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'Archer' Recap: The Heroes Turn Into Miniature Versions Of Themselves

March 27th, 2015 9:08am EDT
'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Drastic Voyage, Part 1' - Small Scal
Another Archer season, another crazy trip. "Drastic Voyage, Part 1" is the first half of the show's two-part season finale, and it finds a reason to turn our heroes into very small versions of themselves for maximum hilarity.

It all begins when Holly (Gary Cole) is briefing the team, telling them to keep their mouths shut, which of course they won't do. In fact, Pam is taking a selfie with the gang as he speaks. But Holly is onto these guys' shtick, assigning everyone to their new mission because he knows they'll all sneak into it anyway.

He wants them to help a Russian molecular scientis...

Recap: Don't Miss The Best 'Archer' Episode Of Season 6!

March 20th, 2015 9:05am EDT
Let's all get Matthew Rhys a fruit basket, because the Archer episode that he inspired - and also co-stars in - is the funniest of season six and one of the funniest in the history of the show. And teaches us a little something about history. And makes toast funny. It's really quite astoundingly hilarious.

In "Achub Y Morfilod," Archer's response to Lana's enraged response to the events of "Reignition Sequence" is to tranquilize his girlfriend and bring her to Wales for a romantic getaway that is actually a mission to extract a pair of Welsh separatists. If you had trouble keeping up with ...

Matthew Rhys To Guest Star On 'Archer'?

March 19th, 2015 12:03pm EDT
Matthew Rhys Is The Latest FX Star To Guest On 'Archer'
The Americans star Matthew Rhys guest-stars in tonight's episode of Archer as Lloyd, a Welsh separatist (pictured above with Lana). Its Rhys' first appearance on the show, but he's not the first star of another FX program to appear on Archer.

Over the years, Adam Reed and company have made great use of their network's talent pool, casting some of FX's biggest names as the voices of various characters, having them play everything from bad guys to even a main character's parents.

Read on to see how many folks you might recognize - and see if you remember them all.

Matthew Rhys: Stars as ...

Recap: Are You Happy That Lana And 'Archer' Are Back Together?

March 13th, 2015 9:48am EDT
'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Reignition Sequence' - The Break-Up
Are you happy that Lana and Archer are back together on Archer? Well, no one else in the office is, and they scheme to once again break up the pair in "Reignition Sequence." That means involving the woman that Archer almost married - the Russian former spy turned cyborg head of the KGB, Katya Kasanova - and someone catching on fire.

We can understand the annoyance. Archer and Lana have descended into full-on coupledom, feeding each other breakfast burritos and running off for office quickies, while Pam throws up in a Crock-Pot and Cyril tries to pretend he's fine. Cheryl/Carol suggests thr...

'Archer's' Lucky Yates And Amber Nash Give Their Thoughts On All The Crazy Plot Developments

March 12th, 2015 12:06pm EDT
'Archer': Lucky Yates and Amber Nash On Season 6 So Far
Lucky Yates and Amber Nash are so awesome, we had to have them back. The two Archer stars sat down with us last week to give us their thoughts on some of the many crazy plot developments so far in the current season.

They also told us how much they believe they share with their characters, the mad scientist Dr. Algernop Krieger and everyone's least effective HR rep Pam Poovey. It's more than you might think.

SPOILER ALERT: This interview contains spoilers for the current season of Archer, including the most recent episode. If you're not caught up with season 6, proceed with caution.

"I t...

'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Pocket Listing' - Lana Gets Some Action

March 6th, 2015 9:08am EST
'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Pocket Listing' - Lana Gets Some Act
You know what's one of our favorite things about Archer? Episodes that focus on Ray Gillette. "Pocket Listing" is one of those, sort of, if you count that it does more terrible things to a guy who's already had his legs ruined at least twice that we can remember. But more importantly, it involves Lana and that scene you've probably heard about that we're surprised got past standards and practices.

Continuing his tradition of popping up out of nowhere, Slater wants the team to get their hands on the prince of the very fictional republic of Durhan, for purposes he doesn't care to explain. Th...

