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'America's Got Talent' Finals Results: And The Winner Is...

9/17/2015 3:26pm EDT
'America's Got Talent' Crowns Its Season 10 Champ
On Tuesday night, the ten America's Got Talent finalist competed for the winner's title. On Wednesday, they were allowed to relax a bit, as they performed with some of the best in their fields of expertise. Yolanda Adams, Penn and Teller, Jerry Springer, Jeff Ross, and America's Got Talent season 9 winner Matt Franco were among the special guests on last night's finale. They helped the finalists celebrate making it to the finals while thoroughly entertaining the live and home audience.

Besides celebrating the newest America's Got Talent winner, last night also paid tribute to Howard Stern....

Still Sexy At 42! Heidi Klum Shows Some Serious Leg At The AGT Finale

9/17/2015 2:38pm EDT
Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum showed some serous leg at Wednesday night's "America's Got Talent" finale, wearing a black bustier dress with some great silver embellishments and sticking one of her long legs out the slit a la Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Osacars.

The 42-year-old was joined by fellow judges Mel B, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern on the red carpet prior to the show, which would be Stern's last.

Heidi was recently blasted by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump for no longer being a "10," but she got him back by posting a short video on her Instagram page in which she wears a shirt with the numb...

'AGT' Finale Performances

9/16/2015 9:03am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Finals Recap: The Finalists Perform-Who S
It is finally time for the America's Got Talent 2015 finale. Last night, the final ten performances competed for America's love and votes. By the end of the night, a few acts really proved why they deserved the title of America's Got Talent season 10 winner.

Read our America's Got Talent 2015 finale performances recap below. Who do you think should win?

Oz Pearlman


Judges' Comments: Howie Mandel said that it was amazing and a great way to start the show. Heidi Klum said it was Oz's best act yet. Mel B said it was incredible.

Our Impressions: As Oz started off his performanc...

'America's Got Talent': Who Moves On To The Finals?

9/10/2015 9:49am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Semifinals Week 2 Results-Who Head
Last night, America's Got Talent 2015 narrowed their final semifinalists to only five contestants. They go on to join the other finalists from last week's results. There are a few from last week that we are excited to see perform. However, we are way more excited about this crop of America's Got Talent 2015 finalists. Find out who they are below.

Host Nick Canon starts off the show as usual. He announces those contestants eligible for the Dunkin' Donuts Dunkin' Save. These contestants ranked fourth, fifth, and sixth with the American voting public. There are Freelusion, Gary Vider, and Uze...

'America's Got Talent': Best Of Semifinals Week 2

9/9/2015 9:48am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Best Of The Semifinals Week 2
America's Got Talent's 2015 second week of the semifinals was just as lackluster as the first week. We had a couple of really great acts, but the rest were underwhelming. Due to the lack of competition, it is fairly clear who will make America's Got Talent finals.

Usually, The Regurgitator is a cannot miss act. However last night, his tricks did not achieve his usual standards of excellence. He even messed up on the show-stopping final part. The Regurgitator will definitely make the finals, but we just wish he did better in the semifinals.

Alondra Santos greatly improved this week. She ge...

The Winners & Losers From 'AGT' Semifinals Week One

9/3/2015 8:20am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Semifinals Week 1 Results - Who Ma
Last night, America's Got Talent introduced their first crop of finalists. On this week's performance show, only a few semifinalist really caught our attention. Surprisingly, the ones we loved did not match the ones that received the majority of the voting public's votes.

The night started off as usual with Host Nick Canon announcing the Dunkin Donut Dunkin' Save candidates. They were the acts that ranked fourth, fifth, and sixth with the previous night's votes. They were Benton Blunt, Samantha Johnson, and The CraigLewis Band. Here is how the results went on last night's semifinals result...

