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Bowlers and Bowling
One bachelor gets the coveted first individual date while the rest must go on group dates. Five men are asked to leave.

Dude, Don't Be Such A Rick
The men take compatibility tests to determine the next round of dates. Seven bachelors continue in the pursuit of Meredith's affections.

Home On Deranged
Meredith travels to the bachelors' hometowns but must ask one man to leave.

Island Of Tropic Diseases
Meredith must narrow the field to two men after exotic overnight dates.

One On One's So Slow
Meredith's friends meet the men and ask them to write love letters that explain why they are the right man for Meredith which will decide the week's dates. Three men leave the house.

House of Bland and Groggy
Meredith meets the men vying for her heart for the first time, but must send ten home immediately after the first cocktail party.

Once In Love With Ian
Meredith takes the men home to meet her parents and must decide which man has stolen her heart.

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