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'American Idol' Recap: Best Of Minneapolis And New Orleans

1/23/2015 9:45am EST
'American Idol' 2015 Episodes 5 and 6 Recap: Best Of Minneapolis
This week, American Idol 2015 traveled to Minneapolis and New Orleans to find the next big superstar. Both cities produced title contenders. However, neither city reached the level of talent seen in the New York auditions.

A few auditions from this week's American Idol 2015 became our "ones to watch in Hollywood." Here are the top 5 standout performances from Minneapolis and New Orleans.

In no particular order.


Morgan Ovens

Morgan became another victim of a montage sequence. We only witnessed a brief moment of her potential but we were sold on it. Morgan's soft-rock ton...

'American Idol' Recap: Best Of New York Auditions

1/16/2015 9:55am EST
'American Idol' 2015 Episode 4 Recap: Best Of New York Auditions
Our American Idol 2015 talent expectations lowered after Wednesday's episode. Last night's one elevated it again. New York introduced us to some of the best singers ever heard on Idol.

Even the Idol rejects had talent. If American Idol 2015 builds on the momentum from New York, the competition will be the toughest ever.

New York Auditions: Top 7

Adam Lambert joined Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr to judge these auditions. His presence made a wonderful night of auditions even better. The talent level on last night's American Idol episode was too high to talk about everyone. If we tr...

'American Idol' 2015 Episode 3: Kansas City Auditions

1/15/2015 8:52am EST
'American Idol' 2015 Episode 3 Recap: Kansas City Auditions
American Idol 2015 premiere week introduced us to a lot of talented singers. They excited us for this season. Last night's episode of American Idol 2015 lowered our excitement levels.

This American Idol season14 episode didn't have an array of singers who couldn't hit a note, or even boring personalities. Most of them had interesting, unique voices and stories. Most of the voices just didn't elevate to a level where we'd root for them. We hope American Idol saved the auditions that give goosebumps for tonight's episode.

Kansas City Auditions

The Kansas City auditions were a bit differe...

'American Idol' 2015 Premiere Recap: Audition 1- Nashville

1/8/2015 9:31am EST
'American Idol' 2015 Premiere Recap: First Stop Nashville
Last night, American Idol returned for its fourteenth season.The show that built mega stars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood had a few major changes. One change was to introduce us to the top 24...before auditions.

Oddly, we didn't really meet them. We just saw their outlines and heard their voices. American Idol 14 also decided to let fans see more behind the scenes action. These changes will either make the series seem more human, or less. The verdict is still out on which one.

One thing that remained the same was the judges: Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. T...

Randy Jackson Is Leaving 'American Idol'

11/12/2014 9:14am EST
Randy Jackson Is Exiting 'American Idol' After 13 Seasons
The longest-running judge on "American Idol" is calling it quits. Randy Jackson, who joined the singing competition in 2002 alongside Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, won't be returning for season 14.

The music producer said in a statement: "After 13 seasons, I felt now was the perfect time to leave American Idol. I'm proud to have been a part of a series that discovered some incredible artists and will go down in history as one of the most successful television shows ever. A true original, Idol started it all. Onto what's next."

Last May Jackson announced he would be leaving the show; howev...

Former 'American Idol' Contestant Joanne Borgella Dead At Age 32

10/19/2014 8:15am EDT
Former 'Idol' Contestant  Joanne Borgella Dead At Age 32
Former 'American Idol' contestant Joanne Borgella passed away early Saturday morning of Endometrial cancer.

The 32 year old singer and model competed on American Idol in 2008 and was diagnosed with the rare form of cancer in October of 2013. Borgella didn't hide her fight with the disease and regularly shared her battle and faith with fans on social media. Her family made a final statement via her Facebook page to announce her passing.

"To God be the glory! read the statement, "With heavy hearts, we are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our beloved Joanne. On Saturday, October 18...