'Archer' Recap And Review: 'The Kanes' - Meet The Parents

February 27th, 2015 9:05am EST
Season six of Archer has gotten some mileage out of how terrible a grandmother Malory is going to be (four words: "in a white church"), so it's natural that the show would now introduce baby AJ's maternal grandparents. That's the premise of "The Kanes," in which Archer meets Lana's parents and Lana's parents meet the insanity that is Archer.

Heading to San Francisco for this family reunion, we get the full briefing: both of Lana's parents hail from academia, which somewhat explains how she ended up as a protester before joining the spy game.

But Claudette and Lemuel Kane don't know that; ...

'Archer' Star Aisha Tyler: 'The Insanity Is Nigh For Lana'

February 26th, 2015 2:08pm EST
'Archer' Star Aisha Tyler: 'The Insanity Is Nigh For Lana'
Tonight's episode of Archer focuses on Lana Kane and her parents, Claudette and Lemuel Kane (voiced by CCH Pounder and Keith David). With the parents coming to town, this was the perfect time for us to sit down with the voice of Lana, the ever-witty Aisha Tyler, to ask how much of Lana she sees in herself, if maternity has made Lana a bit nicer, and how crazy the Archer cast really gets.

"I think the insanity is nigh on Archer for Lana," teased Aisha. "That’s about all I can tell you, but she’s about to enter a world of reckless pain for in a few episodes, so I think that will be very fun....

'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Nellis' - The One With Area 51

February 20th, 2015 9:06am EST
'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Nellis' - The One With Area 51
Archer has already done undersea, in space and let us not forget Skytanic, so it was probably only a matter of time before Adam Reed got to an episode involving aliens. And when Adam Reed does something, he really goes for it. "Nellis" may be the most off the wall episode this season...yet.

Incredibly brassed off about Lana setting him up royally, Archer has dealt with his anger in the only way he knows how: massive debauchery. This forces him to phone Cheryl/Carol for help, as he is now too broke and drunk to get home. But when she sends her private jet to get him, it's really so everyone...

'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Sitting' - Archer's Big Playdate

February 13th, 2015 9:05am EST
'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Sitting' - Archer's Big Playdate
Much of the humor of Archer's new season has come from the introduction of baby AJ, so it was only a matter of time before there was an episode about Archer being forced to babysit his daughter. And it was a given that he was going to screw it up royally, which is the premise of "Sitting."

Lana drops AJ off at Archer's apartment with strict instructions, and he swears he takes child care "very seriously," while misunderstanding the term "babyproofing" and thinking The Baby-Sitters Club is a how-to series.

But no sooner has Archer ushered Lana out the door (and eaten the phone number she g...

'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Vision Quest' - Hate In An Elevator

February 6th, 2015 9:19am EST
'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Vision Quest' - Hate In An Elevator
Sometimes, the best thing to do is also the simplest. Great TV shows don't need complicated plots or big surprises to succeed, not if they're fundamentally sound. Archer goes the minimalist route by placing almost all of its main characters in one confined space, and it's one of the series' best episodes.

Summoned to a mandatory early-morning meeting by Malory, everyone kvetches and moans all the way to the secret elevator - which promptly breaks down in the midst of their squabbling. Archer blames Ray for breaking the elevator. Carol/Cheryl thinks they now work in a coal mine, and screams...

'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Edie's Wedding' - Everyone's Horrible

January 30th, 2015 9:05am EST
'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Edie's Wedding' - Everyone's Horribl
Frasier had Maris. Home Improvement had Wilson. Archer has Edie Poovey: that character you don't see who becomes infamous in their non-appearance. In "Edie's Wedding," we finally meet Edie - and like her sister Pam, we immediately wish that we hadn't.

If you couldn't guess from the title of the episode, Edie (voiced by Emmy Award nominee and FX network alum Allison Tolman, who it should be said is far nicer than her character) is getting married, and that leaves Pam desperate for a date to accompany her to the ceremony, sobbing hysterically in the break room. Archer originally just wants h...

