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Drama series following the special relationship between two women -- Rene Jackson, a powerful and highly successful single African-American attorney and Mary Elizabeth Sims, a white married homemaker with children. The women have shared a friendship that dates back to their childhood in the 1960s South where, through flashbacks, the civil rights movement is seen through their eyes. Set in Birmingham, Alabama.

In the second season, Mary Elizabeth and Rene each long for a life she gave up along the way -- the life the other has. Inspired by Rene's career success, Mary Elizabeth pursues her long-delayed dream of writing by interning at the local newspaper. Rene becomes engaged and tries the challenging role of stepmother, while dealing with her fiance's resentment of her financial success.

The third season finds M.E. and Rene in search of purpose and reward beyond their day-to-day mantas, as they seek greater individual accomplishment in their everyday lives. Mary Elizabeth has finally finished her first novel, "Port Dixie," and Rene searches from more meaning in her life beyond her professional career as she becomes a mentor to a troubled teenager. M.E. and her husband Colliar find their heads above water. No longer experiencing the financial problems they had a year ago, they are making the adjustment from budgeting to spending. Meanwhile, Rene takes on some tough cases; she defends a teenager who may be tried for murder as an adult, and a young black man who is the victim of racial profiling. Rene goes through a period of self-discovery, leading her to the decision to become a mentor and to run for political office.

In the fourth season, Mary Elizabeth's writing career begins to take off as she struggles with her new role as a grandmother; she and her husband Colliar try to strengthen their sputtering marriage as they deal with helping to raise their bi-racial grandson. While their family relationships mend, Mother Nature threatens to wreak havoc on their Birmingham home. Meanwhile, Rene continues to make a name for herself in the community when she expands her practice to focus on civil rights cases. She moves into a new office and hires new associates, including her old office partner, Joe Lazano, a reformed ambulance chaser; as well as a tough, conservative African American woman, Staci Trenton; and a Southern "good ol' boy" lawyer, Carey. Together, they take on cases related to human rights issues, pollution, the homeless and "Good Samaritan" laws. Also, Rene begins a personal relationship that may lead her to the altar.