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'Bachelorette' Contestant Gets Engaged - Check Out The Ring!

12/12/2015 4:32pm EST
Bachelor Pad David Good Engaged
David Good didn't find love on The Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad, but the "Man Code" author found the woman of his dreams off camera. On Friday, Good got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Brianne Elise and shared the big news on Facebook.

Anyone who has followed David on Instagram or Facebook his Bachelor Pad win saw a real love story unfolding after he started dating Brianne. Photos of their life together have sweetened his timeline and it was only a matter of time before his friends and followers would see him finally pop the question. (See Brianne's gorgeous ring below!)

In 2009, D...

Is 'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Chris Bukowski Out Of Retirement Already?

9/18/2015 8:34am EDT
Chris Bukowski Is VIP At 'Bachelor' Event, Out Of Retirement Alr
Less than two weeks ago, Bachelor in Paradise star Chris Bukowski announced that he was retiring from reality TV. The 28-year-old D.C.-area bar owner explained that being a reality star "almost completely ruined" his life and he was walking away from the Bachelor franchise.

Apparently Chris is only retiring from filming reality TV shows but he's still making paid appearances as a Bachelor franchise star. Retirement with the perks of TV stardom on the side, anyone?

Woohoo! Michael, @TenleyMolzahn & @chrisjbukowski are on their way for #TIFFBachelorParty tomorrow! See you soon! pic.twitte...

Will Jaclyn Swartz Face Off With Nick Peterson On 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

8/29/2015 6:45pm EDT
 Jaclyn Swartz Arrives On 'Bachelor In Paradise': Everyone's Exc
Who is Bachelor in Paradise star Jaclyn Swartz and why does she look so familiar? Fans may remember Jaclyn from Bachelor Pad 3 and Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor, but it's her hilarious Twitter feed that makes her most memorable.

She didn't find love with Ben Flajnik, which is probably a good thing considering she had a lot more fun on Bachelor Pad. Who can forget her noisy hookups with Ed Swiderski and the face she made when Nick Peterson decided not to share the $250K prize with her friend Rachel Trueheart.

According to LinkedIn, Swartz currently lives in Chicago and works as an...

Will Nick Peterson Find Love On 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

8/23/2015 8:48am EDT
Who Is Nick Peterson And Will He Find Love On 'Bachelor in Parad
Who is Bachelor In Paradise contestant Nick Peterson, and how far does he make it on ABC’s summer reality show? Fans may remember Nick from Ashley Hebert's season of the Bachelorette in 2011, but he is best known for his shocking Bachelor Pad 3 win in 2012 when he chose not to share the $250,000 grand prize with contestant Rachel Truehart.

Three years later the 30-year-old personal trainer from Florida is returning to reality TV and is rumored to end up a winner again, but this time the prize will be love not money. Despite the fact that the contestants aren't competing for a cash prize,...

Friends Express Grief Over 'The Bachelor' Alum Gia Allemand's Death

8/15/2013 11:55am EDT
Gia Allemand
Gia Allemand, 29, of The Bachelor and The Bachelor Pad died Wednesday, Aug. 14, in New Orleans of an apparent suicide.

We first learned on Monday that Gia was rushed to the hospital in critical condition of an "unknown medical emergency," but it has since emerged that she hung herself.

Gia was living in Louisiana with her boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson, who was the one who found her unconscious.

Ryan and Gia's mother were reportedly at her side when she was taken off life support, given her last rites, and passed away.

Gia was loved dearly by many of her "Bachelor" friends who took...

The Worst And The Best Of Summer TV 2012

9/6/2012 6:00pm EDT
Honey Boo Boo
Summer. Some might think of it as a time to take a few days off, soak up the sun and eat popsicles. I think of it as the time for the most delicious and smutty television. Let’s face it: networks don’t exactly roll out the red carpet for your summer viewing pleasure. Instead, it’s the B-list shows that somehow made it through production but weren’t good enough to be shown through the regular season. And for that, I heartily thank the networks (and air conditioning) for the good and bad TV shows that tided me through the summer months.