'Archer' Season 6: Judy Greer Talks Cheryl After Cherlene

January 29th, 2015 12:01pm EST
'Archer' Season 6: Judy Greer Talks Cheryl After Cherlene
Season six of Archer means that Cheryl/Carol is back to being just your regular, garden variety...horribly inept, mentally disturbed executive assistant. She may have left her country music career behind, but she's still just as crazy.

We chatted earlier this week with Judy Greer, who lends her voice to Cheryl or whatever her name is this week, to get her point of view on this season's shenanigans and what has made Archer so popular that people ask her to scream "You're not my supervisor!" into their cell phones.

"There was one major thing that happened this season that blew me away," she...

'Archer' Recap: 'The Archer Sanction' - Archer On Ice

January 23rd, 2015 9:42am EST
'Archer' Recap And Review: 'The Archer Sanction' - Archer On Ice
In a riff on 1975's The Eiger Sanction (which was itself based on a novel), the heroes of Archer get their coldest assignment yet: joining a mountain climbing group in order to figure out which one of their teammates is a professional assassin. As usual, Archer makes the mission even more complicated. And Ray tries and fails to get some action.

Arriving at the chalet, Lana is infuriated that Archer never fully read their mission dossier and can't tell them who their target is. All he thinks he knows is that the assassin hails from a country that was part of the Axis during World War II.


'Archer' Season 6: Amber Nash On Post-Cocaine Pam And Dad's Garage

January 22nd, 2015 12:08pm EST
'Archer' Season 6: Amber Nash On Post-Cocaine Pam And Dad's Gara
More Archer means more chances to talk about TV's queen of animated comedy: Amber Nash, the voice behind vastly inappropriate Human Resources rep Pam Poovey. Pam has become Archer's breakout character, and for that we can thank Amber and her talented pipes - plus the fact that she's completely fearless when it comes to delivering just about anything. And we do mean anything.

We caught up with Amber at FX's Television Critics Association presentation on Sunday to quiz her about how Pam kicked her cocaine habit from Archer Vice, get some inside information on next week's Pam-centric episode,...

'Archer' Recap: 'Three To Tango' - Revenge Rampage!

January 16th, 2015 9:11am EST
'Archer' Recap And Review: 'Three To Tango' - Revenge Rampage!
Here it is: the Archer episode we've been waiting for since season one. After lots of pleading, failed attempts to bribe Adam Reed, and the occasional tease, "Three to Tango" finally gives us the return of Sterling Archer's second-greatest and most competent nemesis, Conway Stern. Grudges and ridiculous disguises abound, while elsewhere, baby AJ is in well-intentioned but very unsafe hands (as you'd expect).

While Malory continues to grouse about how the building didn't get renovated, Lana convinces Slater (Christian Slater) to tell the team about a major assignment he begrudingly gives th...

He's Back! Coby Bell Returns To 'Archer' As Conway Stern

January 15th, 2015 9:56am EST
He's Back! Coby Bell Returns To 'Archer' As Conway Stern
Yes, Virginia, Conway Stern still exists - and tonight, the fan-favorite antagonist finally makes his long-awaited return to Archer.

In "Three To Tango," the rogue agent (wonderfully voiced once again by Burn Notice and The Game star Coby Bell) pops up on the CIA's radar. Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and Lana (Aisha Tyler) are sent to retrieve him, but naturally Archer is not ready to forgive Conway for literally stabbing him in the back.

"That was awesome. That was like the coolest thing I've ever done," Coby enthused when we asked him about his Archer guest spot in an interview after it air...

'Archer' Recap: 'The Holdout' - New Job, Same As The Old Job

January 9th, 2015 8:35am EST
'Archer' Recap And Review: 'The Holdout' - New Job, Same As The
Last season's drug-dealing escapades left Sterling Archer with a lot to process. Not only did the world's greatest spy (in his own head) have the usual job difficulties, many of them self-inflicted, but his ex-girlfriend Lana Kane dropped a major bombshell on him.

