Barbara Palvin Videos

Now Playing: Justin Bieber's Model Fling Finally Speaks%2C Says Selena Gomez Started It All It's a Battle of the Model Titans Between Irina Shayk And Barbra Palvin
2014-07-24 Justin Bieber Hooked Up with Adriana Lima, Paris Hilton and Barbara Palvin
2014-06-01 Niall Horan & Selena Gomez Spotted Hanging Out In London
2014-02-17 Niall Horan Splits from Barbara Palvin
2014-02-14 Supermodels That Are Spending Valentine's Day Alone
2014-02-08 The Clue Niall Horan Is SUPER Serous with Barbara Palvin
2014-01-10 Niall Horan Holds Barbara Palvin's Hand
2013-12-17 Niall Horan Parties With Rumoured Underwear Model Beau
2013-12-02 Selena Gomez & Barbara Palvin Party Together, Pose For Pics
2013-01-16 Justin Bieber's Model Fling Finally Speaks, Says Selena Gomez Started It
2013-01-14 Justin Bieber Secretly Reunites With Supermodel Barbara Palvin
2012-12-19 Justin Bieber's Alleged Fling: Things You Didn't Know About Barbara Palvin
2012-11-12 Barbara Palvin is the new face of L'Oréal Paris I GRAZIA
2012-11-12 Barbara Palvin Backstage - Top Model Profile - Video | MODTV

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