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Daniella Issa Helayel

One model loses her cool during a tea-tray-balancing challenge. Another becomes sick at an outdoor markey. Daniella Issa Helayel helps the judges choose the final three girls.
Daniella Helayel - Guest Judge
Kelly Cutrone
Rob Evans
Tyra Banks

Alison Chase Coleman
Angela Chiu
Carrie Mebane
Dana Gabrion
Fallon Jethroe
J Paul Buscemi
Jaimie Glasson
Javi Sulaiman
Jonah McMichael
Justin Sena
Katy Murakami
Ken Mok
Laura Fuest
Lisa Mraz
Lisa Tatum
Michelle Mock
Steve Bae
Taylor Van Byssum
Trishtan Williams
Tyra Banks

Bryan O'Donnell
Rebecca Taylor
Tony Croll

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