Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Cast and Crew

Ozzie Nelson - Ozzie Nelson; father
Harriet Hilliard Nelson - Harriet Nelson; Ozzie's wife
Ricky Nelson - Ricky Nelson; Ozzie and Harriet's son
David Nelson - David Nelson; Ozzie and Harriet's son
Kristen Harmon - Kris Nelson; Ricky's wife
June Blair - June Nelson; David's wife
Tracy Nelson - Tracy Nelson; Ricky's daughter
Don DeFore - "Thorny" Thornberry; Ozzie's neighbor
Lyle Talbot - Joe Randolph; Ozzie's neighbor
Mary Jane Croft - Clara Randolph; Joe's wife
Parley Baer - Herb Darby; Ozzie's friend
Skip Young - Wally Dipple; Dave and Ricky's friend
Charlene Salerno - Ginger; Wally's girlfriend
Kathy Davies - Sally; Kris's friend
Joseph Kearns - Herb Dunkel; Ozzie's friend
Ivan Bonar - Mr Hopkins; college dean
Constance Harper - Connie Harper; Secretary to Dave and Ricky
Francis DeSales - Ralph Dobson; senior law partner
Joe Flynn - Don Kelley; Ralph's partner
Frank Cady - Mr Baxter; Ozzie's friend
James Stacy - Fred; Dave and Rickey's friend
Gregory Dawson - Greg; Dave and Rickey's friend
Sean Morgan - Sean; Dave and Rickey's friend
Karl George - Dink; Dave and Rickey's friend
Kent McCord - Kent; Dave and Rickey's friend
Tracy Stafford - Betty; Dave and Rickey's friend
Melinda Plowman - Melinda; Dave and Rickey's friend
Jack Wagner - Jack; Dave and Rickey's friend
Ozzie Nelson
Robert Angus
Bill Lewis
Ozzie Nelson
Leo Penn
Ozzie Nelson
Don Nelson
Jay Sommers
Dick Bensfield
Perry Grant