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Now Playing: 'General Hospital': Laura Is Back 'General Hospital': Laura Is Back
2015-10-12 'General Hospital': Patrick Proposes to Sam
2015-10-11 'General Hospital': Sam Finds Jason's Ring
2015-10-11 'General Hospital': Olivia Has the Baby
2015-09-24 'General Hospital': Sam & Patrick Kiss
2015-09-20 'General Hospital': Sam & Patrick Reminisce About Her Marriage to Jason
2015-08-04 'General Hospital': Alexis Tries to Get Over Julian
2015-07-18 'General Hospital': Aveeno Sponsors the 2015 Nurses' Ball
2015-05-05 'General Hospital': GH Now! Clip: GH Stars Answer Fan Mail
2015-03-10 'General Hospital': It's Tough to Be a Parent
2015-03-05 'General Hospital': GH Now! Clip: The Great GH Gurney Race
2015-02-22 'GH Now!': GH Now! Clip: GH Stars Answer Fan Mail
2015-02-05 'General Hospital': GH Now! Episode: Nip & Tuck and a Race to the Finish Line
2015-02-03 'General Hospital': GH Now! Episode: Nip & Tuck and a Race to the Finish Line
2015-02-02 'General Hospital': Sneak Peek: Worthless Trinket
2015-01-31 'General Hospital': Jake Starts to Remember
2015-01-21 'General Hospital': Robin's Plea to Jake
2015-01-20 'General Hospital': Scandal & Revenge
2015-01-07 'General Hospital': The 12 Days of GH
2014-12-17 'General Hospital': "I'm Thankful For..."
2014-11-19 'General Hospital': Is Patrick Jealous of Silas?
2014-10-22 'General Hospital' Clip: Sam Sees Jason
2014-10-20 'General Hospital': Freshly Showered Patrick
2014-10-13 'General Hospital': Sam Fantasizes About Patrick
2014-10-13 Backstage at the "Dancing with the Stars Finale"
2012-12-01 'DWTS: All Stars' Celebs Re-Do Past Fan Favorite Dances
2012-10-09 'DWTS' First Rehearsal: Kelly & Val
2012-09-19 'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars' Cast On Hardest Dances
2012-09-07 'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars': Biggest Competition
2012-08-31 Kelly Monaco: We Have To Save Daytime!