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'American Idol' Crowns Its Final Winner

4/8/2016 8:52am EDT
'American Idol' 2016 Series Finale Recap: Who Is Your Final 'Ame
American Idol crowned its final winner...for now, as Ryan Seacrest ominously put it at the end of the hour. The night focused less on Trent Harmon and La'Porsha Renae's Idol journey and more on the series' journey. We basically got a two-hour showcase of some of the greatest American Idol talents.

It was kind of like a big class reunion, where we saw faces that we hadn't seen in awhile, but we still felt that excitement you feel when you see an old friend again for the first time after a long absence. American Idol did a lot of medleys, some duets, trios, and solo performances.

The show...

Who Will Win 'American Idol'?

4/7/2016 1:39pm EDT
'American Idol' Finale: Who Will Be The Last ‘American Idol’ Win
Last night, La'Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon became the final two finalists (ever) on American Idol. It was a finale night for the books. They both performed three songs nearly perfectly. It's hard to imagine that only one of them can take home the American Idol crown.

The series put a lot of pressure on this winning because it marks the end of the fifteen year Idol journey. People will likely remember this winner just as much as they do Kelly Clarkson. So who will bookend Kelly's win on American Idol?

Since Hollywood week, we have expected (and hoped) for a La'Porsha versus Trent finale....

'American Idol' Finals: The Final Two Battle It Out

4/7/2016 8:34am EDT
'American Idol' 2016 Finals: Mississippi Versus Mississippi-The
Last night, the final three contestants took the American Idol stage. One finalist left before the second round could even begin. We were down to two of the strongest vocalist American Idol has had in years.

Later today, we make an attempt to guess the American Idol 2016 winner. However, both performers performed at such high levels of excellence that we truly have no clue who will win. We also would be happy with either outcome on American Idol. Both deserving, both talented, both gave last night their all.

American Idol's final performance night broke down into three rounds. The first r...

'American Idol' Top 3 Revealed, The End Is Near

4/1/2016 9:04am EDT
'American Idol' 2016 Semifinals Recap: Top 3 Revealed-The End Is
Last night, American Idol aired its final episode before the grand finale. The nostalgia almost made the episode too much for longtime Idol fans to endure. The final four (who quickly became the final three) sung three songs.

Their hometowns inspired the first round of songs, mentor Scott Borchetta picked the second round of them. Judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. picked the final songs.

It was another really strong American Idol performance night. Proving that we will miss the series once it is gone.

The Final Three American Idol Performances Recap:

Hometown Cho...

Sia And Steven Van Zandt Mentor The 'Idol' Final Four

3/25/2016 8:35am EDT
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Sia And Steven Van Zandt Mentor The
Last night, American Idol revealed the top four finalists. Instead of the usual, sing for their life segment, the power was back in America's hands. They picked the top 4 American Idol 2016 finalists, without the judges' interference. Sonika Vaid became the fifth place finisher. She and Dalton Rapattoni were in the bottom two.

The night started with rock songs. For this section, the Idol contestants were mentored by their usual mentor Scott Borchetta and special guest mentor Steven Van Zandt. For the second half, Sia stepped in to coach the singers on her songbook. Overall, the American Id...

'Ice Age,' 'The Passion' Make Big Night For FOX

3/20/2016 9:04am EDT
Sunday TV Guide: 'Ice Age,' 'The Passion' Make Big Night For FOX
Since today is Palm Sunday, FOX is counter-programming against the second round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament tonight by offering up a pair of Easter specials for the entire family, heading up our review of what to watch tonight.

First at the early time of 7:30 p.m., the network is airing another Ice Age animated TV-movie called Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade. As you can guess, it's about a prehistoric Easter egg hunt.

Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary and Queen Latifah reprise their voice roles as beloved characters Manny the mammoth, Sid the sloth, Diego the saber-toothe...

'American Idol': The Top 6 Perform America's Choice Songs; Top 5 Revealed

3/18/2016 11:37am EDT
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: The Top 6 Perform America's Choice S
Blink and you might miss this final season of American Idol. Rapidly, the show approaches its final hour. In what feels like overnight, we now only have five remaining contestants fighting for that final American Idol crown.

Last night, another Idol hopeful left the competition, which was followed by one of the strongest American Idol performance nights of 2016. With such stellar performances, we cannot even begin to predict whose Idol journey ends next week.

Top 6 Performances Recap:

Trent Harmon

"Counting Stars" by One Republic

Judges' Comments: Keith Urban said that Trent failed t...

Can Kris Allen Come Through With A Commercial Success?