Former 'American Idol' Judge Randy Jackson's Wife Files For Divorce

9/28/2014 2:22pm EDT
Randy and Erika Jackson
Randy Jackson's wife Erika has filed for divorce from the former "American Idol" judge after 18 years of marriage.

Jackson's wife has cited irreconcilable differences in her filing and is seeking full physical custody of the couple's son Jordan, 17, along with joint legal custody.

The two also have a daughter, Zoe, 19; and Jackson has a daughter, Taylor, with first wife Elizabeth, whom he divorced in 1990.

"Randy and Erika had a plan [of how they would file] but at the end of the day she decided to file [on Friday]," a source told People magazine. "Randy is bummed out. It's not the way h...

Caleb Johnson Becomes The Latest Casualty Of The Diminishing 'American Idol' Franchise

8/25/2014 10:50am EDT
Caleb Johnson
The profitability and lucrativeness of the American Idol franchise in regards to its album sales seems to be done. It is finished people – F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D! It’s sort of like overcooking bacon…not very tasty and certainly not edible. Why this post now – well another Idol winner has fallen, epically. Technically, maybe you can’t fall before you ever ascended, but a recording career can definitely be done before it begins. Lately, this has been the disconcerting trend of American Idol.

Caleb Johnson has successfully stolen Candice Glover’s crown as the lowest selling American Idol wi...

9 Classic Memorable Reality TV Moments: From Innocent To Cruel

8/20/2014 7:00pm EDT
9 Classic Memorable Reality TV Moments: From Innocent To Cruel
The one thing about reality television is that for the most part, it is completely unscripted (or so the networks would like us to believe.) What happens on camera is usually a reaction to something another cast member did and therefore, causes lots of juicy ammunition for others to keep the perpetual fires lit. Reality has become a hotbed of catcalls, catfights, bad behavior and image-wrecking scenarios. Still, there are some bright lights in the genre. Some of the best reality show moments have made us cry, held back our disbelief and ran us straight to social media to talk about it with ...

'American Idol' Star Josh Gracin Posts Apparent Suicide Note Online

8/15/2014 11:32am EDT
Josh Gracin
Former "American Idol" star Josh Gracin is "safe" with his family after posting what appeared to be a suicide note on Facebook on Thursday.

The singer, who came in fourth place during the second season of the reality singing competition, left a message online seemingly directed at his wife Ann. He hinted that he was about to take his life.

Gracin, 33, wrote: "I've loved her for 17 years... I made mistakes... I admitted them, told her the truth and she turned her back on me when I needed her help the most. Please remember me as someone who gave his all in his music... Pray for my family as...

Rumor Patrol: Kanye Pushes Civil Rights, Keith Urban Pulls For Nashville, More!

8/9/2014 9:00am EDT
Rumor Patrol: Kanye Pushes Civil Rights, Keith Urban Pulls For N
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Kanye West, Civil Rights Leader? Oh Kanye, your mouth runneth over again! It was reported on that Yeezus stated there's a parallel between blacks fighting for civil rights in the '60s and celebs fighting for theirs today. He's also stated that the violations he faces of his personal rights on a daily basis are akin to rape. True?

Verdict: Seriously Kanye? Wish we could make this one up but unfo...

Autopsy On 'American Idol' Star Michael Johns Proves Inconclusive

8/5/2014 9:33am EDT
Autopsy On 'American Idol' Star Michael Johns Proves Inconclusiv
An autopsy performed on "American Idol" singer Michael Johns has proved inconclusive, according to

The star, who was a contestant on the seventh season of the FOX reality series, died at a friend's home in California on Friday. The day prior he had sought medical attention for pain and swelling in his leg after he sprained his ankle.

Johns' close friend Torrey Gimball told E! news, "My mom took him into the emergency room. He had complained about his leg hurting him, he thought it might be a blood clot because it had bruised pretty badly and he never hurt his leg."

It had been ...