So when we begin season six of Archer, six weeks later, Archer has done exactly what you'd expect him to do when faced with responsibility.

He's run away.

"The Holdout" opens with Archer in a familiar position - hungover in a foreign country and being screamed at by Malory, who chastizes him for being an overgrown child "on one...

Interview: 'Archer' Season 6: Lucky Yates Dishes On Krieger (Or Is He?!)

January 8th, 2015 12:10pm EST
'Archer' Season 6: Lucky Yates Dishes On Krieger (Or Is He?!)
FX's Archer is the funniest show on television, because the people who make it are the funniest people in television. Case in point: Dr. Algernop Krieger, the crazed but oh so well intentioned clone of Adolf Hitler, is voiced by Lucky Yates, the crazed and relentlessly hilarious actor who is not a clone (that we know of). He can find the humor in anything, whether it's his character's latest scheme or just writing his own biography.

So we had a very hard time keeping a straight face when we caught up with Lucky to ask him about tonight's new season of Archer, how it felt to start over afte...

A Look Back At 'Archer Vice': Cocaine, Country And Kenny Loggins

January 6th, 2015 2:07pm EST
A Look Back At 'Archer Vice': Cocaine, Country And Kenny Loggins
Archer Vice is dead; long live Archer. That's the mantra, as FX's supremely hilarious animated series returns for its sixth season on Thursday. But its fifth-season detour was still a thing of inappropriate brilliance, and now that it's available on home video, it's the perfect time to look back on the crazy idea that was Archer Vice.

By now, you know the story: in trouble with the government (again), Sterling Archer and his spy-agency cohorts wind up trying to make a living selling a large quantity of cocaine that just happens to have fallen into their possession. This goes as well for th...

10 Hilarious Cartoons Not Just for Kids

June 8th, 2014 10:00am EDT
10 Hilarious Cartoons Not Just for Kids
With Fox's The Simpsons now well into its third decade on the air, it's been established for a while that animated television shows can appeal to the masses or even be aimed squarely at adult viewers.

From the antics of Peter Griffin to the adventures of Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny, there are plenty of great shows that lull you in with the cartoon animation you watched as a kid, only to wallop you over the head with their over-the-top adult humor.

Here are 10 of our favorite cartoons aimed at adult audiences.

The Critic

We'll start our list with one of our personal favorites that ...

'Archer' Soundtrack Album 'Cherlene' Is A Stroke Of Pure Genius

March 3rd, 2014 11:20am EST
Someone better give Adam Reed and Matt Thompson a gold star, because not only have they pulled off a wild reinvention of Archer in its fifth season, but they've also commissioned a tie-in album that stands on its own as an entertaining country music record.

SPOILER ALERT: This review contains references to the currently airing fifth season of Archer, including one tidbit about tonight's episode.

If you've been watching Archer - retitled Archer Vice - so far this season, you know that one of the latest schemes of its dysfunctional cast is trying to turn mentally unstable former secretary C...

'Archer' Season 5 Preview: Big Changes For The Hit FX Comedy

January 13th, 2014 12:09pm EST
[SPOILER ALERT - This preview reveals details regarding the upcoming fifth season of FX's hit animated comedy series Archer, including a significant point of tonight's season premiere episode. If you don't want to know anything about season five, please stop reading now and come back after you've seen "White Elephant."]

You have to hand it to Adam Reed, Matt Thompson, and FX. Having one of the funniest, most outrageous, wildly popular shows on television, they could just sit on their laurels and churn out a great season five. Instead, they've taken a huge risk by significantly reinventing ...

‘Archer’ Cast Interviews From New York Comic Con 2013

October 30th, 2013 3:30pm EDT
The season five premiere of Archer is still about two and a half to three months away, which meant the cast of the animated spy series wasn’t willing to share too much scoop at New York Comic Con earlier this month.

The question most asked – and dismissed quickly with no answer for fear of spoilers – was the identity of Lana’s baby daddy.