'America's Got Talent' Semifinals Week 1: The Good & The Bad

9/2/2015 10:16am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Semifinals: A Few Great Acts & Some Fault
Last night, America's Got Talent season 10 started its semifinals. We saw eleven amazing performances. Each one of them proved why they deserved a spot in the semifinals. However, unfortunately, a lot of them also proved why they do not deserve one in the finals.

We witnessed a lot of faulty performances, fires dying, and just plain dull acts. Not what we expected from America's Got Talent semifinalists. There were a few really strong acts, like Oz Pearlman and the CraigLewis Band. Those few great acts impressed us enough that we can't wait to see how it all unfolds during the finals. Read...

'America's Got Talent' Down To 7 Final Acts -- See Details

8/27/2015 8:43am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Quarterfinals Week 3 Results Show-
Last night, America's Got Talent turned its final twelve acts into only seven. These seven will join the other fourteen acts to compete for the America's Got Talent title. America's Got Talent's tenth season has some of their strongest acts ever.

This season has an array of powerful singers, unique talents, memorable dance groups, and a few really thrilling acts. It will be a long process trying to really choose from the best of the best.

This quarterfinals result show started off as usual. Host Nick Cannon announced that the contestants who placed sixth, seventh, and eighth in Tuesday ni...

'AGT': The Best Of Live Round 3

8/26/2015 11:17am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Quarterfinals Week 3
Last night, America's Got Talent 2015 had its last night of the quarterfinals. We saw another twelve performers show off their best moves. It was a night of glorious stunts and memorable performances.

This America's Got Talent episode had an okay overall showing. Some acts really impressed us, but most of them just fell in the middle ground. We expected a little more from the final batch of quarter finalists. Nevertheless, here is our recap of week 3 of America's Got Talent 2015 quarterfinalists.

Chapkis Dance Family

Dance Group

Judges' Comments: Heidi Klum complemented them on being ...

'America's Got Talent' Results: What 7 Acts Advance To Semi-Finals?

8/20/2015 8:39am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Quarterfinals Week 2 Results Show-
On Wednesday, America's Got Talent narrowed down their twelve incredible acts to only seven. Overall, America's Got Talent had a very strong group of contenders on Tuesday's performance show. It was still anyone's game to advance to the semifinals.

This episode of AGT also brought back season 7 contestant William Close and season 9 runner-up Emily West. They performed the song "Nights In White Satin." The episode was also paired with the judges visiting a wax museum and scaring visitors by pretending to be statues.

Here are the results from America's Got Talent week 2 Quarterfinals.


'AGT' Quarterfinals Continue -- See Recap

8/19/2015 8:52am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Quarterfinals Week 2
America's Got Talent continued its quarterfinals last night. We witnessed another solid night of performances. Almost everyone came to play and win that million dollar contract. However, there were a few America's Got Talent performances that we questioned how they made it so far in the competition.

America's Got Talent season 10 is shaping up to be one of the best ones yet. Read below to see and read which performances excited and entertained us the most.

DM Nation

Dance Group

Judges' Comments: Mel B called DM Nation electrifying, and she said that they really upped their game. Howie...

'America's Got Talent' Cuts Acts From 12 To 7

8/12/2015 1:35pm EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Radio City Music Hall Performances
America's Got Talent 2015 finally entered Radio City Music Hall. Twelve incredible acts performed there live last night. The voting public narrows these acts from twelve to seven on tonight's live America's Got Talent eviction show. With so many great acts, it is going to be a really intense cut.

If you need a little reminder, or to catch up before tonight's episode, here is a rundown of this week's America's Got Talent twelve performances.

Siro A

Visual Dance Group

Judges' Comments: Mel B best summed up Siro A's performance when she said that it was exciting and jam packed.

Our Imp...

Golden Girl! Heidi Klum Stuns In A Skin-Revealing Little Black Dress

8/12/2015 10:22am EDT
Heidi Klum Kills It In A Sexy Cutout Mini Dress On 'America's Go
Heidi Klum looked amazing at the season 10 "America's Got Talent" live show on Tuesday by showing quite a bit of skin in a little black dress.

The German supermodel, 42, wore a Fausto Puglisi mini dress with golden sun motifs, which showed off her lean, tan legs and toned tummy. Klum paired the look with strappy gold heels and matching nail polish.

She looked so good that fellow judge Howie Mandel snapped a photo of the model with his cell phone.

Howard Stern showed up to the event wearing a three-piece suit, while Mel B wore a form-fitting, high-necked white dress.

In addition to he...

'America's Got Talent' Best Cut Performances Yet

8/5/2015 9:05am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: The Best Performances From Week 4
Last night, America's Got Talent 2015 had its last round of cuts. Next week, the show finally goes live. This episode of America's Got Talent had the best cut performances yet. We had a hard time narrowing it down to just five acts we loved. We were even impressed with a lot of the acts that got cut.

The rise of talent this week made us very excited for the live shows to start. Piers Morgan rejoined the judging panel to help with this round of America's Got Talent cuts. His return made last night even more special.

Top 5 Performances of Week 4's Cuts

The Gentlemen

Dance Duo

Judges' ...

Howard Stern Steps In To Stop Heidi Klum & Mel B Feud

7/30/2015 8:41am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Feud: Heidi Klum & Mel B Clash While Howa
There's quite a bit of tension on the set of "America's Got Talent." Judges Heidi Klum and Mel B. are reportedly feuding, and Howard Stern has tried to intervene to get the pair to work together peacefully.

Radar Online cited a source telling the National Enquirer: "Both want to be queen of the show. It’s getting nasty!"

The pair both joined the talent show in 2013, and the former Spice Girls star, 40, expected to play "second fiddle" to the German supermodel, 42. However, the insider says, "Mel felt Heidi was boring and humorless and realized it was a chance to seize the limelight."


20 Acts Become 7 In Week 3 Cuts Of 'America's Got Talent'

7/29/2015 9:30am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: The Best Performances From Week 3
Last night, America's Got Talent 2015 did its third round of cuts. We saw a pretty solid group of performers, with a lot of variety. Along with guest judge Marlon Wayons, the America's Got Talent judges made some critical cuts, and twenty acts became seven. Surprisingly, another smart golden buzzer decision was made when Marlon chose to send the best act of the night straight to the next round. Here are some of the other best performances from last night.

Top Performances (in order of appearance)

Animation Crew

Dance Group

Judges' Comments: Heidi Klum said that they stand out. Mel B...

‘AGT’ Best Gems Among A Cluster Of Mishap Performances

7/22/2015 9:16am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: The Best Performances From Week 2
Last night, America's Got Talent 2015 cut contestants for a second week. Last week, we noted that a lot of the acts were underwhelming. Sadly, this week on America's Got Talent, things went from okay to very bad. A few of America's Got Talent's early favorites really stumbled. We saw people forget their lines and others give lackluster performances. Among the cluster of mishaps, a few performers did manage to shine.

They made us and guest judge Michael Bublè excited to see what they could do in the next rounds. Here are the best performances from the second week of cuts.

Best Performances...

Neil Patrick Harris Joins 'America’s Got Talent' To Judge First Round Cuts

7/15/2015 10:20am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: The Best Of The First Round Of Cut
Neil Patrick Harris joined the America's Got Talent judges to make the first round of cuts. Last night, America's Got Talent season 10 narrowed down the first twenty acts to seven. Unfortunately, cutting contestants became easier than we expected. Many of the contestants' acts fell apart during this round. They lost their spark.

The few that managed to rise to the occasion gave all right performances. Nevertheless, a handful gave knock out ones.