3/17/2016 7:00pm EDT
Commercial Success Hasn’t Come Easy For Kris Allen
Unfortunately for former American Idol victor Kris Allen, not all commercial success fueled by the once juggernaut of singing reality competitions is created equal. Allen pulled off the upset when he beat ‘assumed’ American Idol frontrunner, Adam Lambert. As many who disputed the results of the show thought, Lambert would outperform all of Allen’s albums, including scoring a no. 1 album with Trespassing. As for Kris Allen, he’d miss the top 10 of the Billboard 200 altogether: Kris Allen (no. 11), Thank You Camellia (no. 26) and Horizons (no. 80).

So why did Kris Allen fail to become a vi...

'American Idol' Hopefuls Down To Top 6

3/11/2016 8:37am EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Two More Eliminated, Meet The Top 6
Last night, American Idol introduced the top 6 contestants. By the end of the hour, two more hopefuls said farewell to their American Idol dreams.

The night gave the remaining eight a chance to sing duets and solo performances. Overall, it was a strong two-hour broadcast, with almost all of the hopefuls really stepping up their performances. So how well did the top 8 perform? And who went home on last night's American Idol? Read our full recap below to find out.

La Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon

"See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa Featuring Charlie Puth

Judges' Comments: Keith Urban said it...

‘American Idol’ Now Down To Final 8 - Who Went Home?

3/4/2016 9:51am EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Two Eliminated--10 Become 8
Last night, American Idol went from ten finalists to eight, as the series rapidly heads towards its series finale. All ten Idol finalists performed before the judges saved one of the bottom three. This night, Scott Borchetta mentored the American Idol contestants. Demi Lovato and Harry Connick Jr. performed.

The theme of the night was Grammy-winning songs.

Dalton Rapattoni

"Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons

Judges' Comments: Keith Urban said that he did not like that song choice for Dalton. However, he loves his passion and hunger. Jennifer Lopez said that Dalton really understands the ...

'American Idol' Fans Can't Stop Talking About Kelly Clarkson's Big Performance This Week

2/26/2016 1:31pm EST
'American Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson won the first season of “American Idol” and she was back this week as the show heads toward crowning its final winner. During Thursday's show, Clarkson got up on stage to perform and people cannot stop talking about this segment.

Clarkson performed her song “Piece by Piece,” and she hit a few difficult moments as she sang. During the song, judges Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez shed some tears, as did some contestants, audience members and many viewers at home.

“Piece by Piece” is about how Clarkson was abandoned by her father as a child. It touches on how her husband is an ...

'American Idol': The Final Top 10 Perform For Kelly Clarkson

2/26/2016 1:12pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: The Final Top 10 Perform For Kelly C
Last night, American Idol revealed the top 10 finalists. On Wednesday, four got a fast pass to the top ten, while the remaining six had to sing for America's vote. It was a night where the Idols reminded fans why they loved them.

Thursday's live show started with host Ryan Seacrest announcing the six finalists to join Trent Harmon, La'Porsha Renae, Olivia Rox, and Dalton Rapattoni as one of the top 10 finalists. The additional finalists were Tristan McIntosh, Sonika Vaid, Gianna Isabella, Mackenzie Bourg, Avalon Young, and Lee Jean.

The four cut tonight were Manny Torres, Jeneve Mitchell,...

'American Idol' Top 14 Perform

2/25/2016 1:59pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Top 14 Perform--Who Has Your Vote?
Last night, the top 14 American Idol finalists performed for America and the judges in their first attempt to garner votes. The judges spared four finalists the stress of performing. These contestants were La'Porsha Renae, Olivia Rox, Trent Harmon, and Dalton Rapattoni. This left ten contestants to sing for America's votes.

This Idol night acted as a recap with the contestants singing their favorite moments from their American Idol journey. If we loved them prior to last night, our love remained. If we were uninspired by them in the prior weeks, then those feelings continued last night. Ve...

'American Idol' Top 24 Semifinals - More Duets, More Cuts

2/19/2016 12:42pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Top 24 Semifinals- More Duets, More
Last night, American Idol 2016 ended its top 24 semifinals. The results led to a very teen-friendly final Idol season. A few of our favorites were cut last night, but we expected these results. The American Idol judges seem to have a very clear aim for this season.

American Idol gave us another great night of duets. If the series ever decides to return, and rebrand, they should consider a spin-off series called American Idol duets. We would love to hear more alumni with newbies. It creates such an interesting performance and vocal dynamics.

Amelia Eisenhauer and Kellie Pickler

"Suds in...

'American Idol': Top 24-Group 2 Sings For The Judges

2/18/2016 11:53am EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Top 24-Group 2 Sings For The Judges
Last night, Idol's top 24 continued with week 2 of the semifinals. The remaining twelve contestants sang to stay alive in the American Idol competition. Tonight, those twelve sing duets with past Idol alumni, and then the judges cut five contestants.

Confession: we enjoy most of the Idol contestants in this group more than the first one. So that made the whole night even more disappointing when only a couple of them gave stellar performances. The Idol judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr., made sure to give really harsh-but-true and constructive feedback last night.