American Idol Star Michael Johns Passes Away - Celebs And Co-Stars Pay Tribute

8/3/2014 10:00am EDT
American Idol Star Michael Johns Passes Away - Celebs And Co-Sta
Season seven American Idol finalist Michael Johns passed away on Friday, due to a blood clot in his ankle. His close friend Torrey Gimball laments that Johns had been suffering from pain in his leg several days before his passing. He Told E! news ""My mom took him into the emergency room. He had complained about his leg hurting him, he thought it might be a blood clot because it had bruised pretty badly and he never hurt his leg."

His manager took to Twitter and expressed his deepest condolences to friends and family, saying "It is with a heavy heart and inconsolable sadness that we confir...

Lopez, Urban, Connick & Seacrest Commit To Season 14 Of 'American Idol'

6/24/2014 11:00am EDT
Lopez, Urban, Connick & Seacrest Commit To Season 14 Of 'America
"American Idol" judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. and host Ryan Seacrest are staying put for season 14, according to 21st Century Fox Senior Executive Vice President David Hill, who announced the news on Monday.

"Jennifer, Keith, Harry and Ryan are the very best in the business at what they do, and I'm thrilled that they are returning to American Idol for another season," he explained during a network event in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Each brings unique qualities and expertise to the team, but they all share the same passion for helping undiscovered singers achieve the ...

The 19 Best Summer Television Shows Ever

5/29/2014 3:00pm EDT
Mad Men
Summer television has the unfair reputation of being the dumping ground for shows "not ready" for the fall or spring, or where offbeat series never take off or go to die. While shows have certainly been banished to the warmer months, dozens of classic shows either got their start or existed entirely in the summer.


Reality TV existed before Survivor, but its success on CBS as a Summer show opened the door to every and any kind of reality TV... for better or worse. It was featured on the cover of TIME magazine and was one of the highest rated shows on television for its first ele...

Review: Phillip Phillips, ‘Behind the Light’

5/22/2014 8:15pm EDT
Phillip Phillips, ‘Behind the Light’
Phillips takes a step forward on his sophomore LP, though nothing supplants “Home”

“Searchlight” opens Behind the Light abruptly and somewhat indistinctly. The folk rumination kicks off the track, instantly channeling Phillips’ “Home”and of course one ubiquitous Mumford & Sons. Not long after the layers of acoustic guitar and banjos, Phillips begins singing. The thinking isn’t bad given the scope of the said hit, but also, the likelihood of replicating “Home” is a steep one. “Searchlight” doesn’t end up being a bad joint once it settles in, but I’m not sure that it’s more effective than...

'American Idol' Recap: Caleb Johnson Crowned Season 13 Winner

5/22/2014 5:53am EDT
'American Idol' Recap: Caleb Johnson Crowned Season 13 Winner
Last night, what used to be one of the biggest moments on the pop culture calendar essentially became the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

Yes, it's basically over for 'American Idol' at this point. The show is coming back next season, but it comes on the heels of the series' lowest rating ever - a 1.6 for the final performance show - and less buzz than a dead bee. It was damn near impossible to find Caleb trending on any form of social media. This is not what 'Idol' is supposed to be.

So Caleb won in near-obscurity. It was inevitable once Alex started to bore the judges that Caleb ...

'American Idol' Recap: Caleb And Jena In The Final Showdown

5/21/2014 9:50am EDT
American Idol
Caleb vs. Jena isn't exactly the best of 'American Idol' finales, but it certainly promised to be one of the most compelling with two very similar singers competing and neither having established themselves as the clear favorite.

So who got the better of this close matchup? Read on to find out.

Jena Irene sang "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + The Machine

Keith Said: The way that you owned the stage is a sign of a true pro.

J-Lo Said: It was a really good start. I could see the heebie-jeebies, but you loosened up.

Harry Said: That was fantastic. I hope you put that song on your record....

