Alfred Hitchcock Presents Summary

Recast and redirected recreations of four classic tales from the landmark "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" of three TV decades earlier, with introductions by a computer colorized Hitchcock himself (and voice-over narration by John Huston), comprised this television-movie anthology which became the pilot to a brand new half-hour Hitchcock series that began in the fall of 1985.

The first story, "Incident in a Small Jail," originally was broadcast March 21, 1961, and starred John Fiedler and Richard Jaeckel; the second, "Man from the South," about a gambler who makes a rash wager, initially turned up on March 13, 1960, with Peter Lorre, Steve McQueen and Neile Adams in the roles taken here by John Huston, Steven Bauer and Kim Novak (Bauer's wife, Melanie Griffith, also appears in this new version, along with her mother, Hitchcock discovery-of-yore Tippi Hedren, here playing a cameo as a somewhat overaged cocktail waitress); the third, "Bang! You're Dead!" about a youngster with a loaded gun, starred Billy Mumy when the short story first ran on October 17, 1961 (a long-since grown Mumy turns up in this version as a supermarket clerk); the fourth, "An Unlocked Window," was a one-hour suspense thriller when it aired the first time around on February 15, 1965, and starred Dana Wynter and John Kerr.

These four individual episodes recreated for the 1985 TV movie subsequently turned up on the new "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" series as half-hour installments.