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Friends For Life

An unfaithful husband turns up dead near his car on a dirt road, detectives believed something just wasn't right. Brian Davis was a fun-loving guy, but his family said he would never take his prized vehicle on the terrain where he was murdered. Could his wife Robyn and her best friend Carol Salztman hold a clue?
Alison Stewart - Correspondent
Bernard Goldberg - Correspondent
Bill Geist - Correspondent
Bruce Morton - Correspondent
Dan Rather - Anchor
Eric Engberg - Correspondent
Frank Currier - Correspondent
Jane Robelot - Correspondent
Lester Holt - Correspondent
Mark Phillips - Correspondent
Phil Jones - Correspondent
Richard Roth - Correspondent
Robert Arnott - Correspondent
Roberta Baskin - Correspondent

Alan Goldberg
Alec Sirken
Andrew Cohen
Andrew Heyward
Andrew Tkach
Anthony Batson
Brett Alexander
Brian O'Keefe
Catherine Lasiewicz
David Franklin
David Peterkin
David Schneider
Denise Schreiner
Diane Ronnau
Diane Slaine-Siegel
Gavin Boyle
Janis Winogradsky
Jim Murphy
Jon Klein
Judy Greenspan
Judy Tygard
Kathleen O'Connell
Kathy McManus
Katie Boyle
Laura Levin
Leslie Neigher
Liza McGuirk
Lyne Pitts
Marc Goldbaum
Mary Murphy
Mary Sue Holland
Meryl Schaeffer
Michelle Feuer
Nancy Duffy
Peter Henderson
Peter Schweitzer
Quent Neufeld
Rand Morrison
Reid Collins
Richard Rosen
Rob Hershman
Robert Lange
Shoshanah Wolfson
Sophia M Kim
Steve Glauber
Susan Reed
Susan Wiggins
Suzanne Allen
Taigi Smith
Tanya Simon
Thomas Flynn
Tim Clifford
Tom Forman

Rob Klug

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