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Did The Doctor Kill The Doctor?
Dr. Timothy Stryker addresses the accusations of murder that have dogged him for 15 years. In 1993, Dr. Linda Goudey's body was found in the back seat of her car in the parking lot of the Boston-area hospital where she worked. Immediately, authorities turned to her boyfriend, Dr. Stryker, and his attempts to help their investigation further fueled their suspicions of his involvement. But with only circumstantial evidence, the case went cold. While authorities may not have had enough for a criminal case, Goudey's family pressed on and filed a civil suit against Stryker.

Drawn to Murder (aka Final Justice)
Teen Tim Masters is convicted for murdering Peggy Hettrick, but now the cops who helped put him away want to set him free. The police decided to try to get DNA results when some of the evidence didn't add up. The DNA results cleared Tim and implicated Peggy's ex-boyfriend, Matt Zoellner.

Into Thin Air
Richard Schlesinger reports on Jean Zapata, a mother who disappeared leaving her three children to wonder what happened to her. Thirty years later, a new set of detectives take over the case after Jean's friend, Peggy, brought the case to them. Despite her brother and sister's faith in their father, Linda, the oldest daughter decided to help the police to find out if her father was involved. Eugene Zapata is found not guilty due to a hung jury, but shortly after the verdict, he decided to make a deal in exchange for telling his story and admitted that he killed his wife.

American Girl, Italian Nightmare
American exchange student, Amanda Knox, faces trial in Italy for murdering her British roommate.

Vegas Heat
Peter Van Sant investigates a case of a murdered woman who was found in a burning car in Las Vegas. Police traced the car back to fitness champions, Kelly Ryan and Craig Titus. They then determined that the murdered woman was Melissa James, Craig's assistant. One of Melissa's friends implicated Craig in the murder. Craig was convicted and given the maximum sentence. Kelly was convicted, but given a lesser sentence.

Picture Perfect
A camera captures a forbidden romance and murder.

Kidnapped: Shawn Hornbeck's Incredible Story
Troy Roberts talks with Shawn Hornbeck who was kidnapped while riding his bike to a friend's house. He shares his story of survival with Troy Roberts.

Seven Days of Rage: The Craigslist Killer
A look at the secrets behind the "Craigslist Killer."

Blood And Money On Horsehoe Bay
Charlie White was a larger-than-life Texas millionaire living a lavish lifestyle with a private jet, luxury vacations, parties and women. But it all came to a gruesome end in 2005 when police were called to his lakeside mansion. The eccentric millionaire had been murdered, mercilessly beaten, with an extension cord wrapped around his neck several times. As the police began investigating his murder they learned that White had a dark side with a dangerous mean streak.

The Guessing Game
In Katy, Texas, David Temple was a gifted athlete and celebrated defensive linebacker at his high school. Temple went on to attend college on a football scholarship, where he became known as "The Temple of Doom." As an athlete, Temple got everything he desired and his success on the field was mirrored by his success off the field, when he became a football coach with a beautiful wife Belinda, an adorable son and a new baby on the way. But when his pregnant wife was murdered in their home, Temple's picture perfect life began to unravel. Police believed he was having an affair but, with a lack of physical evidence linking Temple to the crime, years passed with no new developments, until 2004 when Scott Peterson was convicted of killing his pregnant wife in a trial that captured the nation's attention. The similarities in both murders gave authorities a renewed confidence in their circumstantial case and David Temple was now facing the fight of his life.

Invitation To A Murder
A husband becomes a hero for trying to stop his wife's murder. But upon further investigation, police discover that he actually orchestrated the whole thing and framed another man for the murder.

The Curious Case Of Col. Shue
When an Air Force colonel is found dead in his car, from an apparent car accident, the autopsy causes investigators to question what caused his death.

Deep Secret
A woman's 18 year old son disappears in the 1970s. After four years, finally there was news of Jeff. Detective Veron took on the case and despite rumors that Jeff was alive, he believed Jeff was dead and began searching for a body. After nine years, the family was finally ready to admit he was dead and Detective Veron testified that he believed Jeff was killed by a prisoner who killed himself. In 2008, Jeff's body was recovered. And then a woman came forward saying a man had confessed to murdering his best friend. Police began their investigation of David Cusanelli. He is not prosecuted and the family is unable to sue for wrongful death due to time restraints.

Catch Her if You Can
Peter Van Sant talks with Esther Reed, a young woman who conned her way into an Ivy League school and evaded capture by the feds for almost nine years.

Conspiracy to Kill
Two military men who loved the same woman are murdered. When she shows up dead, investigators must determine who the killer was.

Truth on Trial

Dark Voyage
Maureen Maher reports on the murder of Tom and Jackie a couple who married and decided to live on their yacht. After their son had a baby they decided it was time to sell the yacht and enjoy their grandchildren. Former actor Skylar Deleon showed up to look at the boat. He convinced the couple he was a real buyer and then murdered them and dropped them into the sea with their anchor.

Lady in the Harbor
Barbara Mullenix had dreams of becoming a star. But Barbara didn't receive the Hollywood ending she wished for. Only one year after arriving in California, her body was discovered in the water at the affluent Newport Harbor Yacht Club. She had been stabbed fifty-two times, with a butter knife embedded in her right eye. At first authorities turned their attention to Barbara's former husband, Bruce Mullenix, but when his alibi checks out, they turn to Barbara's daughter Rachael and her boyfriend Ian who both disappeared after the murder. Police track them down and after standing trial separately, both are found guilty of murder.

Daddy's Girl
Tim MacNeil is murdered in his home. His step-daughter Brae is believed to be the only witness. When police learned that her story didn't make sense, Brae became a suspect and began pointing the blame on her older brother Nathan. Both siblings are put on trial and convicted of murder.

A scientist, Eric Miller, who researched AIDS/HIV in children came home one night very sick. He went to the hospital and was found to have been poisoned. After years of investigation, authorities were able to get a jury to convict his wife, Ann of the murder.

The Mortgage and the Murder / Sign of the Times
For nearly a year Renee Ohlemacher was suspected in the murder of her parents, Bernadette and Greg, who were shot in their Albuquerque, N.M., home in August 2005. The authorities were convinced that the killer was someone close to the couple and upon investigation, they learned that Renee did not immediately call 911. Even her family had their doubts about her innocence as she was set to inherit nearly $1 million from a life insurance policy. But with no physical evidence linking Renee to the crime, the probe began to stall, until a chance encounter would expose the unlikeliest of suspects - the couple's mortgage broker, Ron Santiago. Santiago, a self-proclaimed people pleaser, was facing mounting pressure to close loans and eventually turned himself in to the Secret Service, admitting that he forged two checks when he could not deliver on a loan. But as the Secret Service dug into Santiago's past, their investigation revealed something more serious.

Peace, Love and Murder
Bob Eckhart and Toni Soren met and married in the 70s becoming the Heartsongs. Twenty-seven years and two children later, their union was torn apart when Bob came home from work to find Toni bludgeoned and stabbed to death, with seven wounds to her neck. Six years after her murder, the police found DNA evidence implicating Bob in her murder.

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