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The Grill
After giving Andy an old barbecue, Jim has a change of heart and decides Andy should pay for it.

Sympathy from the Devlins
Being a superstitious sports fanatic, Jim starts to believe that his ex-neighbors, the Devlins, are capable of bringing good luck to his favorits team. So he tries to get on their good side.

Poking the Bear
Jim kisses up to a blow hard potential client to win his huge account; Cheryl's doctor insists that she hold off on sex until the time is right for conception.

The Mustache
Jim grows a mustache after an attractive woman suggests he'd look good with one. Cheryl doesn't like it and dyes her hair to get back at him.

The Jealous Husband
Jim pretends to be extremely jealous of attention Cheryl gets in an effort to make her feel desirable. But then he tries to teach the same trick to Dana's new date, unaware that he is already possessive and paranoid.

A Crying Shame
Cheryl claims to like men who aren't afraid to cry. But when Jim cries after a movie, Cheryl finds his behavior unattractive.

A Hole in One
Cheryl asks that Jim to live a healthier lifestyle so that they can try to have another child.

Father-Daughter Dance
Ruby hurts Jim's feelings when she invites Andy to the father-daughter dance instead of him.

Take My Wife, Please
Jim gets an elderly widower to be Cheryl's escort to an opera so that he doesn't have to go.

The Hunters
Angry Pete, a 40-pound psychotic turkey, turns Jim into the prey during a Thanksgiving hunt.

Plot Twist
Cheryl's mother argues with Jim over her idea that the entire family should be buried in a plot she reserved years ago, but he wants his own plot located next to a star football player.

Wedding Bell Blues
Jim accidentally knocks out the minister and must scramble for a replacement at the last minute for Dana's wedding.

The Effort
Jim tries to hide his disappointment when Cheryl's suprises him with a romantic evening and he would rather be watching a championship boxing match on television.

Geronimo Jim
Jim and Ryan worry Cheryl and Dana when they decide to pursue dangerous pastimes. Ryan wants to race cars while Jim wants to sky dive.

Kentucky Fried Beltzman
Jim tries to figure out what to do when his recently deceased friend is to be buried with a baseball card that was stolen from Jim.

Stalking Santa
A car accident with a department store Santa leads to a confrontation that causes the on-looking kids to worry that they aren't going to get any Christmas presents.

Guess Who's Cooking Your Dinner?
Cheryl cooks dinner for Dana and her boyfriend, but passes the meal off as having been made by Dana.

The Wedding Dress
When she plans to loan Dana her wedding dress, Cheryl finds out that the dress was destroyed during a fiery sports celebration years before and Jim never told her.

The Competition
Jim is humiliated when he loses a hot dog-eating contest to a very small woman. Adding insult to injury, Andy goes out on a date with her.

Spelling Bee
Though proud of Gracie's accomplishments in spelling bees, Jim gets tired of being her chauffer to all the events.

The Clock
The get more time together, Jim and Cheryl adjust the clocks in the house to send the children to bed earlier.

Worried about the behavior of the babysitter he was forced to hire, Jim installs a "nanny-cam," but ends up finding out something disturbing about Cheryl instead.

The Bachelorette Party
Cheryl's version of Dana's bachelorette party is such a snooze that Jim decides to throw her another, wilder one. But after all that partying, will Dana be ready for the wedding?

Shall We Dance
Andy turns to Jim for help in learning to dance for his sister's wedding.

Dress to Kill Me
Kyle decides to dress as Cinderella for Halloween prompting Jim to worry about him becoming a sissy.

The Garage Door
After ignoring Jim's instructions on how to open the garage door from the inside, Cheryl and Dana get trapped and have to force their way out.

The Scrapbook
Jim and Cheryl look back on botched anniversary moments recorded in their scrapbook.

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