'American Idol' Recap: Alex Preston Exits, Plus A Preview Next Week's Finale

5/16/2014 8:57am EDT
 Alex Preston is eliminated on AMERICAN IDOL
For the third straight season, number three is actually number one.

It's become an odd trend in recent years that the most talented contestant ends up missing out on the finale by one spot. It started two seasons ago when Joshua Ledet, the best contestant in the history of 'Idol' not named Kelly Clarkson, ended up third as Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez moved on to the finale. Last year, the choice was even more confounding when surefire winner and clear best contestant Angie Miller inexplicably went home in third.

The dubious trend continued last night when Alex Preston took the br...

'American Idol' Recap: The Final Three Get Three Shots At the Finals

5/15/2014 8:46am EDT
'American Idol' Recap: The Final Three Get Three Shots At the Fi
Last night ‘American Idol’ celebrated its 500th episode. I’m celebrating too by counting down the top 500 moments in the history of ‘American Idol’!

Just kidding. Let’s recap the performances, shall we?

Caleb Johnson sang "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS

Keith Said: Really good job tonight. You’re such a pro.

J-Lo Said: You on your worst night are better than people on their best night.

Harry Said: Don’t oversing and hurt yourself.

The Verdict:

This a bit outside the typical Caleb gear as he injects some real blues into the proceedings for a toned-down version of this song. He doesn’t c...

'American Idol' Gets Renewed - And Downsized

5/12/2014 3:03pm EDT
'American Idol' Gets Renewed - And Downsized
American Idol will return to television once more, but it won't be the same.

Following flagging ratings and an aging demographic (Nielsen reports idol the average age of Idol viewers is over 50), FOX is planning to give the show only one night a week instead of two.

The show already cut down the results episode to half an hour this season, but now its apparent the show's ratings no longer merit a second night.

Fox executive Kevin Reilly said in a conference call this morning, as reported by E!, "I think you'll see a two-night format, at least initially during the audition phase. It's qui...

'American Idol' Recap: Jessica Meuse Goes Home + The Top 3 Power Ranking

5/9/2014 8:39am EDT
'American Idol' Recap: Jessica Meuse Goes Home + The Top 3 Power
Last night’s ‘American Idol’ was much more about the talking than it was the singing.

As the show’s results show has been mercifully cut to a half-hour (not any longer – RIP Surviving Jack), the music on this show has completely disappeared on Thursday nights. After initial teases of the judges’ bringing emerging acts to the results show, the show became nothing but a 30-minute chatfest as quickly as it was reduced.

Last night, the gabs reached their apex with not one, but two ‘Idol’ meals. First, the typical family-style dinner where the contestants talk about how great they all are and ...

'American Idol' Recap: The Final Four Get Three Shots At Glory

5/8/2014 10:40am EDT
American idol
It’s a night of good news for ‘American Idol’ as it became official that the show will be back next year for another season despite its dwindling ratings.

That also means that all you Starpulsers will get another season of me writing way too many words about mediocre singers attempting to look like superstars. My fingers are already getting tired just thinking about it – so let’s give them a rest with a lightning round recap of last night’s show.

It’s three for four as there are no duets and each contestant takes on love, breakups and makeups with a trio of performances. Again. Fingers. T...

'American Idol' Recap: Sam Woolf Sent Home + Power Ranking The Final 4

5/2/2014 8:23am EDT
'American Idol' Recap: Sam Woolf Sent Home + Power Ranking The F
Another year, another wasted judges’ save.

A few weeks after getting a nonsense save, Sam Woolf finally went home last night after his embarrassing combination of bad that was last week’s watered down funk song and then actually made a song by The Fray more boring just a short hour later.

This kid just wasn’t going to win. He doesn’t have the chops. He’s worse than every cute guy with a guitar that ever came before him and even though the producers clearly wanted him to stay around as long as possible, America knew much better than to let him stay around longer than he deserved.

It’s obn...