Click through our list and let us know what would make ...

A Bare Chested Jake Pavelka Celebrates Chippendales' 10th Anniversary

2/25/2012 4:00pm EST
Jake Pavelka
"The Bachelor" star Jake Pavelka hosted the Chippendales 10th Anniversary event in Las Vegas at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas yesterday.

The reality star showed off his rock hard abs on the red carpet.

Jake got on our radar on the fifth season of "The Bachelorette." In 2009 he starred on "The Bachelor's" 14th season. The following year he appeared on"Dancing With the Stars."

Like most reality show romances, his relationship with fiancee Vienna Girardi ended not long after "The Bachelor" ended. The drama continued for the former couple on "Bachelor Pad."

Check out more...

'Bachelor Pad' 2 Finale Had It All: Winners, Hugs, Breakdowns & Proposal

9/13/2011 4:40pm EDT
Holly Durst, Chris Harrison, Michael Stagliano of Bachelor Pad
Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst were named the “Bachelor Pad” season 2 winners and the winners of $250,000 on part two of Monday’s season finale. While some viewers may have thought Michael would go rogue and run off with the money due to recent, extremely awkward developments, the couple did decide to share the money, with Michael citing that Holly was always loyal and will always be his partner.

Despite no longer being a couple, Michael said it was loved that carried the pair through the game, adding that he could’ve punched Blake and fought with Holly but that wouldn’t have won him $2...

Bachelor Pad's Ella Nolan Reveals New Body After Five Plastic Surgeries

9/11/2011 3:30pm EDT
Bachelor Pad's Ella Nolan
Bachelor Pad's Ella Nolan poses for Life & Style after getting five plastic surgeries done in one day and explains why she had the surgeries done after seeing herself on camera.

After a 5-and-a-half-hour operation that included rhinoplasty, breast implants and liposuction to slim her tummy, hips and thighs, Ella Nolan couldn't be happier with her new body!

"TV magnifies all your flaws, and seeing my profile really bothered me," the single mom, who's made it to the season finale, admits in an exclusive interview with Life & Style, on newsstands now. "And I've always wanted my breasts done....

'Bachelor Pad' 2 Recap: Houseguests Partner Up, Kasey Complains About Sexual Frustration, & Two More Sent Packing

9/6/2011 1:41pm EDT
Blake Julian Erica Rose Bachelor Pad
Immunity roses sent Blake Julian and Erica Rose home on Monday’s episode of “Bachelor Pad.” I know, it sounds like an error, and it doesn’t make sense that holding immunity roses can get you sent home, but I didn’t say they got to keep the roses.

Blake and Erica, who partnered at the beginning of the episode, earned a date during the week’s challenge. Since they didn’t place first in the competition, they didn’t earn immunity roses for themselves, but when they arrived at dinner, two immunity roses were waiting for them – to be given to another couple.

So, who did the couple decide to giv...

Summer Lovin': Two New Summer Shows To Love

8/31/2011 3:00pm EDT
There’s nothing I love more than being swept off my pop culture-lovin’ feet by a new television series. For this television-aholic, it feels like being given an invitation to an exhilarating alternate reality, and I have this lovin' feeling for two summer shows. I worship them so much that I’m not even obsessing about the impending start of the fall season (Kidding, less than three weeks, people!).

Here are two shows that I’m head-over-heels for. One is a sophisticated legal drama set in the core of the Big Apple, another is a guilty-pleasure reality show about a real basketball wife.

'Bachelor Pad' 2 Recap: Jake Exits, Melissa Melts Down, And Holly & Blake's One-On-One Leads To Tears

8/30/2011 10:41am EDT
Holly Durst Michael Stagliano Bachelor Pad
Holly Durst was left confused and in tears after Michael Stagliano professed his love for her on Monday’s episode of “Bachelor Pad” season 2. Michael had been showing his love by inviting her on dates and giving her immunity roses, but Holly’s overnight date with Blake Julian prompted him to lay it all out on the table – an action that wasn’t exactly reciprocated.

