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A Song For My Mother
Donna joins Ray in Oregon for one of his performances but their stay is interrupted by David's unexpected arrival in search of his mom. When Donna helps, Ray becomes angry and physical. Unknown to David, he condones Donna's relationship with Ray thinking she is happy.

P.S. I Love You, Part 2
An alcoholic binge sends Brandon in a tirade verbally attacking Kelly and ends up in the arms of Valerie. Meanwhile, the Walsh residence is sold and Brandon and Valerie have two weeks to be out. Dylan discovers his father's murderer and vows to seek revenge on him. Ray gets physical with Donna and ends up injuring her arm, but she covers up for him. Worst off, Steve discovers that his lady love is actually a man.

Things That Go Bang In the Night
Dylan's saga escalates when an acquaintance hooks him up with drugs, and his downward spiral becomes evident to the gang when he shoots up his house. Meanwhile, religion plays controversy with Andrea when Jesse's aunt gives their baby a crucifix.

The campus is up-in-arms when the President of Selanesia arrives to receive cancer treatment. Students learn of his tyrannical ways and protest his presence there. But not all students pay mind as Steve's fraternity and its sister sorority are pre-occupied planning the kidnapping of their Homecoming rival's mascot.

P.S. I Love You, Part 1
Although Kelly chooses to rekindle her romance with Brandon, he struggles with her declining his marriage proposal. The home front is changing as Jim and Cindy move to Hong Kong and the house goes up for sale. While Steve and Donna attend a Greek function in Palm Springs, Ray acts overly possessive over Donna. On the other hand, Steve finds a romantic interest in a sexy young lady he continues to encounter on the trip.

You Gotta Have Heart
Brandon is fed up with Kelly and her deepening relationship with Professor Finley. When Donna rejects Ray's sexual advances, Ray finds himself vulnerable to Valerie's romantic interest.

Sentenced To Life
Steve fulfills his punishment of community service only to befriend an Alzheimer's patient who inspires him to desire more for his own life. Donna's boyfriend Ray is given the opportunity to perform his music live on stage.

Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills
Kelly becomes overwhelmed by a marriage proposal from Brandon and a world trip with Dylan. She declines both. Andrea and Jesse prepare for their departure to Yale and the gang throws them a going away party. On the home front, Jim accepts a business opportunity in Hong Kong.

Double Jeopardy
College Jeopardy heads to campus and Andrea, Brandon and Clare battle for a shot on the show. On the home front, Andrea finds herself alone when Jesse moves out of their place.

Rave On
At the Walsh's home, Kelly thinks that Valerie might be smoking in the house. The drama continues when Andrea enjoys a night out only to discover Jesse's flirtatious behavior at work. Steve is busy hosting a bash at the Peach Pit while Dylan takes some money that is not his.

Under the Influence
Dylan is not aware of Kelly and Brandon's romance but secrets are hard to keep from this gang. On the campus front, Donna toils with the possibility of spending a semester concentrating on an extra curricular activity rather than her studies.

Love Hurts
Lenny, the campus rape suspect, is taken into custody only to be released. While everyone is quick to point the finger at him, the real assailant may be free to strike again.

Alone At the Top
Valerie abuses her power as the owner of the After Dark nightclub by threatening Ray about ending their romance. He is not pleased with her blackmail. On the campus front, a rapist is loose and everyone is on edge.

The Real McCoy
Through hypno-therapy, Dylan interprets Kelly to be the love of his life. Upon Kelly's return from New York, Dylan confesses his love for her. On the campus front, students are unhappy with Brandon's ability to resolve the needs of the students and he looses his position as president to Alex. Meanwhile, Jesse is offered a teaching position at Yale Law School.

Up In Flames
Steve throws an illegal rave in an abandoned locale but the evening goes down in flames when the building catches fire. In the meantime, an old flame of Brandon's, Emily Valentine, returns to town heating up their relationship.

Hate Is Just A Four-Letter Word
Brandon is involved in a University controversy when religious beliefs are challenged by a campus speaker. Brandon must delicately balance his personal and political views.

Everyone is concerned for Dylan's well-being and stages an intervention at the Walsh residence. Not all is bad as Kelly is offered the chance to model on the cover of a popular fashion magazine.

Girls On the Side
Kelly appears on the cover of Seventeen magazine and worries even more that she will not regain her pristine looks. Meanwhile, Valerie confesses to David and Clare about her affair with Ray and they agree to keep it a secret from Donna.

Injustice For All
Kelly is one of the few burned in the abandoned building's fire and her burns may be permanent scars. Meanwhile, Steve is dealt his punishment for coordinating the rave and Dylan returns home from rehab to an alarming discovery.

Little Monsters
Donna is less than thrilled with Ray's record offer while Kelly begins to grow closer to Professor Finley and further from those who care most for her, her friends.

Rock Of Ages
Brandon finds himself on the hot seat defending his role as president to his political nemesis, Alex. The entire crew decides to rock out at a Rolling Stones concert.

Sweating It Out
Dylan and Brandon embark on a motorcycle trip and stumble upon a Native Indian community who encourage the guys to rediscover the meaning of life choices. Back in Los Angeles, a new romance is brewing as Valerie has a thing for Ray.

Life After Death
Though Brandon wins his student government election, the death of his fellow peer weighs heavily on him. Unfortunately a jealous student, Alex, uses this in an attempt to dispel Brandon from the council. Meanwhile, a fresh face arrives and it just may be the right person for Donna.

Stormy Weather
Brandon and Dylan join forces to free Professor Finley's hold over Kelly. However, each man is out for himself to win her back. After cheating on Donna, Ray severs his affair with Valerie.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation and Other Stories
Kelly and Brandon are ready to publicly expose their budding romance but timing might not be right for Dylan who is returning to town from a drunken spree in Mexico. Meanwhile, the Walsh family decides to take in the daughter of a family friend, Valerie Malone, when Brenda decides to remain in London to fulfill her dreams in theater.

Christmas Comes This Time Each Year
Upon Dylan's discovery of a letter from Erica detailing her kidnapping, he turns to a private investigator to locate her assailants. Kelly fears the injuries on her face will be an irresolvable issue for Brandon.

Squash It
The After Hour club is loosing its crowd so Steve and David throw together a hip-hop event. The evening goes down with a bang when an out-of-town band trashes the club. On the romantic side, David and Clare rekindle their relationship.

The Dreams Of Dylan McKay
Dylan is hospitalized and fighting for his life. In a coma, his mind wanders about those good and bad in his life. On a lighter note, Steve is infuriated by his father's acceptance for Steve to participate in his fraternity's flag-football game.

Unreal World
Jesse spills some unexpected news to Andrea. As for the rest of the friends, a school documentary exposes many of their private secrets. They struggle to accept the truths they learn.

Who's Zoomin' Who?
Steve's late night party is extinguished by the fire department due to over capacity. Steve urges Dylan to buy the open space next door but little does he know that Dylan is broke. Donna stresses on the dating front while David and Clare take their relationship a step forward.

A Clean Slate
Dylan's interest peaks when he meets the newest addition to the Walsh family who has her eyes set on him. But not all is well for the family as Brandon's political career is disrupted by an unforeseen death of a fellow classmate.

Hazardous To Your Health
Dylan unravels Erica's whereabouts in Mexico, and he and Valerie jet south to save her. Meanwhile, Kelly finds an interest in a group headed by Professor Finley which Brandon is none too happy with.

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