'American Idol' Recap: Top 5 Perform Fan Selections, Who Stood Out?

5/1/2014 8:56am EDT
American Idol Top 5 Perform
America provided the song choices for our ‘Idols’ last night and Jason Mraz provided the mentorship to, I suppose, teach the kids how to wear weird hats and write terrible songs.

Needless to say, I didn’t watch any of the mentor sessions, nor was I particularly floored by the song choices for the contestants. At least they brought back the duets and group performances that I didn’t watch while they rushed judgment of the actual performances.

No. That’s a bad thing too, isn’t it?

Let’s break down the actual performances.

Alex Preston sang "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood

Keith Sai...

'American Idol' Recap: CJ Harris Goes Home + Power Rankings

4/25/2014 8:24am EDT
C.J. Harris is eliminated on AMERICAN IDOL
It happens every year, and this year an annual dubious honor falls to CJ Harris.

CJ's unique archetype is quite simple: The performer who seems insanely talented in the early running and then ends up boring, repetitive, disappointing and out before the top five.

The best example ever of this was Andrew Garcia who, on season nine, delivered a version of 'Straight Up' by Paula Abdul that was so good he seemed like the winner after Hollywood Week. After that, he got lost in a string of bad covers, boring performances and the judges continuing to bring up his one great performance.

CJ is thi...

'American Idol' Recap: Contestants Take On Country And Rock

4/24/2014 9:04am EDT
'American Idol' Recap: Contestants Take On Country And Rock
It's one of the biggest weeks of the season on 'Idol' as the contestants finally get to stop singing those atrocious duets and group numbers and, instead, get two solo shots to wow the judges and the audience.

In the first night of doubles, the contestants took on two different genres: First rock and then country.


Jena Irene sang "Barracuda" by Heart

Keith Said: You set the bar really high.

J-Lo Said: Anything extra you can do to really complete your performance is what's going to help you win.

Harry Said: You have such a strong voice and it's such a perfect match for that song.

'American Idol' Top 7 Recap: Things Start Getting Weird

4/17/2014 9:55am EDT
'American Idol' Top 7 Recap: Things Start Getting Weird
It's time to recap 'American Idol' with a skull-crushing cold and about half-a-bottle of Robitussin in my belly.

Look out. Things are about to get weird. Y'know, like letting rival contestants pick which song each Idol will sing.

Caleb Johnson sang "Family Tree" by Kings of Leon

Keith Said: That was a great choice. It really highlighted your strengths.

J-Lo Said: It's dangerous to put you first in the lineup: Now everybody else has to raise their game.

Harry Said: It sounded like a song that could be on your record.

The Verdict:

Are we completely certain Caleb isn't already in Kings ...

9 Spin-Off Shows That Were Real Hits

4/15/2014 4:00pm EDT
9 Spin-Off Shows That Were Real Hits
Remember what it was like when you were dedicated to one show only, you never missed an episode and hoped your favorite characters (or personalities) would get their turn in the spotlight? Well that did happen to these classic spin-offs, who found their niche in television history and rightly remain some of the most unique and diverse group of programming ever made for television.

1. "The Simpsons"

(Spun off of "The Tracey Ullman Show")

"The Simpsons" was a cartoon short utilized in the series "The Tracey Ullman Show" during its run from 1987-1990. The show took on a life of its own i...

'American Idol' Recap: Malaya Watson Goes Home + Power Rankings

4/11/2014 9:35am EDT
Eliminated contestant Malaya Watson
Even at 30 minutes, the results show feels like a waste of time.

Last night, the 'American Idol' results show tried to pack as little as possible into 30 minutes of live television. Spots normally reserved for musical guests and contestant backstories were eschewed in favor of...well...talking. And moving the camera around the stage. And...that's it.

It seems impossible to think that with the results show halved the producers would have trouble filling its running time, but then last night happened. A night where the Ford Commercial was the most entertaining part of the show. A night wher...