The drama began when Blake invited Holly on his one-on-one date. The date was very romantic, and the pair had a fantastic time – all while Michael was at the house pacing back and forth thinking about what could be happening on t...

Q&A: 'Bachelor Pad' Star Vienna Girardi

8/29/2011 4:00pm EDT
Vienna Girardi
Vienna Girardi knows what it really means to be famous. After winning season fourteen of ABC's The Bachelor, she had a messy split with Jake Pavelka that labeled her a reality TV "bad girl." Now she - and her ex, not to mention her new boyfriend - are back for the second season of the Bachelor spin-off series Bachelor Pad. Before tonight's new episode (8 PM ET/PT), Vienna dropped in for a chat about love, the rest of her life, and what it's like to be judged in the public eye.

After everything that you went through on The Bachelor and afterward, why come back? Why put yourself out ...

'Bachelor Pad' 2 recap: Did Vienna's And Kasey's Wishes Finally Come True?

8/23/2011 12:17pm EDT
Bachelor Pad
Despite another shot at trying to take down the “Bachelor Pad” 2 power couple, Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl finally managed to oust their number one enemy, Jake Pavelka, on Monday’s episode. Prior to the rose ceremony, Jake told viewers he was going to take some people down with him if he was eliminated, so when Kasey’s name was called to receive the final rose I was anxious and excited – and then we cut to masked synchronized swimmer Jeff Medolla. Talk about frustration! Not that Jeff’s performance wasn’t top notch, but I really hate having to wait until next week to hear Jake go off on t...

'The Bachelor's' Nikki Kaapke Is Cooking's 'Dekadent Diva'

6/16/2011 5:55pm EDT
Nikki Kaapke
As a reality star being wined and dined on ABC's "The Bachelor", Nikki Kaapke (also of "Bachelor Pad" fame) is used to tasting the best of the best when it comes to fine cuisine. Now, she is putting her eye for amazing taste to the test by adding author to her already blossoming resume. Penning the cookbook "Glamorous Cooking for the Simplest of Chefs" under her private cooking and catering company The Dekadent Diva, Nikki is now ready to share her secrets for making the most luxurious creations around.

"Once the romance, roses, and limousines are gone what’s left? FOOD! That’s right. No m...

Summer 2011 TV Highlights

5/24/2011 1:00pm EDT
True Blood
As much as you should be going to the beach, catching a hot concert or spending time with friends at outdoor barbeques this summer, there is also a lot going on indoors too. We’re talking about what’s going on inside on the television. Summer television shows aren’t always about the addicting and sometimes laughable reality programs since stations like TNT and USA have stepped up their game with shows like The Closer and Burn Notice. As much as we were anticipating the return of Mad Men this summer only to be disappointed by the news that the premiere is delayed until 2012, we found a few m...

HU Column: It Smells Like Roses?

4/18/2011 8:58pm EDT
Hollywood is a great place and the parties that I’ve had the chance to attend are sometimes the biggest events on the calendar every year. I’ve done a lot of parties in my years on the entertainment beat. If it’s movies, television or video games, events they all know how to throw some of the biggest parties.

I will always say that as long as the event has food and liquor, reporters will sign up to cover the party or the event without a problem! To tell you the truth I’ve done the same and sometimes that’s almost the only reason it’s worth attending some events. Especially...

Brad Womack Proposes To Emily On 'The Bachelor'

3/15/2011 8:22am EDT
The Bachelor
Brad Womack is in South Africa for the absolute final chapter of his two-part quest for true love reality television romance. It’s an emotional conclusion to a tedious process, which loosely translated means the most important moment of Brad’s life and among the top twenty most dramatic rose ceremonies in “Bachelor” history.

The Womack clan has invested in some leopard print safari wear for the occasion, and are on hand to help Brad make his big decision. According to Brad, the sight of his family brings tears to his eyes. According to everyone watching Brad, the sight of his family brings...