Here is our list of the top five performances from America's Got Talent's first round of cuts (in order of appearance):

Top 5 Performances


'America's Got Talent' Week 6 Auditions Had Some Strong Contenders

7/1/2015 8:39am EDT
'America's Got Talent' 2015 Recap: Best Week 6 Auditions
Next week, we start the final day of America's Got Talent 2015 auditions. We have seen a lot of wacky and wonderful performances. Last night on America's Got Talent season 10, we saw a combination of extreme ones, sweet ones, and mesmerizing ones.

Overall, yesterday's crop of America's Got Talent auditions had some strong contenders. So it was hard picking our favorites. However, we based our picks on those we cannot wait to see perform again. Here are the best ones from week 6 (in order of appearance).

Best America's Got Talent 2015 Week 6 Auditions:

Samantha Johnson



Is Howard Stern Leaving 'AGT'? -- See Details

6/25/2015 10:16am EDT
Howard Stern Reveals He Is Leaving 'America's Got Talent,' Is Si
"America's Got Talent" will be one less judge for season 11 as Howard Stern is leaving the hit NBC series.

Stern, who appeared as a judge for four seasons since 2012, will leave NBC's reality hit at the end of Season 10, a source divulged to Us Weekly.

According to Stern NBC needed to know if he planned to stay with the reality talent series by July 4. They were planning to move the series to Stern's home base of New York City so that he could continue his Sirius radio show.

"I really, really did struggle because I've been working a long time. I really wanted to decide if this was going ...

'America's Got Talent' Auditions Continue

6/10/2015 8:41am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Week 3 Auditions
Last night, America's Got Talent continued auditions with some more great dance graphics, a stellar ventriloquist, and a memorable magician. This episode of America's Got Talent's 10th season pushed the envelope further with some pretty strange performances. Luckily, they balance those ones with a few really heart stopping ones.

This Week's Auditions

DJ Smart & Freelusion Dance Company

Contemporary Dancer He uses 3D art in his performances.

Judges' Comments: Heidi Klum called him a beautiful dancer. Mel B said "job well done. Perfection." Howard Stern said it was a beautiful presentat...

'America's Got Talent': Auditions Part II

6/3/2015 9:00am EDT
'America's Got Talent': Auditions Part II Recap: The Weird, Wild
Last week America's Got Talent kicked off its tenth year with some spectacular performances. Additionally, our very own Noelle Talmon attended the America's Got Talent red carpet premiere event. You can check out some of her exclusive videos and pictures from it on our Instagram page.

This week the auditions just got better. We saw a wide range of talent, from magicians to soul singers, who really left an unforgettable mark on the America's Got Talent stage. While most of this week's auditions left us stunned with delight, some made us cringe with disgust. Find out which ones did what by r...

Nick Cannon Wears $2 Million Diamond Shoes To 'America's Got Talent' Finale

9/18/2014 12:36pm EDT
Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon wore loafers encrusted with $2 million in diamonds to the finale of "America's Got Talent" on Wednesday night.

Prior to the live event, Women's Wear Daily posted a video on Instagram of Cannon revealing his outfit for the night. "$2 million shoes. A million each foot... Pow!" the tuxedo-clad star explained.

Designer Jason Arashenen created the pricey shoes, which include 14,000 full-cut diamonds set in gold with a weight of 340 carats.

Arashenen commented: "Not very often do I get a request for the most expensive shoes in the world. When Nick approached me last year, he sai...

Magic Rules The Finale Of 'America's Got Talent' As Mat Franco Is Crowned Winner

9/18/2014 10:50am EDT
Magic Rules The Finale Of 'America's Got Talent' As Mat Franco I
Last night, for the first time in eight seasons of the hit talent series, "America's Got Talent," a magician won the coveted million dollar prize!

Illusionist Mat Franco nabbed the top spot through his interactive magic presentations, often involving judges Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel. Franco finished just ahead of popular singer Emily West.

Franco is a self-taught magician and toured college campuses to make extra money. On the finale, he performed a card trick involving Stern and guest Rosie O'Donnell, giving both of them 10 cards, which they hid in their clothing. ...

