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Now Playing: #Candidly Nicole S2:E3 | Sync Or Swim #Candidly Nicole S2:E3 | Sync Or Swim
2014-10-22 Water Angels | Sync Or Swim Bonus Clip | #Candidly Nicole S2
2014-10-22 Cabbage Patch Kids | Sync Or Swim Bonus Clip | #Candidly Nicole S2
2014-10-22 Synchronized Style | Sync Or Swim Bonus Clip | #Candidly Nicole S2
2014-10-22 Nicole Richie Spills On Whether Or Not A Simple Life Reunion With Paris Hilton Will Ever Happen
2014-10-18 Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone & Nicole Richie Rock Our Favorite Looks of the Week!
2014-10-18 How Does Your Garden Grow? | Seacrest Out Bonus Clip | #Candidly Nicole S2
2014-10-16 Face For Radio | Richie In Bonus Clip | #Candidly Nicole S2
2014-10-16 Dressing For Work | Seacrest Out Bonus Clip | #Candidly Nicole S2
2014-10-16 #Candidly Nicole S2:E2 | Richie In, Seacrest Out
2014-10-16 #Candidly Nicole S2 Teaser: Sync Or Swim
2014-10-16 Practical Magic | Hocus Pocus Bonus Clip | #Candidly Nicole
2014-10-09 Jack Of Spades | Hocus Pocus Bonus Clip | #Candidly Nicole
2014-10-09 Magic Dove | Hocus Pocus Bonus Clip | #Candidly Nicole
2014-10-09 Dressing The Part | Hocus Pocus Bonus Clip | #Candidly Nicole
2014-10-09 #Candidly Nicole S2:E1: Hocus Pocus
2014-10-09 Inside Gwyneth Paltrow's Star-Studded Birthday Bash
2014-09-30 VH1 Candidly Nicole Episode 8 Tease
2014-09-22 Cameron Diaz Gives Benji Madden Key to Her Home
2014-09-01 VH1 Candidly Nicole Episode 7 Tease
2014-08-28 Nicole Richie: Beyonce's Next Backup Dancer?
2014-08-28 'B.O.R.N. To Style': Re-B.O.R.N. Makeover: Carmen
2014-08-21 'B.O.R.N. To Style': Carmen the Dancer Goes Hat Shopping
2014-08-21 'Where Are They Now?' Clip: Oprah Interviews Nicole Richie
2014-07-28 The Easiest and Hardest Part of Nicole Richie's Marriage
2014-07-28 Nicole Richie's Parenting Philosophy
2014-07-28 Nicole Richie on Being Famous for Being Rich and Famous
2014-07-25 VH1 'Candidly Nicole' Episode Two Tease
2014-07-21 Nicole Richie, Fran Drescher and Tom Green
2014-07-21 Lionel Richie Teaches Nicole How to Parallel Park on ‘Candidly Nicole’
2014-07-16 Halle Berry Is Sexy on Letterman and Nicole Richie Is 'Candidly Nicole'
2014-07-09 Is Nicole Richie Still Friends with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan?
2014-07-09 Brody Jenner Admits He Never Dated Lauren Conrad
2014-07-05 Lionel Richie: 'Having Kids Changed Me Tremendously'
2014-06-23 Nicole Richie Ditches Purple Hair For New Blue 'Do!
2014-06-14 Met Gala Is A Sexy Must Be Seen Fashion Show
2014-05-07 2014 Renewed Series Sizzle
2014-04-07 Nicole And Joel Celebrate Their Big Week With A Basketball Game
2014-04-03 Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale Welcome New Baby Boy
2014-03-02 Nicole Richie Gets Down And Dirty For Britney Spears
2014-02-19 Gwen Stefani's Star-Studded Baby Shower
2014-02-10 Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza Go on Vacation Together
2014-01-12 Kim Kardashian Shares Throwback Snap of Nicole Richie
2014-01-10 Nicole Richie Sparks Weight Concerns
2014-01-09 10 Celebrities Who Ruled Social Media in 2013
2013-12-11 A-Listers, Fashion And Music At LACMA Art And Film Gala
2013-11-05 Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie Glam Up For a Fashion Party
2013-10-25 Gwen Stefani Covers Up in a Fringed Gown at Star-Studded Gala
2013-10-18 Kerry Washington Is Named the World's Best Dressed Woman
2013-09-19 Better By Candlelight #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-10 The Worst Thing You Can Do #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-10 New York Vs Los Angeles #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-10 All You Ever Wanted To Know (And More) #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-10 The Party's Over #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-10 Party Foul #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-10 CLASSberg Is In Session #Candidly Nicole
2013-09-10 NYFW Style Awards: What the Fashionistas Saw
2013-09-06 Models & Bottles #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-03 Whats That Lingo? #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-03 Shout Out To My Foot #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-03 Hip To Be Square #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-03 Flexin' In My Red Bottoms #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-03 That's Sick #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-09-03 Nicole Knows Hip Hop #CandidlyNicole
2013-09-03 Episode 20 SNEAK PEEK
2013-09-03 Is Nicole Insane? #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-27 Backhanded Compliment #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-27 Rihanna's Angry Nail #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-27 The Magic Purple Buffer #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-27 Derek's Big Secret #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-27 Episode 19 SNEAK PEEK
2013-08-27 Nailed It #CandidlyNicole
2013-08-27 Inside Nicole Richie's New House
2013-08-27 The Height Advantage #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-20 The Anatomy of a Shot #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene