 reports that the Big Brother House has undergone a complete overhaul with glamorous rooms that hint at a bygone era and is ready to open its doors for the premiere on January 5, 2016.

According to The Mirror, Kourtney Kardashian's ex, Scott Disick was offered almost $1 million to appear on the show. There is no confirmation that "The Lord" will show up at the Big Brother house considering he just got ou...

‘Big Brother’ Star Vanessa Rousso Truly Won!

9/25/2015 2:00pm EDT
Vanessa Rousso
Big Brother star Vanessa Rousso fought hard to win the show. She made deals left and right to secure herself a spot in the final two. But many of the other houseguests could see straight through her strategy and Steve Moses decided to send her home with nothing. And it was a wise decision, because he could then easily win over Liz. But in reality, Vanessa truly won in the end. Why? Because something went down at the hotel after the winner was revealed.

According to a new report, Big Brother star Vanessa Rousso won in the end because she got engaged to her long-term girlfriend, Mel. Now fan...

Were You Satisfied With The 'Big Brother' 17 Winner?

9/24/2015 9:01am EDT
BB17 Finale
Did that ending satisfy you? Sure, the season’s best player didn’t win. And, okay, a season full of incredibly strong female players still ended with the nerdy dude winning. However, it’s almost fitting that Vanessa, who dominated the entire season on every single level from strategy to socially, was finally evicted by the person she spent so much time and attention molding into a better player.

Vanessa believed bringing Steve and Liz to the end was her best shot at guaranteeing being in the final 2. Damn, did she work hard to maneuver pieces so that she would end up in the best position p...

What 'Big Brother 17' Spoilers Are Available Heading Into Wednesday's Finale?

9/23/2015 3:58pm EDT
The Final 3 of 'Big Brother 17'
The "Big Brother 17" finale airs Wednesday night on CBS and a new winner will be crowned. It has come down to Steve Moses, Liz Nolan and Vanessa Rousso and fans are anxious to see who will take home the big prize. What are the latest "Big Brother" spoilers coming from the live feeds heading into the final vote?

"Big Brother" spoilers from the feeds have revealed that Vanessa Rousso won the first part of the final Head of Household competition while Steve Moses won the second part. The third part, determining the final HOH, will play out live Wednesday night.

Though Steve and Vanessa have...

What Are The Latest 'Big Brother 17' Spoilers Heading Into The Final Episodes?

9/20/2015 2:00pm EDT
The final 3 on 'Big Brother 17'
It's almost finale time and "Big Brother 17" spoilers tease that the final three houseguests are all making their plans. It's down to Vanessa Rousso, Steve Moses and Liz Nolan and Sunday night's show will set the stage for the final Head of Household competition. What can viewers expect?

The last that viewers saw on CBS, John McGuire was evicted and that left Steve, Vanessa and Liz as the final houseguests. "Big Brother 17" spoilers from Big Brother Network indicate that Vanessa won Round 1 of the final Head of Household competition.

Round 2 of the final HOH competition has been played a...

Who Is Most Likely To Win 'Big Brother 17'

9/17/2015 9:35am EDT
'Big Brother' Review: The Final Four Eviction And Who Is Most Li
With the show winding down, it’s interesting to see how many viable winners are left in the house. Usually, the final four is complete with two rivals for the title and a couple of filler players. But, as the jury wisely points out, everybody in the final four has a strong argument to win. This episode, which features the last eviction before the final HOH competitions, showcased the strengths and weaknesses as winners of each remaining player.

Johnny Mac

Might as well get this one out of the way. John never won a single HOH. He was on the block almost every week. He only had two real all...

Which 'Big Brother 17' Houseguests Will Be In The Final 3?

9/16/2015 6:03pm EDT
'Big Brother 17' star Vanessa Rousso
Viewers watched a wild episode of "Big Brother 17" on Tuesday night when Austin Matelson was blindsided and evicted. Another eviction comes during Wednesday's episode and fans are very curious to know what will happen. Though the live feeds have been dark at times this week, some key "Big Brother" spoilers have emerged.

As Big Brother Network details, Steve Moses won Head of Household and nominated Vanessa Rousso and John McGuire. However, the Power of Veto had the ability to turn this upside down. Indeed, "Big Brother 17" spoilers indicate that Vanessa won the POV, just as she had hoped t...

'Big Brother' Recap: The Most Memorable Moments From Week 12’s Veto And Eviction

9/16/2015 8:44am EDT
'Big Brother' Recap: The Blindside Of The Season
The Big Brother Takeover twist may have fizzled out, but the show still managed to fit in another long, boring commercial before the season is over. This time, it’s for a new CBS comedy Life in Pieces, which is basically Modern Family but worse. Sure, it’s important for the show to get that precious advertising money, but when it comes at the cost of forcing viewers into an extended commercial, it’s really not worth it.

Without the Life in Pieces commercial, it’s actually a solid episode. We got the blindside we’ve been dying for all season, one that rivals Dan evicting Shane. We got to se...

How Did 'Big Brother' Manage To Give Us Such A Bad Episode?

9/14/2015 9:13am EDT
How can we go from a week full of amazing episodes to one of the worst Big Brother episodes of all time? Last week’s episodes were so great because they highlighted everything that’s fun about the show: over the top characters acting like dumb competitions are life or death, paranoia creating chaos, and editing that illustrates how ridiculous these people can be. Even with the bafflingly stupid decision to keep habitual competition loser Julia over showmance paired comp beast Liz, the episodes were still fun and well produced.

But this episode sucked all of the fun out of Big Brother in so...

'Big Brother': Memorable Moments From Week 12 Veto

9/10/2015 9:59am EDT
This episode was SO good. It has everything that makes an amazing episode of Big Brother, including blowout fights, tense competitions, and remarkable strategic moves. Not to mention it featured many of the season’s antagonists sobbing over being in such bad positions. Too bad it came so late into the season.

It’s funny that this episode comes directly after Les Moonves made comments in the press about this season’s casting being a disappointment. He couldn’t be more wrong. This was the best cast of Big Brother in a very long time. There are no filler contestants and nearly everybody has h...

Former 'Teen Mom' Angers Fellow Contestants, Threatens To Kill Them

9/8/2015 12:00pm EDT
Farrah Abraham
Reality star Farrah Abraham is causing trouble on the U.K. version of "Celebrity Big Brother." Fans of the show are even asking that the former "Teen Mom" star be evicted after she threatened to kill her fellow housemates during Monday's episode.

It all started when Abraham and former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton started arguing because they were angry about how the food was being distributed, reports the International Business Times.

At one point, Abraham complained about "negativity in the house" and Hamilton replied: "Watch how you talk to people because it's very negative."


Here Are The Top Moments From Last Night's 'Big Brother'

9/8/2015 9:30am EDT
With almost every likeable character in BB17 gone, the last few weeks of the season are going to be less about rooting for somebody. Instead, the joy from the rest of the season will come from watching the downward spiral of an alliance who have barely thought about what would happen when it came down to just a few players left in the game. Vanessa, up until now, has been fine going to the end with a showmance and twins. Steve refused to make a move against twins. Austin barely seems worried about Liz choosing Julia over him. And who knows what Johnny Mac ever thinks.

A Big Brother season ...

'Big Brother' Recap: The Show Needs A Massive Shakeup

9/4/2015 10:00am EDT
Big brother
Double evictions used to be exciting. The original concept was shortened week, introduced in season 5, in which a whole week’s worth of game was done over a couple of days. Then the fast forward was introduced, where everything was done in the span of one episode. In the past, it has resulted in finally getting out big players who formerly dominated so that the underdog can have a chance to win. Often times, the unexpected happens or something viewers have been dying to see, from Keesha getting rid of mortal enemy Ollie in BB10 to Jeff seeing his comeuppance for his demanding entitled seaso...

What Are The Latest 'Big Brother 17' Spoilers Regarding The Week 10 Eviction?

9/2/2015 4:09pm EDT
New 'Big Brother 17' Week 10 spoilers are out
Vanessa Rousso is the Head of Household for Week 10 of "Big Brother 17." The last that fans saw on CBS, Vanessa had nominated James and Meg for eviction. However, "Big Brother" spoilers have revealed that James won the Power of Veto and Julia was nominated in his place. Which one of them is seemingly headed to the jury Thursday?

As Vanessa nominated Julia, she did it with the intention that Meg would be the eviction target. Though "BB17" fans would love to see this plan shift, at this point it doesn't look likely. "Big Brother" spoilers from the live feeds seem to indicate that the power p...

How Is Week 10 Shaping Up In The 'Big Brother 17' House?

8/31/2015 3:24pm EDT
'Big Brother 17' Spoilers: Week 10 Power Of Veto Ceremony Held,
Week 10 of "Big Brother 17" is under way and Vanessa Rousso scored the Head of Household title. As viewers saw in Sunday's show, she nominated James and Meg for eviction. However, "Big Brother" spoilers detail that the Power of Veto may have shaken up Vanessa's eviction plans for Week 10.

According to Big Brother Network, James won the Power of Veto. Though heading into the competition he mentioned a few times that if he won he might stay on the block and save Meg, she told him not to and ultimately he did save himself. "Big Brother" spoilers detail that James pulled himself off the block ...

'Big Brother' Recap: Lame Comebacks, Mean Girls, Fakest Showmance Ever & More

8/31/2015 9:10am EDT
'Big Brother' Review: Knuckleheads, Mean Girls, and Fake Romance
Vanessa is in power which can only mean one thing: this week is going to be confusing, emotional, dramatic, and crazy. Vanessa is the saving grace of this season. Not because she has a winning personality or is a strategic genius or is even any fun to watch. It’s because she just a little bit off in every aspect of being a good Big Brother player. Is she a strong competitor? Well, she’s managed to win competitions when she needs to, including the shortest endurance competition yet. But her HOHitis makes her unbearable. Does she have a strong social game? She formed the strongest alliance fr...

Will The Week 9 'Big Brother 17' Evictee Be Steve or John?

8/27/2015 2:49pm EDT
'Big Brother 17' Spoilers: Who Will Be Evicted In Week 9?
Thursday night's episode of "Big Brother 17" is shaping up to be an interesting one. As viewers know, Steve Moses and John McGuire are on the block, but the houseguests have shifted back and forth a bit on an eviction plan. What are the latest "Big Brother" spoilers about which guy will head to the jury Thursday night?

As Big Brother Network details, Vanessa Rousso has been working hard to sway the votes in Johnny Mac's favor. However, Austin Matelson is sticking with twins Julia and Liz Nolan with wanting to keep Steve. Earlier in the week it had been looking like John might manage to pul...

'Big Brother' Recap: The Return Of Zingbot

8/27/2015 9:15am EDT
'Big Brother' Review: Ranking And Analyzing The Zings Of BB17
Zingbot has become an essential rite of passage for any Big Brother cast mate. It’s everything that the show should be: cheesy entertainment that pokes fun at the ridiculous people that choose to be filmed 24/7. In the past, it’s even served as a wake-up call to certain players. In Big Brother 14, Danielle realized she might be looking like a stalker to her no-mance partner Shane. It only ramped up her obsession. In BB15, Andy’s zing was about him leeching onto Amanda’s game, causing him to rethink his strategy and ultimately win the game. In the end, Zingbot—the dad joke loving man in a pl...

'BB17' Follows Same Predictable Formula

8/24/2015 9:04am EDT
Now becomes the time that Big Brother 17 becomes dreadfully dull and predictable. The moment Austin won HOH, it was a given that this week would be a dud, much like his Judas persona. And to think, just a few weeks ago it felt like the season had warmed up to an exciting split in the house. However, since everybody is in an alliance with everybody and nobody seems to realize it, the season just drags on. And every episode is practically the same, following the same predictable formula.

The formula goes as follows:

First, the competition section:

One by one, each remaining houseguest remi...

‘BB17’: Best Moments From Last Night’s Week 9 Eviction

8/21/2015 8:37am EDT
Liz’s entire HOH run has been a dud. The Austwins alliance is frustrating to watch because they’re a strong trio that nobody has bothered to so much as nominate. When the majority alliance is in power, as they have been most of this season, nothing interesting comes from those episodes. The nominations stayed the same. There was no backdoor target. There was barely any scheming, no fighting, and no campaigning.

It’s telling that the best weeks’ worth of episodes were the ones where James and Becky were HOH. Those are players that are willing to make bold moves. Meanwhile, Vanessa is the on...

Recap: 'BB17' Key Moments From Last Night’s Episode

8/20/2015 8:54am EDT
How desperate were the Big Brother editors to make Johnny Mac the star of this season? Until recently, he’s done nothing of note, despite being heavily featured in nearly every episode. Now that he’s a target and in the cross hairs of Vanessa, he’s the star of the episode. Unfortunately, despite being one of the first in the house to catch on to Vanessa’s antics, John is a less than impressive player. Entertaining, sure, but not the power player that we all hoped he’d be. Seriously, what is this guy thinking?

Meanwhile, the other star of the season, Vanessa, is on a downward spiral that sh...

The Most Memorable Moments From Last Night’s 'Big Brother'

8/17/2015 9:17am EDT
Last week on Big Brother was a big old mess. Not only does the house miss out a golden opportunity to get rid of the scariest player in the game, but Steve pulls out the most baffling choices during the double eviction. The episode after double eviction is usually a good catch up on what truly went down. It’s meant to fill in the blanks on what couldn’t be shown during the live show. However, besides Steve’s cry baby antics, we barely get to see what went on behind the scenes. All around it was a pretty disappointing episode.

Here are the most memorable moments from the Week 9 HOH and Nomi...

Recap: Can 'BB17' Get Any More Satisfying?

8/10/2015 9:05am EDT
BB17 just gets more and more satisfying. It couldn’t have been written any better. Vanessa and Shelli ran the game for four weeks with a superiority complex to rival any former Big Brother player. Now that they’re on the bottom, watching them scramble to stay safe is the best kind of entertainment.

One of the other improvement this episode has for the overall season is focusing on characters that have previously been nothing but scenery. Becky won the endurance HOH, forcing the editors to show a side of her we haven’t seen before. Steve finally had something to say about his position in th...

This Week's 'Big Brother' Was Full Of Incredible Moments

8/7/2015 8:48am EDT
'Big Brother' Review: War, Quitters, And The End of the Worst Sh
We got one of the most satisfying weeks of Big Brother under James’ HOH reign. We got to see a strong alliance fall apart at the seams, a power couple crumble, and personalities who have been in the shadows finally shine. With any lucky, this streak of incredible moments will continue with whoever wins the next HOH. Now that there’s a divisive split in the house, the game is really heating up. Even with the first unanimous vote of the season, there’s no more arguing about doing what “The House” wants. Now it’s all about conflicting sides and that’s just amazing.

Here are the top moments fr...

'Big Brother': James Proves To Be A Contender & More

8/3/2015 9:02am EDT
'Big Brother' Review: Endurance, A New Power Player, And Karma F
See? Battle of the Block really was destroying the show. It’s no coincidence that the second that monstrosity of a twist ends, an underdog finally gets to make a big move. Hopefully the vast improvement in the gameplay is enough to convince the producers to never bring that twist back again. It’s not like the veto twist that actually enhanced the game when it was introduced over a decade ago.

Not to mention that it’s already week 6 and there have only been three different HOHs and most of them have been from the same alliance. The Sixth Sense alliance has dominated since week 2 and not had...

'Big Brother' Sees A Power Shift & More

7/31/2015 8:48am EDT
Our national nightmare is over! Battle of the Block is finally over. This twist has been a plague on Big Brother for two seasons and hopefully this episode has finally put it to bed forever. Now that the house is split into two warring alliances and they aren’t forced to put up at least 4 people every week, people can finally target each other without letting dumb twists stop them.

Here are the top moments from Week 5 Eviction:

Post Veto Meltdown

The fallout of Jason’s nomination is delicious. Finally, Jason, Meg, Jackie, and James have to wake up to the fact that they’re on the bottom o...

'Big Brother': Jason Gets Blindsided And More

7/30/2015 8:55am EDT
Finally, something happens in the house that draws a line in the sand. Big Brother is always more satisfying when there are two strong sides of alliances, battling each other. Up until this point, Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay have done an amazing job making it look like they’re everybody’s friend and that there are only a few outsiders. Even with Audrey proclaiming that the Sixth Sense alliance was moving to wipe them all out, the underdog group refused to see that they weren’t with the majority. But with one move, Vanessa showed her hand and now there’s no way Jason, Meg, Jackie, and James do...

'BB17': Julia Is The Superior Twin & More

7/27/2015 8:37am EDT
BB17 - Liz and Julia
Battle of the Block is a drama killer. It’d be one thing if it only lasted a few weeks, in order to force the creation of strong alliances and keep bigger characters in the house. But it goes on for far too long and creates the need to constantly backdoor targets and put up the same people every week. This biggest fear is that this has become a permanent fixture in the game, the way that the Power of Veto started off as a twist and become just another part of the game. This twist kills drama, lasts forever, and ensures that alliances like Sixth Sense stay in power for four weeks in a row wi...

Who Was Sent Home On ‘Big Brother’ Last Night?

7/24/2015 8:32am EDT
The Audrey Show’s been cancelled. And it’s a real bummer. 90% of the interesting content from BB17 has come from her actions, gameplay, and personality. If she hadn’t played so hard, so fast, she probably would have made it much further in the game. People in the house loved her and wanted to be a part of her positive story, but the constant rumor mongering turned people against her hardcore. However, she also set the tone for the entire season. If she didn’t play so hard, maybe the other players wouldn’t have followed her leave. Who knows what the season will hold without her? Without the ...