What scoop we were able to learn can be found below in some quick video interviews with the cast. (Why no interview with H. Jon Benjamin? He was running a bit late that day unfortunately.)

Interview with Jessica Walter (Malory Archer)

Interview with ...

H. Jon Benjamin is Still Funnier Than You in Season 4 of 'Archer'

February 14th, 2013 10:40am EST
H. Jon Benjamin
H. Jon Benjamin has one of the most-heard voices on television. He supplies the pipes for superspy Sterling Archer on FX's Archer and beleaguered restaurant owner Bob Belcher on FOX's Bob's Burgers, and can occasionally be heard on FOX's Family Guy, too. BFTV wrangled Jon away from his numerous commitments to get some more witty commentary on the current season of Archer - and the weirdest experience he's ever had with the show's fans.

His two starring roles collided at the beginning of Archer's season, when Archer developed amnesia after his mother's wedding and became convinced that he w...

'Archer' Is Back! Season 3 DVD Review and Season 4 Preview

January 16th, 2013 9:00am EST
You'd better call Kenny Loggins, because you're about to re-enter the Danger Zone. Tomorrow night kicks off season four of FX's hilariously wrong animated series Archer, and here are a few things to look forward to in the new episodes - plus a review of the recently released Season 3 DVD.

Season three of Archer was as funny as it's ever been, and the two-disc DVD set is equally amusing, as well as equally inappropriate. The episodes - which saw Archer and the other dysfunctional spies of ISIS go everywhere from the deep South to space in a variety of adventures that would make any live-act...

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Named The Greatest Cult TV Series

July 27th, 2012 9:17am EDT
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Fans just can't get enough of vampires. Today it's "Twilight," but not too long ago it was "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," which tops a new magazine list of the 25 Best Cult TV Shows from the past 25 years.

The Joss Whedon-helmed series ran for 144 episodes between March 1997 and May 2003, and is number one on Entertainment Weekly's new poll. The show was a mixture of drama, comedy, romance, action, and horror.

"Buffy" centered on the exploits of its titular vampire slayer, a mystical "Chosen One" living in Sunnydale, Calif., an idyllic small town situated atop the mouth to hell. Buffy (Sarah...

The 10 Television Characters I Still Miss

March 28th, 2012 8:00am EDT
Line of Fire
There are lots of TV shows I miss. But then there are the characters: individual performances so good they came alive, and I still wonder about them. It's one thing to mourn a show for awhile, another to ask yourself years later, "Whatever happened to...?" as if that person was real.

Here are ten TV characters that I still think about, in (almost) chronological order of their departures.

1. Jennifer Sampson in Line of Fire, as played by Julie Ann Emery (2003)

I'm putting this one first because this is the character that gave me the idea for this piece. Sometimes I feel like I was the o...

'Archer' Recap: 'Bloody Ferlin' (3.09)

February 24th, 2012 1:39am EST
If I could have a crush on an animated gay man, it would be Ray Gillette. He's funny and generally saner than everyone else at ISIS, and completely deserving of his own Archer episode.

The saga begins when Lana and Archer find Ray (who is not actually paralyzed; he was just rolling with everyone else's assumption for the past six months) stocking up in the ISIS armory. "I kind of have some family problems," he tells them. His brother Randy is a "drug farmer" who's being targeted by the local sheriff, and he's intent on mounting a rescue mission. What interests Archer about this is tha...

'Archer' Recap: 'Lo Scandalo' (3.08)

February 17th, 2012 1:38am EST
Of all the things on Archer that can make me cringe (and there are many of them), the topic that always gets to me is any mention of Malory Archer's sex life. So here's an entire episode about that!

Archer and Lana are called over by his mother on a rainy Friday night because there's "a guy in a full-body latex cat suit" who's been shot to death in her apartment - and that guy happens to be the Prime Minister of Italy. It looks like the fatal end to an incredibly kinky sex game, and it kind of is. This is Archer. No one ever really dies normally, or with much dignity.

We find ou...