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Arturo Gatti's Last Fight
Arturo Gatti was the ultimate blood-and-guts warrior, who won three world titles, including welterweight champion. A multi-millionaire known for his legendary trilogy of fights with Mickey Ward, Gatti's professional fights were nothing compared to the shadows he faced outside the ring. Two years after retiring, Gatti was found dead in his home in Brazil, and his wife was suspected of killing her husband. When the death was ruled a suicide, she was released. Yet, the question still remains: Was it suicide or murder?

Amanda Knox: The Untold Story
Convicted of murdering her roommate, Amanda Knox has been in an Italian prison awaiting her appeal. With her best friend giving her strength, and her family firmly by her side, she was able to fight back and win her freedom.

The West Memphis 3 - Free
Seventeen years ago, three young boys were murdered while out biking. Three men were convicted of their brutal murder and sentenced to a life in prison. One problem existed, there was no hard evidence proving the three men were guilty of the crime. As they served their sentence, the public protested their imprisonment, including celebrities such as Johnny Depp who've raised awareness of the injustice they believed was served. As more evidence surfaced, authorities realized they had the wrong men. After all these years, the three men were released.

Redemption Song
Twenty six years ago, a vibrant young mother is attacked in her own Austin Texas home. When her teenage son found her, she was unable to say who did the deed, and later died of a coma. A devotee of the music scene on Austin's famous 6th Street, her son, friends and the police have tried to revive a cold case that could lead to an old boyfriend who's alibi on the night of the attack doesn't hold up when an ex-girlfriend comes forth with journals written about her relationship during that time.

The Killing Fields
Since the 1970's at least 30 women have disappeared or have been murdered within the 50 mile desolate area between Houston and Galveston. It's a stretch of land some people call "A highway of hell". A new film called "The Texas Killing Fields" will bring to light the many young women whose bodies have been found along this long stretch of land by Interstate 45 heightens the suspicion the victims may have met their end by one serial killer, or by others, thus making this land a dumping ground for murderers.

Murder in the O.C.
The murder of a Newport Beach millionaire who made millions on his medical invention was a cold case, until 15 years later, when investigators finally narrow down the killers to be his swindling girlfriend and her boyfriend who claims he was nowhere near the scene of the crime.

Private Needham's War
Police suspect a soldier of killing the woman he loves.

Murder at the Manor
A proud Cajun who became a multi-millionaire, Harold "H" Landry met Lucy, a British beauty online and left behind his life in Louisiana to pursue an international romance with her. With Lucy and her son from a previous relationship, James, they moved into a proper British manor. But the seemingly-perfect world of H and Lucy was abruptly shattered when Lucy was murdered at their home in February 2010.

Long Island Serial Killer
Police in Long Island, N.Y. believe they have found the remains of missing 23-year-old Shannon Gilbert. Erin Moriarty reports Gilbert's case led police to find evidence of a serial killer

Secrets of a Marriage
A successful women's death at first appears to be a suicide, but further investigation bring on suspicion by authorities that her estranged husband may have been behind her death.

Vanity Fair: Hollywood Scandal
Three of Vanity Fair's top writers share their stories about Hollywood's most enduring mysteries and scandals. Some mysteries explored are the deaths of Natalie Wood and Lana Turner, plus a mystery woman who captivated various icons of the 1970's, 80's and 90's in the music and film industry.

Live to Tell: Three Days Before Christmas
Two sisters survive a home invasion three days before Christmas.

Family Affair
An extra marital affair turns fatal when a wife cheats on her husband with his brother.

Showdown in the Bedroom
A fight between a married couple ends in gunfire.

Drawn to Murder (Update)
This episode originally aired November 29, 2008. Tim Masters was a teenager in 1987, the year that Peggy Hettrick was found sexually assaulted and murdered in her home town of Fort Collins, CO. With no physical evidence linking him to the crime, police zeroed in on him with flimsy evidence, and he was tried, convicted and incarcerated. This update revisits the story as Tim is released with the support of family, neighbors and police who proved his innocence. However, the question remains: Who killed Peggy?

A Fatal Attraction
A woman is violently murdered after she discovers a sexual relationship between a 19 year old man and her 14 year old daughter.

Dark Side of Paradise
An American living in Panama disappears after helping a stranger whose boat sank.

Screenplay for Murder
Police charge a filmmaker with murder after investigating allegations that the story in the movie he just finished working on was identical to recent crimes.

Soccer Moms Confidential
When a private investigator gains attention for staffing his firm with local moms, a reporter uncovers disturbing details about the organization.

Fatal Episode, The Producer's Story
Former reality TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman, accused of killing his wife at a Cancun resort in 2010.

The Country Club Murders
A professional poker player becomes a suspect after his parents are brutally murdered.

The Boy Next Door
Three women brutally murdered from Chicago to Los Angeles and an alleged serial killer on the run.

Grave Injustice
When a group of journalism students prove a death row inmate's innocence, the man struggles to get the wrongful imprisonment compensation due to him.

Arturo Gatti's Last Fight (Update)
Boxer Arturo Gatti's wife talks about his death and the legal battles that came after. Update on episode that aired 9/24/2012.

A Family's Honor
Officials suspect a man ran his daughter down in an Arizona parking lot in order to restore his family's honor.

The Stranger Beside Me
A man says he is innocent of murder.

Mystery On Twin Peaks Drive
Famous crime writer helps a mother seek justice in the death of her daughter.

Death Wish
Businessman goes shopping for a killer, for himself convicted murderer Kenneth minor speaks out in his first interview.

The Writing on the Wall
Christopher Coleman, former head of security for televangelist Joyce Meyer, is convicted of murdering his wife and two children.

The investigation into the abduction of a millionaire's son leads to a trusted employee.

Live to Tell: An Officer and a Hero
An off-duty police officer and her boyfriend survive being shot during an armed robbery.

Tragedy in Aurora

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