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Jane and Henry become the resident managers of a luxury apartment building called The Drake. But the building turns out to be populated by multiple tenants who have signed life-altering contracts with the Drake's malevolent owners, Gavin and Olivia.

While renovating the Drake, Jane makes a stunning discovery behind an apartment wall. Henry considers tipping off Gavin to some inside information.

The Dead Don't Stay Dead
Jane keeps seeing what may be a ghost. Gavin plans a career change for Henry. A journalist living at the Drake discover that everything she writes comes true.

Hero Complex
New information forces Henry to make a choice between loyalty and friendship. Jane uncovers the the thief's identity. Gavin offers Annie a troubling way out of her Kandinsky problem.

A Crowd of Demons
Olivia's lobby decorations recall the violent Halloween of 1929. The spirit targets Jane. Gavin gets a text threatening Olivia. Brian questions Louise. A possession of Gavin's goes missing.

Jane is crushed by the lack of support she gets from Henry and the police who investigate her horrifying experience.

Downward Spiral
Henry's political career continues to rise; however his exultation is tempered by Jane's ever-changing mood about staying at The Drake, where she no longer feels safe. Jane discovers that both Nona and her missing grandmother, Lottie Clark, have mysterious connections to the building; Brian determines that Alexis has been duplicitous when it comes to Louise and her "affair" with Dr. Evans; and back at the hospital, the good doctor learns the unethical terms of his payback to Gavin in exchange for his help. Finally, Jane and Nona discover one of The Drake's ultimate secrets as they search for Lottie - a secret that will change Jane's life forever.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Jane disappears without a trace. When she suddenly pops up in the middle of Times Square dazed and confused and is taken to a hospital for observation, Jane discovers that a horrible fate may be waiting for her there. Gavin has Victor Shaw held captive in The Drake's boiler room with Kandinsky torturing him to give up the location of the red box. Shaw reveals to Gavin his knowledge of what really happened to his daughter, Sasha, and threatens to tell Olivia. Finally, Brian's discovers his creativity vanishes unless he is with Alexis

Jane is sent back in time when she is hypnotized by Maris Elder. Henry considers running for city council; Sasha's identity is revealed.

The Comfort of Death
Jane's disturbing dreams keep fusing with reality, but many Drake residents have reason to celebrate. Gavin and Olivia are thrilled and grateful that Sasha has returned; Olivia connects Louise with a great opportunity to work for a top magazine, and Brian is close to making a deal with a producer for his play. Meanwhile, Alexis' overwhelming guilt over her indiscretion with Brian drives her to find an escape clause in her deal with Gavin. Finally, the Dorans plan a big kick-off fund raiser to introduce Henry into the political world, and Jane, propelled by her dreams, visits an ancient Harlan Moore to learn more about Peter Kramer's journal and The Drake's history.

Sins of the Fathers
Sasha/Laurel Harris lays out her plan to get Henry elected, which includes his speaking at the Dorans' local church. She secretly offers Father Douglas a disturbing arrangement to rid himself of the demons who have tormented him since being tempted to open Gavin's red box. Meanwhile an enigmatic new tenant who may have ulterior motives moves into the Drake. Brian is still upset with Louise for her relapse into substance abuse while, simultaneously, Alexis plots her revenge on Louise after she discovers they've crossed paths in the past. Finally, Sasha and her parents have a bizarre showdown.

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The Elysian Fields
Jane tries to crack the meaning of this mysterious word that keeps popping up in Peter Kramer's journal, a secretive Detective Cooper shockingly reveals his part in the shadowy group. Jane agrees to be their eyes and ears at The Drake, but Gavin is one step ahead of her. Meanwhile, Henry tries to track down Jane's estranged father to surprise her at a splashy engagement party Olivia is throwing them. Jane and Henry spend a magic night at the Dorans' party, while on another floor there is no love lost between Alexis and Louise when they have a final face-off and Louise learns the true depth of Alexis' hate for her.

Lazarus: Part 1
Jane is shocked to discover the truth about what actually happened to her mother when they lived at The Drake many years ago. Henry is euphoric as he starts his campaign for City Council until former Councilman Sullivan reappears and offers Henry a warning that will haunt him. Meanwhile, Gavin looks to intervene when Jane's father comes to take her out of The Drake at gunpoint to save her with explosive results. Finally, just when Louise and Brian think their traumatic experience defending themselves against Alexis' fury is over, they realize they made a crucial mistake and the consequences are life changing.

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