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Dragon Con 2014

8/28/2014 2:06pm EDT
Dragon Con 2014: Sean Magee Gets Us Social Media Ready For This
Dragon Con 2014 is upon us! The massive Atlanta convention gets underway tomorrow, and our coverage begins with introducing you to some of the folks who make it possible. Sean Magee is one of Dragon Con's Directors of Social Media: he and his team bring Dragon Con to Twitter, Facebook and all your social media platforms. Sean kindly connected with us this week to talk about how he keeps on top of everything at the convention, and how you can get connected during this weekend's festivities.

Hosted in Atlanta, Dragon Con is one of the country's biggest pop culture events - right up there wit...

Rutledge Wood, Sam Witwer Set For 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

4/12/2014 12:01pm EDT
Rutledge Wood, Sam Witwer Set For 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
By the time you're reading this, the 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race will be just hours away. At yesterday's practice and qualifying day, BFTV finally caught up with our friend and defending champion Rutledge Wood - who by virtue of his victory now starts in the Pro category - and newcomer to the field, but not to our audience, Sam Witwer. Here's what Rut and Sam had to tell us about their plans for handling this race and their future projects.

Rutledge is being a little, shall we say, cautious about his chances. "I think the only way that we'll have a shot is if we steal the keys to Al Uns...

Check Out Syfy's New Series 'Bitten,' Returning Faves 'Lost Girl' & 'Being Human' On Jan. 13

1/11/2014 5:43pm EST
Get ready to turn up the heat on Mondays this January when Syfy unveils its new primetime lineup of steamy supernatural scripted originals.

The primetime sizzle begins January 13 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) with the Season 4 premiere of "Lost Girl," starring Anna Silk as a Succubus, a powerful female entity in folklore who feeds off sexual energy.

At 9 p.m., television’s hottest roommates (Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath and Kristen Hager) confront their haunting pasts in the fourth season return of the hit series "Being Human."

Rounding out the evening at 10 p.m. is the series premiere o...

Sam Witwer Bites Into Season 3 of Syfy's 'Being Human'

2/11/2013 12:40pm EST
Sam Witwer
The UK original may have been cancelled, but Being Human fans can take solace: SyFy's US incarnation of the supernatural series is still going strong, and it's getting even better. BFTV recently connected with Sam Witwer, who plays Being Human's vampire Aidan, to get the scoop on season three.

The third season was when the UK edition said goodbye to Aidan's counterpart Mitchell, but Sam assured fans that Aidan's not going anywhere. "What happens to them doesn't happen to us," he said, referring to the eventual complete cast turnover on the original series. While the first season of SyFy's ...

'Being Human' Sets Season 3 Premiere Date; Kristen Hager Becomes Series Regular

10/20/2012 9:40am EDT
Being Human
SyFy announced this week that season three of Being Human will premiere Monday, January 19 at 9 pm. In addition, Kristen Hager, who plays the werewolf Nora, will join the cast as a series regular.

Spoilers ahead: Season 2 ended with vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer) being buried alive as punishment from Mother, the vampire leader. Ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath) was lost in limbo. And werewolf Josh (Sam Huntingon) was plotting to kill his maker, Ray, when he got into a fight as Nora watched on. (It’s been awhile since I’ve watched it, but I seem to recall two shots ringing out.)

In addition to Hager ...

Q&A: Ashley and David Eckstein Celebrate Fandom With 'Her Universe'

3/21/2012 11:15am EDT
Her Universe
One of the joys of fandom is being able to share your passions. And thanks to Ashley and David Eckstein, that just got a lot easier (and cooler) for women.

Representing one's fandoms can be a difficult task for the female gender. I say that from experience; I'm all about showing off my allegiances. One of those happens to be to the San Diego Padres, and I went on a rant when there wasn't a T-shirt for my favorite second baseman, a certain David Eckstein. You can imagine my delight to hear that someone that I am a huge fan of was making it easier for me to represent the things I love.


Q&A: Sam Witwer Back For More 'Being Human'

1/11/2012 11:10am EST
Sam Witwer
You've got to keep your eye on Sam Witwer.

As the vampire Aidan on SyFy's Being Human, he could take a bite out of you if he wanted. But offscreen, the Battlestar Galactica veteran's wit as is sharp as his alter-ego's fangs. He's also a man of multiple talents, not only an actor but a musician.

As Being Human starts its second season on January 16, Sam sat down with me to discuss what's next for his character, what he's up to when the cameras aren't rolling, and if being a sci-fi success also allows him to be a fanboy.

"It's interesting," he said of coming back for a sophomore run. "We a...

Watch A Sneak Peek Of 'Being Human' Season 2

12/11/2011 12:12pm EST
Being Human syfy
What if being yourself meant becoming a monster? Syfy's newest "Being Human" promo opens with Josh, Sally and Aidan having settled in their new home. Seems the three have them have adjusted well even after learning about each other's past.

A montage of scenes from the upcoming season follows with a central theme of temptation for everyone involved.

Tune-in to the new season Monday, January 16, at 9/8c on Syfy!