'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Group 1 Duets-12 Become 7

2/12/2016 4:41pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Group 1 Duets-12 Become 7
Last night, American Idol continued week one of the top 24 semifinals. We saw twelve hopefuls sing with six of the American Idol legends. The returning Idols included Nick Fradiani, Scott McCreery, and Fantasia.

It wasn't the best way to showcase the new Idol hopefuls. However, it provided a good dose of nostalgia for Idol fans. After the duets, American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. had to make a series of tough cuts.

The first half of the final 24 American Idol contestants went from 12 to 7.

Emily Brooke and Lauren Alaina

"Flat on the Floor" by Carrie ...

'Idol' Top 24 Perform - Group 1 Sings For Judges

2/11/2016 11:50am EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Top 24 Perform - Group 1 Sings For J
Last night, American Idol 2016 started the semifinals to get to the final 12 contestants. The Idol producers decided to split the contestants into two groups. Group one performed for the judges, Harry Connick Jr, Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez, on the Wednesday night prerecorded episode.

Tonight, these twelve contestants perform again, but with past Idol alumni. After their performances, the judges cut five performers. Next week on American Idol, the second group performs.

Here is a quick rundown of the first 12 American Idol performances.

Stephany Negrete

"Mamma Knows Best" by Jessie ...

Meet The Top 24 'Idol' Contestants

2/5/2016 2:22pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Meet The Top 24--Did Your Favorite M
After two intense weeks in Hollywood, the American Idol 2016 contestants found out their Idol fate last night. Judges Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez saw each individual to give them bad or good news.

For the majority of the American Idol hopefuls, it was the end of the road. For a chosen few, it was the beginning of an even bigger journey. After a two-hour broadcast, American Idol's final 51 became a final 24.

The episode started off with Stephany Negrete getting the news about her Idol future. Stephany became the first contestant to make it into the top 24 on American...

Best 'Idol' Solo Performances From Hollywood Week

2/4/2016 11:54am EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Best Solo Performances From Hollywoo
American Idol started its final Hollywood week. The series filled the night with anxious hopefuls trying to make one final impression on the judges. Overall, the night felt a bit rushed. American Idol packed a lot into this short 42-minute episode. We barely saw some of the early favorites, but we saw some contestants who haven't gotten much airtime this season of Idol.

Some of them reminded us just how great their voices sound. Others proved that they were rightfully ignored in the American Idol edits. By the end of the night, 75 contestants became 51. These 51 have one last chance to pro...

Hollywood Week Group Rounds - Let The Drama Begin

1/29/2016 2:40pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Hollywood Week Group Rounds - Let Th
Last night, American Idol 2016 held our favorite part of Hollywood week: group rounds. Besides the great performances, the most exciting part of Idol's group rounds is the backstage drama. Last night's episode was full of it.

We started to see some of the American Idol contestants' true colors. We saw some outstanding group performances--the real threats started to show. We also saw who would be willing to cut another contestant for the glory. A few of these contestants were punished by the karma police. Others lived on to fight another day on American Idol.

Way too much went down on Id...

Hollywood Week Begins For 'American Idol'

1/28/2016 8:37am EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Hollywood Hell Week Begins
Last week on American Idol 2016, the series closed its tour bus doors forever. The dream for many Idol hopefuls died when the lights went out. However, the journey began for many others. This week, American Idol began its final Hollywood week.

Hollywood week usually presents one of the most exciting parts of the process. We get to see who has the stamina and talent to make it to the live shows. American Idol 2016 began Hollywood week as usual with the ten person line up performances.

This is one of the most lackluster parts of Hollywood week. The American Idol producers tried to add a lit...

Here Is The Best Of 'American Idol's' Final Auditions

1/22/2016 3:20pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: The Best Final Auditions
Last night, American Idol held its last set of auditions ever. Judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. felt a bit of nostalgia, excitement, and pressure as they hit the final cities on the Idol audition tour. San Francisco and Atlanta brought out a bunch of unique and charismatic talents.

By the end of the night, these golden ticket holders would become part of the 190 contestants going to Hollywood week on American Idol 2016. Among the many auditions from Atlanta and San Francisco, 11 of them really stood out to us.

Here are the best auditions from American Idol's last ...

'American Idol': Denver And Little Rock Auditions

1/15/2016 1:26pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Denver And Little Rock Auditions
After a very lackluster start to this week's American Idol 2016 auditions, the series bounced back with an exciting crop of potential Idols. Judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban had an abundance of talent to pick from last night.

Denver and Little Rock proved to be very strong cities for the American Idol 2016 auditions. This night produced a feast of soul singers, country stars, and emotionally, present singer-songwriters.

