Chelsea Are You There Vodka? It's Me Episode Guides

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After getting a D.U.I., Chelsea decides to make changes in her life and moves in closer to the sports bar she works in. Chelsea's sister Sloane is due to give birth, and with her husband in the military overseas she must rely on unreliable Chelsea to help her through the birth.

Sloane's Ex
Sloane is upset when her old high school boyfriend asks Chelsea out on a date, but Chelsea is excited by the prospect and goes out with him anyway.

Sloane plans a church group party at Chelsea's bar, and when Chelsea gets a crush on the Christian band's virgin lead singer she finds herself frustrated and decides to set him up with her roommate Dee Dee.

Nikki's fiance dumps her, and Chelsea is forced to take her in, much to the chagrin of her other roommates Olivia and Dee Dee.

The Gynecologist
Chelsea flirts with her Gynecologist until he invites her to go deep sea fishing with him. Nikki and Dee Dee tag along, but while Dee Dee hits it off with the captain, the Chelsea's doctor has other interests.

How to Succeed In Business without Really Crying
When Chelsea learns that their customer Tim Kornick is a marketing executive, she starts dating him to help get Olivia an interview at his firm. Much to Chelsea's dismay, however, Tim is intensely sentimental and cries at the drop of a hat. As Olivia's interview process slowly progresses, Chelsea must figure out how to shake off Tim without insulting him or sabotaging Olivia's chances for her dream job.

Dee Dee's Pillow
Chelsea finds out Dee Dee sleeps with a pillow she calls "Mario Lopez" and arranges for her to meet the real person. Melvin decides to date again but doesn't realize the object of his affection is a man in drag.

Those Damn Yankees
Chelsea gets excited when she starts dating a minor league baseball player, but when he gets traded to her hated New York Yankees she finds her loyalties tested.

Rick convinces the bar owner Jerry to make him manager, but Chelsea and the other workers soon turn on Rick. Nikki and Dee Dee take part in a "cleanse," though Nikki cheats.

The Foodie
Sloane takes everyone out to eat for a fancy restaurant to thank them for their help during her pregnancy, and Chelsea meets and falls for the handsome chef, but she soon becomes hooked on the rich, buttery food he makes.

Chelsea works to get a pair of expensive thigh high boots she spots in a local shop window, while Rick works to come up with an exciting new cocktail for a competition.

Chelsea plans a surprise party for Sloane, but it turns into a messy affair. When Sloane's husband arrives home from his Army tour by surprise, Chelsea must clean up her sister in a hurry.

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