'Bachelor' Recap: Michelle's Meltdown (And The Women Tell All)

3/8/2011 11:20am EST
The Bachelor
Let’s be honest. After a pretty awesome tease for the requisite ‘Women Tell All’ episode of “The Bachelor,” the last thing we wanted to do was listen to Brad rehash his journey from most hated man in America to whatever he is today. Nonetheless, Brad is what we got. He likes getting slapped across the face, fangs, “Fangs,” and a good game player. He dislikes embalmers. He feels better about seeing the women on this tell-all than he did the last time. The concept of the recycled bachelor will always be absurd.

There are gross parties with Bachelor/Bachelorette alums advertising a second se...

'The Bachelor' Recap: Brad Is Back

1/4/2011 1:42pm EST
The Bachelor 1501
“The Bachelor” had plenty of cringe-worthy moments in 2010. There was the dude who wanted to “guard and protect” Ali’s heart so much, he ran out and got a tattoo. Then, we were treated to the ewww-fest/spin-off known as “Bachelor Pad,” a gruesome display if ever there was one. Still, it’s a new year and the franchise seems to be courting a new low, trotting out a commitment-phobic former “Bachelor” whose introduction includes references to intense therapy and panic attacks. Here’s hoping the 21st season will be the next ‘Most Dramatic Season Yet!’

So without further ado…. Once again, it’s...

'Bachelor Pad' Recap: The West Coast Version Of 'Jersey Shore' Ends Its Season

9/15/2010 4:05pm EDT
Now that we’ve endured a full season of “Bachelor Pad,” we can confirm that our suspicions were correct and this show was a West Coast version of the “Jersey Shore” experiment: What happens when you put a bunch of lazy, shameless people in a house with a hot tub, a lot of alcohol and a camera crew?

From the evidence we’ve gathered so far, we can make the following conclusions: 1)Being slutty and orange-skinned or slutty with killer abs pays really well; 2)Bromances are the best relationships; 3)Anonymous letters from roommates and better judgment still won’t get some girls to reclaim their...

'Bachelor Pad' Recap: A Bad Case Of Kovacs

9/8/2010 8:22am EDT
This Labor Day signified that both summer and the more-guilt-than-pleasure season of ‘Bachelor Pad’ were coming to an end. Ready or not, it’s time to switch things up, and like your white pants, the useless and unworn contestants on ‘Bachelor Pad’ are getting cast aside. This week’s episode sent five players packing, and left only six behind to continue hooking up in hot tubs as they stare at the dollar signs dancing in each other’s eyes. So let’s review who and what went down, shall we? Okay then…

Chris Harrison cuts right to the chase. There are still ten psychologically damaged creature...

'Bachelor Pad' Recap: The Crying Game (Plus The New 'DWTS' Cast)

8/31/2010 4:55pm EDT
Bachelor Pad
Gia’s gone, Wes and Dave are fighting, and Natalie is still holding onto her rose when a box of clipboards comes to the house. On said clipboards are surveys that want to know what everyone honestly thinks about the rest of their housemates. So basically, this week’s competition will involve the kind of psychologically damaging cruelty usually reserved for 12-year-olds at sleep away camps and slumber parties. Given that last week’s “Bachelor Pad” featured the nastiest Spin the Bottle (sans bottle) game ever, this latest episode of protracted adolescent humiliation is par for the course. Let...

'Bachelor Pad' Recap: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

8/24/2010 3:17pm EDT
Pad pool
Do you remember when watching ‘Bachelor Pad’ wasn’t a totally nauseating experience? We don’t either. And yet…Ew! Ew! Ewww!!! That pretty much sums up the latest installment of a show that is almost too horrifying to recap. Almost… Like love, it don’t always come easy, but if Wes can recycle his crappy songs, we can rehash the events of Week Three in the Valtrex Valley of the Dolls.

After last week’s Rose Ceremony, Gia’s on the chopping block with the guys and Nikki’s on the outs with the outsiders. Alliances have crumbled and tensions are high when Chris Harrison and Melissa, his paper d...