Denver Auditions

Amber Lynn

"Unaware" by Allen Stone

Judges' Comments: Amber entered the audition with her friend James VIII. He accompanie...

'American Idol' Philadelphia Auditions-Do You Still Believe?

1/14/2016 1:41pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Philadelphia Auditions-Do You Still
Yesterday, American Idol started its second week of auditions. The first stop on this week's road trip took host Ryan Seacrest, and judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. to the city of brotherly love. The Idol hopefuls didn't bring too much love to Philadelphia as it felt like a city with more people getting sent home than those getting sent to Hollywood.

This week's American Idol 2016 did have a few standout auditions. We saw a quirky girl named Jenn Blosil blow away the competition, as well as one of the most tragic stories ever shared on Idol. Read our American Idol ...

'American Idol' Final Season Night Two Premiere Recap

1/8/2016 11:35am EST
'American Idol' Final Season Night Two Premiere Recap: Little Ro
Wednesday, the American potential Idols offered up a night of solid performances. On Thursday night's American Idol 2016 premiere, we witnessed even more talented auditions. This may be the strongest group of contestants that Idol has had in years. The Little Rock and San Francisco auditions brought back winners Lee DeWyze and Kris Allen to help the American Idol 2016 judges find the next possible superstar.

Little Rock Auditions

Cameron Richard

"Give Me Love" by Ed Sheeran

Judges' Comments: Jennifer Lopez said that Cameron sings with a lot of passion. Harry Connick Jr. said that the yo...

'America Idol' Final Season Premiere Recap

1/7/2016 2:58pm EST
'America Idol' Final Season Premiere Recap: Kanye West Makes an
American Idol returned for its final season with a blend of nostalgia and hope for a true star in the making. Last night's episode saw the return of past Idol winners such as Taylor Hicks, Lee Dewyze, Kris Allen, and Ruben Studdard. American Idol 2016 started off by reminding fans just how influential the series has been for individuals and families. Then Idol went right into auditions.

Last night the American Idol judges took auditions to Atlanta and Denver. The episode ended with a (carefully planned and promoted) surprise guest appearance by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Here are the ...

Kanye West Crashes 'American Idol' Auditions

10/12/2015 9:12am EDT
Kanye West Auditions For 'American Idol' And Gets A Ticket To Ho
Kanye West not only wants to be your next president, he also wants to be your next "American Idol!"

West surprised the judges of the long-running talent show, now in its final season, by performing his hit "Gold Digger."

The shock on the faces of Harry Connick, Jr. and Jennifer Lopez was priceless, particularly since she was named in the aforementioned tune.

look who's going to Hollywood! #IdolAuditions #kanyewest

A photo posted by Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) on Oct 10, 2015 at 5:49pm PDT

West surprised the judges by showing up to audition in San Francisco on Saturday with wife...

'American Idol' Star Claims Self Defense In Domestic Abuse Case

8/13/2015 4:24pm EDT
Constantine Maroulis
American Idol star Constantine Maroulis was arrested on Wednesday morning on domestic violence charges, but the Season 4 finalist claims that he was attacked by his live-in girlfriend and acted in self defense.

TMZ reports that Maroulis, who was Idol's six-place finalist in 2005, was arrested on August 11 for allegedly kicking his girlfriend Angel Reed in the groin. Reed, the mother of the couple's four-year-old child Malena, claims that the Idol star "threw her to the ground" and started kicking her during a disagreement in their New Jersey home.

Shortly after he was released on bail, Ma...

Most Notable Music Moments (So Far)

7/26/2015 11:00am EDT
32 Most Notable Music Moments Of 2015 (So Far)
Every year is filled with news, whether good or bad. 2015 is no different from any other year, with an assortment of politically and socially charged events occurring. That’s the nature of the beast called life. The same goes with music, too. There have been numerous notable moments and occurrences, so many that it would be impossible to recap them all. So we won’t try – we’ll choose 32 of the most notable music moments of 2015 so far, and hope we didn’t miss too many important ones along the way!

1) The legendary B.B. King died

When ‘Hospice’ is uttered by or associated with an ...

Fantasia Barrino Got Married Over The Weekend

7/20/2015 3:28pm EDT
'American Idol' Winner Fantasia Barrino Gets Married: 'God Made
'American Idol' winner Fantasia Barrino got married this weekend, and she can't stop gushing about her new husband.

Barrino, 31, shared multiple photos of her wedding to Kendall Taylor on her Instagram on Sunday.

"This Man... God made him just for Me and me just For Him," she wrote on one of the photos. "Be Happy with me you guys cause I've been thru SOOOOO much. Some stuff was my wrong decisions but all I ever really wanted was this... Real Love. This Man and this smile is real."

Taylor reportedly proposed to Barrino, who won 'Idol' in 2004, last November.

As seen by the various photos...