Baby Blues

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Mike O'Malley

Julia Sweeney

Joel Murray

Nicole Sullivan

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Based on the nationally syndicated comic strip of the same name, "Baby Blues" follows the exploits of the intrepid and well-intentioned Darryl and Wanda MacPherson, and their newborn baby Zoe. The MacPhersons are a career couple in their late 20s living in the suburbs. Their 8-year-old neighbor, hellion Rodney Bitterman, is a constant presence and Rodney's parents Carl and Melinda serve as examples for how not to raise a child. Rodney's siblings are 5-year-old Megan and 4-year-old Shelby. Further complicating the MacPhersons' lives are Kenny, Darryl's wiseguy co-worker, and Bizzy, Zoey's teenage, terminally hip babysitter, who is an indifferent student with a penchant for bad boys.