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Dumber Dolls
Meatwad's newest doll, Happy Time Harry, turns out to be a depressed alchoholic intent on corrupting his new owner.

Revenge of the Mooninites
The Mooninites return to continue corrupting Meatwad and steal all of Carl's pornography using a magical belt from the band Foreigner.

Mayhem of the Mooninites
After the Mooninites rent a room from Master Shake, they start to corrupt Meatwad and beam Carl to the moon.

Master Shake infects Frylock's computer and their house with pop-up ads from the internet god "The"

Rabbot (Pilot)
After Carl's car is destroyed, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force must stop the culprit, a giant rabbit robot built by Dr. Weird.

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future
In February, the ghost of Christmas past, which is really a robot from the future, comes to tell the history of Christmas.

Dumber Days
Meatwad gets depressed when it is discovered that his brain is just a plastic toy with a bell inside. Frylock enlists Carl's help in getting Meatwad a new brain, the result of which makes Meatwad grow larger.

While Frylock and Carl are stuck in another dimension, Master Shake leaves Meatwad in the clothes dryer for a week. Meatwad emerges with special electric powers that terrorize everyone around him.

Love Mummy
Frylock and Meatwad find a demanding mummy living underneath the house that keeps threatening to curse them if his demands aren't met.

Mail-Order Bride
For Christmas, Master Shake and Carl order a mail order bride from Chechnya who wants nothing to do with them. Meatwad wants a wig for holidays so people will take him seriously.

Bad Replicant
Aliens intent on world domination kidnap Master Shake and send a clone of him to live with Frylock and Meatwad.

Bus of the Undead
The Master Shake signal attracts Dr. Weird's mutant Mothmonsterman, who craves the light that Shake has been stealing from Carl.

Ol' Drippy
Some of the mold in the kitchen comes to life and Meatwad names him Ol' Drippy. But soon Master Shake gets jealous of the attention, until Ol' Drippy sacrifices himself to save Master Shake's life.

Escape from Leprauchpolis
The Aqua Teen Hunger Force tries to stop some leprechauns who are using an internet scam to mug people and steal their belongings.

MC P Pants
MC P Pants, the rap artist that Meatwad is addicted to, is revealed to be a giant eight foot spider.

Master Shake sells Meatwad to the circus, but then gets upset when Meatwad turns into a success as "Meat Mountain."

Master Shake loses his PDA and blames a tar monster named Romulux from the Trenton Tar Pits.

Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto
Frylock makes contact with some dumb aliens, the Plutonians, who intend to melt Master Shake and dominate the world.

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