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Audition Show #1
The new season opens with auditions in Los Angeles, and then the judges move to Atlanta where they find a wealth of talent among the best the show has ever seen.

Auditions move to Seattle, where hopefuls put on displays that range from brilliant to brilliantly awful.

The auditions move to Houston.

Houston Part 2
The Houston auditions continue.

Seattle Part 2
The judges journey to Seattle to see what the city has to offer as the auditions continue.

The auditions return before an eager crowd in Atlanta.

New York
The auditions move to New York City.

The auditions travel to Minneapolis, where a huge blizzard interferes with the auditions, keeping Piers from making it to the auditions on time, but plenty of people still turn out to compete for the right to go to Las Vegas.

New York Part 2
The auditions in New York City continue.

Week 5, Night 2
Hopefuls camp out all night for a chance to audition, and Howie keeps them waiting when he gets lost on the way to the stage.

Las Vegas 1
The surviving competitors move on to Las Vegas, where they compete at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino to be included in the Top 48 and get to travel to Los Angeles for the next round of competition.

Las Vegas 2
After the standby acts perform for the judges, the Vegas rounds are complete, and the top 48 acts that will compete in Los Angeles are set.

Hollywood 1
The show goes to a live format as it travels to Los Angeles for the semi-finals. Now the acts compete not only curry favor with the judges, but with the American public who can vote on their favorite act.

Hollywood 2
America's votes from the previous show are in, and they decide who moves on to the next round and who is sent home in this second live show from L.A. Special guests perform.

Hollywood 3
The contestants perform to try to win the hearts (and votes) of American audiences to advance to the next round.

Week 6, Night 1 Part 1
Hopefuls audition in their last chance to make it to the next level in Las Vegas.

Hollywood 4
The results of America's voting are revealed, with special performances by the band Hot Chelle Rae and the acrobatic troupe Traces.

Hollywood 5
The top 48 acts continue to perform, and Professor Splash sets a world record for belly flopping into a kiddie pool from a tremendous height.

Hollywood 6
Only 4 acts survive the public's voting to continue on to the top 24. Stevie Nicks and America's Got Talent alumni Fighting Gravity perform in this results episode.

Hollywood 7
More acts perform in hopes of currying the favor of the voting public and earning a spot in the top 24.

Hollywood 8
The results of America's voting are revealed, thrilling the 4 acts selected to go on but breaking the hears of the other performers.

Hollywood 9
Acts from the YouTube universe perform for the first time this season to earn a spot in the semi finals.

Hollywood 10
The top four acts from YouTube are selected from America's votes, along with performances from YouTube superstars.

Hollywood 11
During the "Wild Card Night," each judge can bring back 4 acts that were eliminated so that they can compete for a spot in the semi-finals.

Hollywood 12
America's votes determine which four second chance acts get to move on to the next round.

Hollywood 13
The semi-finals begin as the first group of 12 performs to advance to the next round.

Hollywood 14
The first half of the top 8 are revealed when America's votes are tabulated.

Hollywood 15
12 more acts compete int this second round of semi-finals hoping to win enough votes from America to make the top 8.

Hollywood 16
The top 10 is finalized as America's voting is revealed.

Hollywood 17
The top 10 acts perform, vying for votes to make the finals.

Hollywood 18
America's voting is revealed, narrowing the top 10 acts to 4 that will compete one more time.

Hollywood 19
The finalists perform for the last time in hopes of garnering votes to win the competition.

Hollywood 20
The top four acts perform with musical superstars before the results of the voting are revealed and Landau Eugene Murphy Jr named as the winner of the $1 million prize and the opportunity to headline a show in Las Vegas.

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