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Meet the Campbells
Lifelong Texan Jerry Campbell has been in the hog hunting game for over half a century. His kids, Robert and Krystal, are hoping to turn Dad's lifestyle into a full-time family business helping desperate landowners clear their property of destructive wild boars that are causing millions of dollars in damage. The family takes on their first job at a nearby ranch, but when their lead hunting dog, Rooster, disappears in the middle of the hunt, the family has to find a way to finish the job without him.

Junkyard Hog
After the loss of his lead hunting dog, Rooster, Jerry is ready to call off the hunts for a while he trains a new dog. But Krystal and Robert are desperate to keep their fledgling business alive. Against Jerry's advice, Robert invests in a new dog, Creager, hoping he can lead the pack. But a hunt at an auto salvage yard leaves Jerry with doubts over the new dog's abilities. When a call comes in from a ranch owner with livestock being eaten by hogs, Jerry and the kids take the job. The future of the family business, and Robert's reputation, depend on whether the new dog has what it takes to replace Rooster.

Life on the Line
The Campbells get a call from an elderly widow being terrorized by a massive 250-pound boar. At the job, the battle between Jerry's old ways and the kids' new methods turns the hunt into a family feud that descends into chaos. In order to catch the giant hog, the Campbells will have to work together and agree on an approach. But with tension at the breaking point, it may finally be time for the kids to take the reigns from Jerry.

Man Down
The Campbells and their team of dogs head out to a Texas golf course, where aggressive hogs are threatening golfers and ruining the grounds. In a strange turn of events, Jerry goes missing in the night, and the family rallies to find him.

Cage Match
When Robert invests more money into the business by buying a hog trap, Jerry stands up for his believe that using hunting dogs gets the job done. In an effort to prove the value of his investment, Robert challenges Jerry to a $1000 wager over who will catch the most hogs.

Calf Killer
With Leah unavailable, Robert hires a young hand to help out the family. At the Y5 Ranch, wild hogs are killing cattle and eating calves. The Campbells place their new hire in charge, but when Krystal's threatened by a hog, Robert takes over to save her.

Sour Grapes
Robert and Krystal try to drum up business by finding hog hunting jobs on the internet. It leads them to a local vineyard. The delicate grape vines forces them to use different methods in chasing done the wild boars. Also, internal family squabbling could tear the Campbells apart.

Boar Wars
The Campbells tackle their biggest job yet: a ranch so overrun with hogs, the owners are on the verge of selling the property. But the size of the ranch has Jerry worried about the safety of taking the job.

Apocalypse Hog
A large force of exceptionally aggressive hogs takes the Campbell family by surprise.

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