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Sofia Vergara Videos

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2015-06-26 The Magic Mike XXL Ladies Steal The Show
2015-06-26 Sofia Vergara Faces Pro-Life Protesters at 'Magic Mike XXL' Premiere
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2015-06-16 Sofia Vergara Celebrates First Anniversary with Fiancé
2015-06-15 Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Celebrate One Year Together
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2015-05-23 Reese Witherspoon to Star in Disney's Live-Action Tinker Bell Movie
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2015-05-19 How Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson Is Getting Khloe Kardashian Super-Fit
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2015-05-11 Reese Witherspoon Congratulates Jennifer Garner on Affleck's Amazing Penis
2015-05-09 'Modern Family' Actress Gets Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
2015-05-09 Sofia Vergara Forgets To Thank Fiance At Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony
2015-05-09 Vergara Gets Walk of Fame Star
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2015-05-07 Wedding Chat with Vergara and Witherspoon
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2015-05-07 Film Clip: 'Hot Pursuit'
2015-05-07 Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb Bring Embryo Battle to Morning Shows
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