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The Girl Who Runs Into The Glass Door
This episode is a recap and clip show, featuring never-before-seen footage from the auditions up through the most recent elimination.

The Models Go Green
Jay Manuel introduces the models to their new "green" form of transportation. They move into their environmentally friendly Los Angeles mansion and get a lesson in style from J. Alexander. It isn't long before a feud erupts between two of the girls, and one model has a hard time relating to the others. Later, they participate in a style challenge and perform a photo shoot about the negative effects of smoking. Mila and Ebony are in the bottom two, and Mila is sent home.

The Girls Go Cruisin
The new 33 semifinalists are sent out on a Caribbean cruise where they take part in a life-jacket runway challenge and participate in a beach-themed photo shoot. Jaslene Gonzalez makes an appearance and the 13 finalists are chosen.

The Girls Who Starts to Lose Her Cool
The models go to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) and are paired with a student designer to be their creative muse. The next day, the models walk the runway in a fashion show where they also have to speak about the custom made dress they're wearing. In the house, tensions rise between Heather and the other girls. Later, the girls are sent to the desert where they participate in a photo shoot with a burning car. At judging, Tyra reveals they're all going to China. All except Ambreal, who is eliminated.

The Girl Who Goes Bald
Tyra gives the girls a video sneak peak at their upcoming hair makeovers. Most of the models receive dramatic makeovers, most to their liking, but one is driven to the breaking point when she has to cut off all her hair. Later, the girls participate in a runway challenge and "pose-off" in a jungle photo shoot. Saleisha and Victoria are in the bottom two, and Victoria is eliminated.

The Girl Who is Afraid of Heights
Benny Ninja gives the girls a lesson on how to pose with movement. The models must pose in the air while jumping on a trampoline. Later, the girls participate in a challenge where they have to pose in the air while being partnered and lifted by an ice skater. Finally, the girls participate in a photo shoot located on the top of a building where they pose as fashion gargoyles. Janet and Ambreal end up in the bottom two, and Janet is eliminated.

The Girls Go To Shanghai
The models arrive in Shanghai, China. Upon exploring their penthouse suite, they discover that there aren't enough beds and a conflict ensues when Saleisha won't share her king size bed. Afterwards, the models get a lesson on body movement by a martial arts expert and are challenged to perfect the poses while in mid-air on high wires. One model is disqualified for refusing to do the challenge for fear of heights. The girls compete in a Cover Girl photo shoot and commercial, none of them performing well. Lisa is sent home.

The Girls Who Crawl
Tyra surprises the girls with an in-depth lesson on modeling in front of a moving camera. Later, the girls are tested on their new skills when they participate in a video shoot for Enrique Iglesias's new single. Lisa and Heather both get featured parts in the video, however Heather has health issues after completing her role. At panel, it's Sarah and Chantal in the bottom two, and Sarah is sent home.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model
The final three models are put to the test in their second to last shoot- a commercial and national print ad for Cover Girl. Top Model Season 8 winner Jaslene makes an appearance to share some knowledge. After completing the Cover Girl challenge, Jenah is sent home. Chantal and Saleisha, the final two, go head-to-head in a Seventeen magazine cover shoot and a high couture catwalk in the Forbidden City. At final judging, Saleisha is declared the winner of Cycle 9.

The Girls Go to the Great Wall
The girls leave Shanghai for their new home in Beijing. During a heated shopping challenge, the models must reinterpret a traditional Chinese dress into one reflective of their personal style. Later, the girls participate in a warrior-themed photo shoot on the Great Wall, with Tyra as the photographer. At panel, Bianca is eliminated.

The Girls Go Rock Climbing
J. Alexander devises a uniquely scary way to train the models to improve their runway walk. The models help one girl with her image, while two others get into a heated argument. After a couture runway challenge wins Saleisha a trip to Paris, the girls are left hanging in the air for an edgy high fashion photo shoot on a rock-climbing wall. The bottom two are Bianca and Kimberly, and Kimberly is eliminated.

The Girls Go On Go-See Adventures
The remaining five models are sent on designer go-sees in Shanghai. Only Saleisha and Bianca manage to make it back by the deadline. Later, the models are photographed by Nigel Barker and must stand out in a crowd of Chinese costume dragons and lions. At panel, Jenah and Heather are in the bottom two, and Heather is eliminated.

The Girl Who Gets A Mango
Male model Tyson Beckford surprises the models at the house and gives them a lesson in spokesmodeling. They are tasked to peform an impromptu sales pitch and a few of the girls have a hard time concentrating on their task. The girls' on camera abilities are then challenged when they are split into groups and have to perform a public service announcement. Heather, the surprising winner of the challenge, stars in a makeup photo shoot directed by singing star Mary J. Blige. In the weekly photo shoot, each girl represents a different recyclable material. Ebony and Ambreal end up in the bottom two, but when Tyra announces that Ambreal is eliminated, Ebony tells Tyra that she wants to go home. Tyra accepts Ebony's resignation, and Ambreal stays in the competition.

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