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Chrissy Teigen :)

We find beauty in life and find life in beauty. We don't take ourselves for granted. We're the very #BestBeautiful we can be.
Sunday 6th of May 2012 10:21:43 AM
Chrissy Teigen this is a fucking clusterfuck. I feel like all the codes are messed up but no, just the new layout.
Thursday 8th of March 2012 08:52:35 PM
Thursday 8th of March 2012 08:51:29 PM
Chrissy Teigen Watch John and I on Watch What Happens Live tonight after Top Chef! 11pm! LIVEEEEEEE. I'm scared
Wednesday 22nd of February 2012 05:46:41 PM
Chrissy Teigen It's up! The article and photos from my shoot at the International Culinary Center. Such a good time with the fabulous people at StyleCaster.

Sports Illustrated's Chrissy Teigen Heats Up The Kitchen on StyleCaster
"I have a fryer on both coasts," she tells me solemnly, her eyes twinkling. "I really couldn't live without them."Deep within the elegant bowels of New York's famed French Culinary Institute, Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen is getting primped and prepped for her big kitchen debut while discu...
Friday 17th of February 2012 09:12:13 PM
Chrissy Teigen annnnnd it's live!

Chrissy Teigen - 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition -
Chrissy Teigen photos in Desroches Island, Seychelles from the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo gallery. See Chrissy Teigen and other Models in the SI Swimsuit Edition at
Tuesday 14th of February 2012 12:53:13 AM
Chrissy Teigen Watch Letterman tonight :) doing the top 10 list and cover reveal for those of you living under rock city.
Monday 13th of February 2012 10:56:09 PM
Chrissy Teigen not that i get paid to use twitter. should probably work on that.
Tuesday 7th of February 2012 06:50:23 PM
Chrissy Teigen welp at least you know i don't get paid to use my Facebook
Tuesday 7th of February 2012 06:49:21 PM
Chrissy Teigen I will be on E!'s "Scouted to Stardom" tonight at 9:30! I go back to the surf shop I worked at and they talk to my first photographers and co-workers I may or may not have made out with oh dear I might not be able to watch but you should...
Monday 9th of January 2012 11:48:53 AM
Chrissy Teigen Boys! I'm writing a new weekly column on one of my favorite sites, Sous Style....want to help with your kitchen conundrums :) email or leave your questions here! Here's the first round...

Ask Chrissy
Welcome to our new weekly column, in which the lovely Chrissy Teigen, model/foodie extraordinaire (and bacon lover), helps solve readers’ most pressing personal culinary conundrums, one recipe at a time.
Tuesday 20th of December 2011 06:31:46 PM
Chrissy Teigen ALSO the season finale of Mad Fashion is on Bravo tonight! Watch John and I get ready for the met ball :) also I have a really interesting fact about the production of that show...I'll share after!
Tuesday 6th of December 2011 01:44:57 PM
Chrissy Teigen birthday party photos from sous style here! I will also be doing a little q and a every week, what to cook for what event, yadda yadda. will be fun!
Tuesday 6th of December 2011 01:43:21 PM
Chrissy Teigen *tumbleweed*
Tuesday 6th of December 2011 01:38:54 PM
Chrissy Teigen Posted my thanksgiving lineup on and a photo of what I will look like come December 1st!

So Delushious !
personal random ramblings from a girl who loves bacon and can't be fat.
Wednesday 16th of November 2011 03:44:40 PM
Chrissy Teigen (switches screen from twitter)...hi Facebook. i hear people are nicer here.
Thursday 10th of November 2011 02:36:52 PM
Chrissy Teigen hey girls. don't worry about turning him off. scratch that scalp.
Wednesday 2nd of November 2011 11:41:37 AM
Chrissy Teigen if we went to high school together, let me know, so i can stalk you.
Sunday 30th of October 2011 04:41:25 PM
Chrissy Teigen i spent most of the night making fun of an annoying informercial and now I must have the NuWave oven for thanksgiving cooking. Someone tell me it sucks or I'm ordering this waste of counter space.
Sunday 30th of October 2011 11:47:49 AM

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