Exclusive Interview With Master Ventriloquist & 'America's Got Talent' Champion, Terry Fator

6/4/2014 4:00pm EDT
Exclusive Interview With Master Ventriloquist & 'America's Got T
Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with the winner of the second season of America's Got Talent, Terry Fator. Terry is known for his lovable puppet antics, great sense of humor, and his ability to project his singing voice from the mouths of others. In case you've never seen his award winning performance, take a look here.

Terry was nice enough to take some of our questions down and answer them, as well as having a little something to say to our readers personally. Enjoy our interview with him, and read to the end to see an Starpulse exclusive video clip from Terry.

SP - This may...

Terry Fator Talks 'Live In Concert' DVD, Life After 'AGT'

5/22/2014 12:40pm EDT
Terry Fator Talks 'Live In Concert' DVD, Life After 'AGT'
Las Vegas headliner Terry Fator just released his second DVD, Terry Fator Live In Concert, on Tuesday. The multi-talented performer and America's Got Talent winner also took some time out between shows at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to talk with BFTV about putting out a second special, his live set, and the Vegas acts that he loves.

"I just felt like it was ready," he said of the decision to produce another DVD after several years since the arrival of his first one. "I'm such a stickler for quality. We put out a DVD back in 2009, and people have been asking me [to] put another o...

Heidi Klum On Single Motherhood: 'I'm Happy'

4/10/2014 10:15am EDT
Heidi Klum
After divorcing from singer Seal in 2012, Heidi Klum has been a single mother to their four children. At a press event for the new season of America’s Got Talent on NBC, Klum told reporters she was doing well.

“Everything is good,” Klum said. “My kids are doing great, I’m happy.”

In the Klum home, Heidi says the kids are focused on academics and family life. “So far, they don’t really think about what they want to be when they grow up. Right now it’s about going to school, having good grades, listening, helping at home. I like to teach them how to cook. I’ve been doing that for a few year...

Terry Fator Impersonates Justin Bieber In Exclusive Clip From New Live DVD

2/18/2014 4:11pm EST
Terry Fator Impersonates Justin Bieber In Exclusive Clip From Ne
Las Vegas headliner and America's Got Talent winner Terry Fator is known for his celebrity impressions. Now, in this exclusive clip provided to Starpulse, you can see Terry's take on pop star Justin Bieber - part of his new Terry Fator: Live In Concert DVD.

Terry is best known to TV viewers as the winning act from America's Got Talent season 2. After the show, he's performed in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Hilton and at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, where he's been in residence since 2008. Multi-talented, he's also a ventriloquist, comedian, and singer.

Look below to see Terry's impersonati...

'America's Got Talent' Auditions Are Coming!

10/22/2013 4:44pm EDT
Nick Cannon
America's Got Talent Season 9 Is Upon Us!

Starting this weekend, America's Got Talent may be coming to a city near you. So if you've got a talent you want America to see, now is your time to shine.

AGT is the only talent competition show open to any age and any talent! It's truly a modern-day variety show! Over the past seasons, AGT has developed a massive social media presence, and their numbers only continue to grow. It goes to show that AGT's platform can give artists of ANY kind a serious amount of exposure!

You can check out the AGT Youtube channel here, and visit the auditions ce...

Dancer Kenichi Ebina Wins 'America's Got Talent'

9/19/2013 10:47am EDT
America's Got Talent
America has spoken, voting 38-year-old Japanese dancer Kenichi Ebina the winner of the eighth season of America's Got Talent Wednesday night.

The six finalists were whittled down to just two over the course of the two-hour finale, with angelic-voiced singer Cami Bradley, 25, the first to exit the show. She was followed by 16-year-old aspiring magician Collins Key, whose sleight-of-hand card tricks were some of the best ever; and Opera trio Forte, who often left nary a dry eye in the Radio City Music Hall audience during their final performances, finished fourth.

Then it was down to the fi...